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Monday, October 10, 2005

Yeah yeah yeah....

I have decided to make a poll right here right now!

What genre of a story do you want?

4.Others (list combo in post)

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Saturday, October 8, 2005

Hey veiwers. Nothing going on. Nothing is ever exciting here but oh well.

If I could wish for something...I wish it could be love...

But usually my crushes only last for a day or two at the most. Nothing ever more than a crush...or long-term love.

But I guess...It only takes the right person to find that themselves...But I wonder if i will find it...or ever be trapped into the darkness...?

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

I have been so busy lately and it's driving me crazy!!

So I am sorry!!
I met HIM (previous post) again and I think tommorrow I will ask him...Homecoming on Saturday for me and I am personally not going...
Its also absurd that they want 12$ to buy a ticket!! Would you pay? Only if He does.. ^.-"
But I can't find him!! He is in a different academy and last time was a fluke......now I am dissapointed...Life sucks!! T-T;

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Saturday, October 1, 2005

   Whoo hoo!!
Yeah baby I FEEL GOOD!!

Okay I feel like SHIT!!

Ya got that?!?!

I just feel out of place...I met a junior the other day...He was TALL and cute...We talked and he walked home with me on Wensday because of the Renaissance festival in...Southren Ohio almost by Cinncinati...

But I in since I am in a different academy (the school sorts by trades or academies) and the only way I can see him is at the end of the day.

I wish I can ask him if he has a girlfriend but that is asking way too much and personal!!\

So see you until tommorrow guys!!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I am posting abit from my first chapter of Phantom xXx for you.
So don't rant and rave if you don't like it! *got it??*

You send me NOTHING!! *wahh*

Here it is_________________________

Phantom XXX

Heero looked at his watch once more as he started to walk through the dark alley. hmph…I’ve been waiting here for ten minutes now. Goddamnit…I’ve got the prize but where is the handler. sigh If I havta walk all the way to the Winner Mansion and get to school tomorrow, then he has another thing coming. Heero pouted as a black Mercedes came into the alley. Heero walked off to the side waiting and praying for that car to stop and take the prize.

The car stopped. Is he the one? Heero thought as the window rolled down and a man with blonde hair and blue eyes leaned over to him and whispered in his ear, “ hmph…I am Quatre Winner and I apologize for being late. Do you have my prize, handsome one?” Then portayed a naughty smile as he turned serious. As I lifted the heavy black bag then Quatre opened the bag and peered inside. His face lightened up then said acting innocently, “awww…how cute. He did brought it . So Mr.Mystey Man, how would you like to come home with me and…have a little fun?”

Heero growled, “I have no intention of sleeping with you. Just give me the money and call it at that.”

Quatre’s face turned into a mean sneer as he told his driver to give him the money. Then started to drive away. Heero made a face of disgust as he walked away, out of the alley and walked unnoticed into the dark, murky crowd as it silently guided him home. Once he unlocked the door he came in and undressed himself for bed then stared at the other side of the bed, remembering the unpleasant incident. love…when can I see you once more? Then fell to sleep, holding his former lover’s pillow in his arms.

Trowa’ POV

I felt something. Something light on…no in my nose. Then woke up to find an hysterical Duo.

“oh ho ho ho. What do you see? Or better yet, what don’t you?” Duo asked then laughed as I blew the paper wads out of my nose onto Duo. He made a face then wiped his face down with his hand.

I gathered my bookes and headed toward my locker. “Well they were at least considerate of letting you sleep there. Maybe I should of left. Who knew you snored so loud. I think the teacher said it sounded like a yeti.” Duo said smiling.

I rolled my eyes then lightly punched him lighty in the side. “mmm…but I can at least be louder in the bed.” I liked my index finger then put on a wicked smile.

“sigh Too bad your gay, because I would love to have you.” Duo said as he nuzzled my nose then gave a hug. Then let go of me.

“See you, my lovely Tro-bunny-chan. But in since you are going to be late, should I walk you hame so you won’t get in trouble?” Duo whispered in my ear. I shook my head as he gave a sympathetic smile as he scurried off to his basketball practice.

I hurried out the door and yawned, enjoying the fresh air as he suddenly noticed that the sun is setting.

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   WHOA!! *o*
I have altogether 101 (or more) Visits to my site and 27 (more or less) guestbook signatures!!

Thank-you each and every one of you for making it possable!!

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Monday, September 26, 2005

   Ha ha ha...
*Grrr...* Phantom xXx is not perverted...In since I was in a hurry to make up a title name it was the only thing I could think up!! And all you could think was the flabby flabby!! o_O"

-_-" Anyway in since the hurricane ended we got rain today!! And it sucked because I have to walk to school and I was soaked from head to toe...
___________________I'm sleepy...___

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

   No no no...
"Does that mean you'll be leaving my O."-Zan

If you mean theOtaku.com then NO and HELL NO!! I am not leaving anywhere...If i did...I don't know what other site to go to!! Ha ha ha

But anyway...I with making all these updates...I have to buy time so I can finish the next chapter(chapter 6) to Phantom xXx (not anything perverted...-_-;;)

And...I'm feeling sleepy...But I can't wait till Wendsday because our school has "Tyger Time" which means I get out at 1:25!! Whoo hoo But most of my teachers dislike it because they keep on telling us that we should be in school more often because we should be learning more than getting out early. Bunch of crock!! ^_-'

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

I have a Xanga.com account now.
As you know I have been trying to get my own site but failed...I didn't like most of the service I went on to but I will try again later...*weep*

The URL to the Xanga.com site is:


I hope you can comment on the about the way the site is layed out and how I can change it.

Thanx. And if anyone seen Babydensity lately...make sure I said "Hi." 'kay?

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Friday, September 23, 2005

~~ Whats this Feeling~~

[It's what I long For]

~~ Why now?~~

[Your waiting too long]

~Is it here?~~

[Yes...It's called love]

~~~How long will it will it be before it blossoms in my heart~~~

[Forever long you wait until you get what is yours]

~~Where is it?~~

[For that reason...I can't tell you]

~~Why not?~~

[Because...it's up to you to find love. Not me nor anyone else...You have to all by your self.]

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