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Saturday, December 29, 2007

elloelloello!!!! MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS!!! yea, sorry i havent been on in ages.. again.. well i've been on, just havent updated. but no one everr reads this junk anyways so yea. well my christmas was great! i got the best freaking gift ever!! an ipod!! its green!! its awesomeness!! and today i'm gonna go get an itunes card thingy so i can put some more coolio music on it!! yeaY!! but like im soo not ready for school to start back from break. more getting up early and all that junk! and then theres always tests and yea.... the good thing is seeing the friends.. but honestly thats about the only thing. haha. well other than an ipod i got clothes...&&some movies&&jewlery&&smelly stuff&&some gift cards&&candy&&some other coolio stuff!! yeppers.. haha i just ate my leftover shiki(which is the BEST place to eat EVERR!!! haha yea!! anyways i'll left whoever is reading this go and do whatever. oh yea and if any of ya'll have aim my aim= bballpunk719 hit me up sometime!! adios mi amigos!!
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