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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

   HIYA!! You forgive me??
Sorry. As some of you know that I go to the library so I can have access to the internet. I have lost my library card so I had to take my poor sick mother *broncial asthma* *medical condition* up to the library....*RTC* *Richland County Transit* and get a new one.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

GTDD *ghost talker's daydream* only has nudity.
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   Guess I am dirty...
Mmm...if you ever see this photo of this sexy Sanzo-sama...
*purrs**Be mine!*

But then again I am somewhat dirty-minded...I am thinking *impossible!* of...*blush* s*x with Sanzo....

Then I ended up watching *truly accidental* Ghost Talkers Daydream...don't tell mom...

AND WAS *long time ago* reading *my friends book* The Dark Passions of Dracula... every other page there was a s*x scene!! So me and my friends are dirty...

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

   HIYA!!! Yippee. Christmas almost here.
Sawry. Haven't been here awhile and needed to get back to you guys.
Forgive me??
^_~;; But anyway how are all you guys doing. I think I am getting somewhere with HIM..Mike. I have been getting rumors that he is a geek. SOMEHOW...I already knew that. They don't really have to remind me too that I am one.
Beauty is not my virtue. Sure every one says yeah I am FAT and have killer boobs that might knock you out but...
I am rambling...My dream this year is to loose 20 pounds. I have been getting good. My legs have shape and my tummy is slimmer...Now I am thinking about going vegan. My mom said I can't do it. I might break when I see her eat shrimp. *lol* True enough...

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

I know I should keep touch but...I have ran out of excuses...-_-;;

But it's been so hard trying to find anime conventions in OHIO. Can one of you find some for me...

Plus I am making an anime newstype...one at a time...
-_-" so

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

   Sorry. People....

Basically people...I am sick.
I feel shitty bicthy and all around...So maybe I am exagerating.

In my last post someone asked me what a flashdrive was. It is a small storage container (think floppy) that has massive amount of space to do ect. with. Bigger mb than Floppy and in size smaller.

Anyway. In since my friend is into cosplay I will try it to. I am doing Saint Tail or Sailor Mercury... So I am doing Costume detail so I can go to the store later on. That's the easy part. Now I have to make them by hand.

Then I am working on my story Phantom xXx (not perverted -_-") Chapter 6. It's taking me awhile because I have to start over again....

Then I am helping out the Talent show as working in back stage...doing Grunt work but hey I get to meet my I-wish-he-can-be-my-boyfriend. Mike. yeah if you have been paying attention you would of known. But hey...We talk alot and have stuff in common. But he complains that he is the only straight guy in Drama...Ha ha...

So People-san....GTG (got to go) now, SEE-YOU....

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

   Hey sorry...
Thanx Daff, for watching the site.
I couldn't access my my site probably because of Wilma...The Hurricane. We had rain for a few days and the occasional winds.
So I guess it's a *duh!*

Now that it is almost November, We should get snow anytime soon.

I also have to shut down the xanga site I have made. For personal reasons...at least. But with that out of the way I can focus more here.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-*weep* I accidentally broke the Flashdrive....Wahh!! Now I have to dish out 50$ to get a new one!! *bashing*

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Well on Friday/Yesterday was not so what I thought it would be.

-First when I had to do an oral report in health. I have said what I needed to say then my *ahem* friend repeated what I just said then looked up to me for the last one when she can herself. I realized that I didn't have the answer and the one girl in my group Philipia, gave me a disgusted look. She could've said what she wanted to. I didn't care. She gave me a disgusted look and they all seemed bummed when I couldn't say it.

-Then I ended up crying. Remember I am in school. Thank god know one saw me in 6th period. The lights were out because we were writing notes.

-In 7th period...my favorite teacher...Some girl named Shan saw me and told the teacher that I was crying and she fussed if I was bullied or whatnot. But in the end I got over it and took the test and finished in 5 minutes.

-Okay the last point. I got a mail in from the school. No I am not in trouble just that I am taking an assesment for gifted students. Eeeek!! So I am finally UPGRADING in Math. Plus I was complaining that it was easy. IT IS!!! Ha ha...

I will give you the rest later. 'kay??

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

   Here again...
Sorry about yesterday. I didn't get to the library so I am doing it now.

So in since noone but Zan picked one on the poll the final descision is a Romance. Girl and boy couple. Rated M for Mature...

Story:Meet Hazuki. A female highschool student whose parents are overseas and hates the world. She would like nothing more than to than to be alone.

Meet Namiki. A extremely rich and yet handsome and wise. He loves to have attention, snobby to boot, lazy, and yet...something else Hazuki can't put her finger on.

When Hazuki needed the money...Namiki hired her as her maid. So will they crash and burn or fall in love....? Only time will tell.

Summary Stage: Out of My Mind

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

   Sorry!! T-T
Yeah yeah...I am sorry for not comming and updating as well as PMing you...

So tommorow I will Post up a Romance genre and I hope you can read it because the first chapter will be long.

So...I will try to Pm some of you so...just wait awhile...Please!!

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