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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I feel dark and lonely.
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Grrr...I am waiting...
For more people to come!!
But I guess I will have to be patient!!

So here is a Sailor Moon animated figure to lighten the spirits!!

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   This photo.
This is Gundam Wing doujinshi.
*which probably made Zan Go WTF?!*
So enjoy!!!

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   Hey. How are you?
Another post...
But if you are gonna lecture me about life...save it when I need it.

I am a freshie...and in since I am in the Drama Club (full of Seniors) I get to hear about their sex lives!!

Like I wanna know!!

In since I have no opinions right now on life...

All I want is a friend I can call my own. It gets tiresome not having a friend around...except you guys...And I want someone to be with!!

I guess I want you to know me so here are my Dislikes *I am only showing them once*

Dis: Judging others
Being lonely...don't mind it once in a while but I usually play and experience in my mind!!

That's it basically!! Other than that I don't really have any!! But I do get moody so on a bad day people notice!!

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Well...I do love my Shonen-ai and I have a story here about Gundam Wing.

Here is the URl (rated M for Mature):


So I hope you check it out and enjoy!!

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   So Glitch4.0 was right...
Report to yesterday's little post.
And so maybe I am turning Bi.

I personally don't care. My philosophy is:

"Try everything Once."

That's me personally.

Well I am in a Drama Club and most...all the guys and some of the girls said that they were either Gay or Bi themselves...

So maybe I rubbed off on them...well alittle...

Oh and Glitch4.0...You won nothing but dirt...

Is that Ok...? Because I have sh*t.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

   So what...?
Okay I am Lying a bit...on the last post. Can you guess what it is? Well no secret anymore.

I don't particually care what gender I am love with...personally

So do you care about that? I don't.

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So what I am a sucker for Romance.
Just because all anime guys are hotter and better than real-life guys...makes me sad that I don't have a guy yet!! WAhhhhh....

*sniff* Woe is me!!

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

   well...nothing ever new
Well...me here...
I am now building a blog on tripod...

So I am having alot of Mp3's from my favorite songs. It will take a while to sort them out and when I do I will tell you the URL

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   Favorite song...
Well if you can here the one here it is called
Burning Desire
anime Initial D

I heard it once from someone I knew...Even if I haven't seen the anime I still like it!!

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