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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hello knuckleheads!!
Hello all! So sorry ive been away. Its been crazy crazy crazy.

So yea ive really gotten into graffiti art! I just love it for some reason. And now its all I draw. I dont really know. I feel like I can express myself again through it. Ive had people come up and call graffiti an art crime. I dont see the harm in it to tell you all the truth....but thats just me.

So what have I been doing latly? Well I know this wont excuse my absence but I have been working out and training. I am also going to school to become a welder! I have also started drawing again and ive taken up boxing.

I still have a job out at the oil rig and im making $19.50 an hour. Only problem is I only work weekends.

Bleh.......some money is better then 0 money I suppose.

Anyone play the guitar hero series? I personally LOVE those games. Im trying to beat expert. Its crazy!

Well sorry this was short but I will try to leave something else tomorrow.


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