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Well where to start, how about with my name, Iím Shad brooks though I have several alter-egos, like Rhea Collier or Jake Willaims. I draw a lot of influence from anime and comic book styles and youíll see that I often combine both forms for an anime comic book crossover, I donít really do this purposefully itís just my style that Iíve developed. Feel free to drop by and leave me plenty of comments =).

Monday, January 28, 2008

So today may have been the hungriest I have ever been in my life. Yes today was the day which beat all others.

So I dedicated about an hour and a half of my time making a cauldron sized batch of spagetti.

Im pretty sure I wont have to eat for at least a year


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Sunday, January 20, 2008

So ive had quite an eventful weekend.

Lets see, hmm.

Friday: At school I had a very boring day in my auto technology class. Talked with my friends in it and watched the most all time boring video over electrical trinkets in cars. It was hard to stay awake. Ill admit, sometimes I wish I had more of an ap for things like cars.
Well after that I went out to lunch with my friends Christy and Dawn. Went to cici's pizza for a bit and filled up on cheap pizza, then headed back to the school where we sat in the lobby for about 10 minutes until the bell rang. After that it was my project connect class (sort of an alternative school).
Spent about an hour and a half doing world history but I didnt get much done. I must have been lazy that day because now that I think about it, I didnt get much done at all.
Then it was break time for about 15 minutes. Then the class headed down the street for some volleyball.
The volleyball game lasted maybe 45 minutes until it was time to go back to our school. The I hopped onto a bus and headed home. After I got home I started my workout but it only lasted maybe 10 minutes until my buddy Rhea showed up. Told me to grab my cd's and head to the car. Their was a basketball game today and it was about a 2 hour drive there and back.
So I dropped the weights and told my mom where I was going and headed out the door.
The drive was long, but enjoyable considering that I had about 4 of my buddies in the car. I treated it more like a road trip then a ride to a game.
Right before we get to the game, my buddy Rhea (the one thats driving) is driving towards the school and I see a sign that says dip. Well I yell DIP!!!! but it was to late lol. We bottomed out going about 30. Everyone in the car was sure the cars bumper was going to be totaled. Well we get to the school and get out and look. Their isnt a single scratch on it. lol
So we go inside and the game is going on. Well it turns out both the boys and girls team on our side slaughtered the opposing teams so it was pretty fun but boring.
After the game we headed home and went to Rheas. Played the sims, guitar hero 3, and watched some movies. Then later that night we all boxed some and then went to bed finally around 4 in the morning.

Saturday: I woke up to my friend Hugh popping me with a towel. He was screaming *GET UP SLAVE!!*. So I wake up and get ready to go help him and his girlfriend move some furniture. Ill have to say.....that day had to of been one of the coldest days i'd ever felt. We'd move a couch out of the house and I swear i'd hear my hands cracking like they were frozen and going to break. Not to mention I was only wearing a sweater for warmth. Not very smart on my part.
All an all, it was pretty fun. We'd constantly joke about everything. It was hard to get very much done considering we were on the floor laughing at it all.
After that we headed to carls Jr. and grabbed some grub. I hadnt had carls Jr. in about a year and a half. It wasnt bad though. It was a little out of my budget though.
When we got back to the house. Everyone was already there to help move furniture inside. So all of that went pretty quick. We had a lot of help. Then Rhea and I sat down to play some guitar hero. We are currently stuck on Raining Blood on expert. We played that for a long time but we didnt beat the song. After that we headed to kitchen were everyone had been for a while and just talked about things and joked. Then I headed home.
I got home around 3 in the afternoon and crashed in my bed. I was exhausted and didnt even realize it.

Sunday: My friend Ty woke me around 11:40 in the moring and said he needed some help out on the rig. So I went out to there with him and did some pretty hard work. Around 3 o clock we got off and went out to eat with his girlfriend. Chinese food.......rocks haha.
Then we went to his house. Took a shower and watched some movies. Watched idocracy, hot fuzz, and resident evil 3 extinction. Then after that we cooked a little bit. Then we headed over to Rheas to see what he was up to. We played guitar hero for a little while but he had to go to work. So we headed to my house and thats basically the end of it.

Ive been listening to a band called The Format recently. Its a little quieter than what im use to listening to but its nice. It puts me in a good mood and relaxs me.

Anywho thats what ive been up 2.


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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hows it going? Pretty good here.....just tired....zzzZZZZ

I had a crazy dream last night. I was back in my old grade school elemetary building. All my former class mates were there and they were all 6 and 7 years old. I saw one of my friends that had passed away and I ran over to him and I turned into a kid again. It was wierd but I liked the dream. Kinda made realize how much I love my classmates. But yea....

So yea I just got back from a basketball game. Im part of a group called *da posse*. A bunch of us guys dress up and paint our face and during the game we cheer and things. Its great....

So I have a test tomorrow.....bleh.
Tests are the work of some evil force in the world. They cause lack of sleep in me.....zzzZZZZ

Took the wolf for a walk today. Poor guy hasn't gotten out of the house in weeks. Mostly because its been so darn cold. I got a good run out of him so hopefully he wont be so energetic while hes inside.

So I went and saw Beowulf the other day....Im not impressed......300 was bettah lol.
What did you all think of the movie? Kinda crappy 3-d animation if you ask me.......but thats just me.

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Hello knuckleheads!!
Hello all! So sorry ive been away. Its been crazy crazy crazy.

So yea ive really gotten into graffiti art! I just love it for some reason. And now its all I draw. I dont really know. I feel like I can express myself again through it. Ive had people come up and call graffiti an art crime. I dont see the harm in it to tell you all the truth....but thats just me.

So what have I been doing latly? Well I know this wont excuse my absence but I have been working out and training. I am also going to school to become a welder! I have also started drawing again and ive taken up boxing.

I still have a job out at the oil rig and im making $19.50 an hour. Only problem is I only work weekends.

Bleh.......some money is better then 0 money I suppose.

Anyone play the guitar hero series? I personally LOVE those games. Im trying to beat expert. Its crazy!

Well sorry this was short but I will try to leave something else tomorrow.


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