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EH?! My names Kayla. School is South Iredell High, i'm a freshman.... joy. I love to read, write, &&have fun! I'm in the marching band at school, i play piccolo but for concert band i play clarinet. I dont care what you say, music IS life! I couldnt live without it. I listen to mostly anything.. except opera, it makes my ears bleed! Call me whatever you want, but i will NEVERR talk about you behind your back until i've met you.... but if you call me a bitch, then i'll be a bitch right back at you! I love hugs&&good smells&&poptarts&&fundip&&MY FRIENDS!! Honestly friends.... i couldnt live without! All of my friends are my BEST FRIENDS.... gah, i dont know what else to say tho.... my aim= bballpunk719. I'm on the internet ALL the time. At the moment i'm single, dont love it dont hate it. But i'm not into internet datin so if i dont know you in real life forget it! my hates: the usualy stuff: liars, cheaters, posers, assholes, two-timers, && the usual... if you wanna know more than message me!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

yea.. i'm listening to false pretense by the red jumpsuit apparatus. its a coolio song. i'm also babysitting.. which is definately NOT coolio. it sucks... and i'm verrrryyyy saddddd!!!!!! 'cause like i'm out of school till next wednesday and go back thursday... and i miss everyone... especially this guy that i REALLY like! who's just awesome. but anyways.. thats why i'm sad... and bored.. and i feel kinda sick.. i guess 'cause i drank some tea that i made while a)it was hott and b)i drank it too fast. well i'm gonna get off of here... bye :(
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Saturday, December 29, 2007

elloelloello!!!! MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS!!! yea, sorry i havent been on in ages.. again.. well i've been on, just havent updated. but no one everr reads this junk anyways so yea. well my christmas was great! i got the best freaking gift ever!! an ipod!! its green!! its awesomeness!! and today i'm gonna go get an itunes card thingy so i can put some more coolio music on it!! yeaY!! but like im soo not ready for school to start back from break. more getting up early and all that junk! and then theres always tests and yea.... the good thing is seeing the friends.. but honestly thats about the only thing. haha. well other than an ipod i got clothes...&&some movies&&jewlery&&smelly stuff&&some gift cards&&candy&&some other coolio stuff!! yeppers.. haha i just ate my leftover shiki(which is the BEST place to eat EVERR!!! haha yea!! anyways i'll left whoever is reading this go and do whatever. oh yea and if any of ya'll have aim my aim= bballpunk719 hit me up sometime!! adios mi amigos!!
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Monday, November 19, 2007

i havent been on here in....... MONTHS!! damn, thats bad.. i guess i have turned into a mypsace freak.... gah, thats bad. well not much has happened. nothing worth mentioning at least. our marching band did really well at competition. we got tons of superiors/excellents! and got really pissed off up at patrick county. :( but yea. and now we have the usual high school drama&&im doing some thinking about who my real friends are. like i wanna keep them all, but when it comes down to it theres only a handful that would walk through hell with me if i had to. so ya. anyways.... ima go now and try to do something coolio! but like i dont get on here much so my aim is: bballpunk719 if ya'll wanna talk some more or something! adios!!
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

   cheese stix!!
yea, i eating cheese stix!! YAY!! lol well i'm supposed 2 be memorizing the preamble to the constitution. im also flipping through my email and myspace. well im really bored. im listening to hey there delilah so yea, im really bored. i thought i'd come by and tell u that i'm alive. 9th grade is actually better than i though it would be. and band is really cool, unlike i thought! and i get 2 switch instruments for concert band! YaY!! well i g2g!! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
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