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Thursday, June 12, 2008

   My Return to theO?

Hey everyone! There are probably only a few people I know left hanging around here, lol, but hello to all you new folks too!

As you can see in my last entry, two months ago I was still in Japan! Man, I wish I was still there... I had an amazing time XD And being the artist that I am, I took over 4,000 pictures during my stay! O.o

Well, I kind of fell out of theO because I disliked it when it changed... I feel like it's harder to do everything around here, and I couldn't be bothered to figure out the easiest way to surf through the site... Plus, they original completely split up myO from theO, and I felt it was really inconvienent...

But I've been around here a little bit for a last few days, and decided to give it all another chance ;) The least I can do is upload some art, check up on some fanart and fancomics, and keep up with some of the people I know on the site... right?

I'd have to say, it was ultimately the NYAF contest that brought me back here, lol. I really enjoy theO for it's contests... they are nice and simple with good rewards! And since New York isn't too far away, there's actually a possibility of going there for a con, lol. (unlike all the cons on the west coast...) So, good luck to everyone in that contest! Entries end soon, so get 'em in!

But for one thing, the stupidest thing I realize that the new TheO has done is limit one entry per 24 hours... What's up with that? That's the most inconvienent thing of all, I'd say... I can understand limiting entries.. but please, make it at least 3 or something. I have a few things I want to upload here, and now it'll take a week to get caught up! o.O

Well, hopefully I'll be around to update again sometime soon...

If you are interested in seeing some of my newer art, photos included!, please check out my site or my deviantArt page Thanks!

Ja mata ne!

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