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Thursday, August 30, 2007

   ya'll should try this..
put this in ur browser thing. its really cool, u should try it...

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

well 2morrow i will become an official high school student.. i will be a freshman... I CANT WAIT!! lol yea, and oh guess what??!! i got new glasses, so new school year, new look, yea, whether any1 notices or not my hair is kinda shorter, and in a different style. 2morrow it might be extremely curly. lol well i guess i g2g. many more places 2 visit and i need 2 get some sleep. so cya l8ter!!

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Monday, August 20, 2007

heyy!! i am sooo bored!! babysitting is definately not fun, and no 1's on the pc and so yea............ .... .. well on friday i get 2 go bowling and a football game!! i cant wait!! i love marching band, i cant believe that i didnt want 2 do it a few weeks ago!! well school starts monday, i cant wait! well i guess i'll go, i think 1 of the kids r awake!!
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Monday, August 13, 2007

   i thought i would come by and say...
i thought i would come by and say the im alive. tho i doubt any1s really missed me all that much. lol. well, 2 update u i guess i should start with what ive been doing: absolutely nothing until about 2 weeks ago when the first band camp started. since then i've been busy with band camp and learning all the marching things. then ive been reading a bunch and awaiting the release of 1 of my fave writers: stephenie meyer and her new book eclipse. i cant wait 2 get it!! lol well thats it, i g2g. oh, school starts august 27!! wish me luck!!!
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Saturday, June 30, 2007

   im alive!!
yep, i live. and im bored almost 2 death so i may not be alive much longer. j/p, ill thwart off the boredom somehow. but it might help if i had some of my peeps 2 talk 2. lol, yea, so if u wanna talk 2 me and keep me 4rm dying then PLEASE comment. well i suppose u want an update on my somewhat uninteresting life. well i just came back up 4rm visiting emily whom i havent seen in a couple weeks. and then as u know i have been in DC and @ the beach the 2 weeks be4 last. so ive been really busy. @ DC we went sightseeing and gave out some tracks and listened 2 patriotic concerts and had our youth leader propose 2 his gf and she said YES!!!! and then 1 of my friends started going out with a guy that she liked and he liked her. so it was a happy time 4 all. and i made a few new friends. hannah, matt, and amelia(who came w/ us and stayed in our room w/ me and leah! i had no romantic incident, thank goodness! lol so @ the beach nothing of severe importance happened. we went 2 ripleys aquariam, played putt, and played @ the beach and the pool. and that was about it. we also went 2 ghost and legends on the last night. and all in all it was really fun!! well thats all thats happened and now will leave u 2 do other important things! ttyl! adios!

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Friday, June 1, 2007

hey!! so whats up guys. i promise this entry will be shorter than the last. but anyways. so yea, i decided that i would tell this guy that my friend like him, but he hasnt talked 2 me so i dont know what he said. lol anyways.. thats it. umm we have about 5 days left of school and then on tues. is graduation. this afternoon im going 2 south and waiting on branflakes, so we can go in and change her schedule. lol then i go back 2 steaming car!! joy! lol

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Monday, May 28, 2007

well happy memorial day!!!! yaya.... so far its been really good. and soon we'll be leaving for my gran's house to possibly go swimming. YAYAYA!!!! i guess i should update u on some things that have happened lately. first off the formal was last friday. i had so much fun danceing. me and one of my friends (branflakes) was dancing like redneck white trash. lol. it was soooooooooooo fun. and my dress was pretty! *pics maybe coming soon* but the sad news was that i broke up w/ my bf the tuesday the week of the formal. we had been going out for 3 months. but the last 2 months he started flirting w/ the girl he used 2 like be4 me. and then i really started to watch him(no i didnt stalk him) and saw that he was flirting with most of the girls in the school. well that really ticked me off. and then he just quit talking 2 me. like i could be standing beside of him and he would totally ignore me!!!!!!! and then his attitude toward my fave teacher!!!! see he and the teacher dont get along and she had to leave us to go on maternity leave so she could have her baby and she came back for like 1 month and decided to leave to go take care of the baby. but last week she decided to come back to see us present our presentations and he got all mad at her cause she brought her baby and was watching the baby while we was presenting. but she was still watching us!! and he just argued that she should've been ignoring the baby and watching us, actually he was only argueing for his power point which was filled with a bunch of female tv stars who were half naked!!!!! that was the absolute last straw. so i broke up with him. and now he supposedly is trying to get back at me at the formal and him and the girl he used to like(who encourages the flirting) walk by me and she goes "come on austin" and grabs him by the shoulders. so hes like pissed at me and says hes sooooo blue. and i'm sitting there thinking "well what about me!" omg!! it seems that when i broke up with him i saw his true self-centered self. i mean cant he see that i'm hurting to. or am i really that goood at acting! RAWR!!! but believe it or not, im happy that i broke up with him. well..... ok, not happy cause i did love him. but i'm glad that hes not tying me down anymore. or that i dont have to worry if he'd approve of something i'd do. sooooooo yeah. that my dramatic life. right now im just playing it cool. i have a really good guy friend who might become more than that, but it wont be until i can tell what hes really like on the inside and how he will treat me. but i've known him awhile and hes sooo sweet, but i'm not gonna rush into anything so dont worry! well sorry that u had to waste ur time reading a drama so im gonna leave u to ur own life, hopefully less dramatic than mine! lol

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

well i just wanted to let ya'll know i'm alive.. thats all. i'm at school.... i just finished up my project.... gotta go!!!!!!

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Friday, May 4, 2007

well sry i havent been on in ages. right now im "working" on a reading project. yeah, but i just take advantage of the sub's time. joy. yeah, but i prefer to take quizes and check mail and other stuff. gotta go. shes right bsehind me.
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Saturday, April 14, 2007

sorry i havent written in forever. its just that my life is so boring that theres never anything to say. but i thought i might as well tell ya'll that im alive. so i live!!! todays agenda:
got up
ate doughnut(it had sprinkles and was really good)
drank oj(orange juice)
got on pc
check mail
go to myo
go to myspace
check mail again
watch some music videos
get ready to go to the Y(YMCA)
go to Y
sign up for membership @Y
and i dont know about the rest of the day. and im dreading monday when i have to go back to school. i mean i just dont wanna go back to school. i wanna see my friends and all, but it would be nice if it didnt have to be in a school. well i gotta go and look at my myspace. ttyl??!!

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