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I am Emerald Angel and, as you can probably tell from the large spaces of time between my posts, I am not what you would call a very "active" member anymore. I am actually around here quite frequently, however, I just lack the energy to post. I tend to spend most of my time at theotaku.com doing stuff with my portfolio. Anyways, feel free to sign my guestbook and add me as a friend because, like I said, I am around here quite a bit (though it may not look like it) and I would definitely check out your site and add you as a friend in return (though it may take a while XD)

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

   It's no good if you only look good on the outside
I'm not sure if there's really any point in me posting anymore, because I doubt anyone actually comes to my site, seeing as how I don't post and everything :P Well, that aside, I was bored and figured this would be as good a way as any to pass the time. I was playing around with all the pictures of my digital camera and decided that, instead of typing out all the things I've been doing lately, I will tell you with pictures ^.^ So this is everything important that happened to me since the last time I posted (or at least everything important that happened while I had my camera >.<)...Here is "Amy's Life" in 10 pictures...

The highlight of my Europe trip happened before we even left...we met Jay Manuel in the Victoria airport. (He's the makeup artist and photo-shoot coordinator for America's Next Top Model, which is my favourite show) It was pretty freakin' awesome (but of course I had to be blinking in the stupid picture). And if just meeting him wasn't awesome enough...I boarded the plane only to find out I was sitting next to him!!!! He was really nice and we talked about Dan Brown and The Da Vinci Code, unfourtunately the plane ride to Calgary was only an hour long but it was still amazing and everyone was really jealous of me :P
The highlight of my trip ^.^

Brianna and me in the Coliseum in Rome, I was stoked because it was one of the things I wanted to see the most
The Coliseum was soo huge

This was when we took a ferry to the Isle of Capri. Out of all the places we went on the trip, Capri was my favourite. This is Brianna standing on a lookout way up high on the cliffs in Capri...I don't have a picture of me standing there because I am freakishly afraid of heights and could not go anywhere near the edge (even just seeing Brianna by the edge made me nervous).
The water was amazingly blue

This is Brianna, Danielle and me in Pompeii. It's crazy to think that it had all been covered in volcanic ash at one point and that so many people had died there. It was really cool though (you can see Mt. Vesuvius in the background).
Pompeii was awesome

Brianna, me, and Danielle at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. We were only in Greece for three days but it was still pretty awesome to see all the ruins and stuff.
I have so many pictures of Brianna with her making faces like this :P

Ok, this is not an important event that happened on the trip, I just found it extremely amusing, so I had to put it up here...Come on, I'm sure you would find it amusing to walk into your hotel room in Athens to find an ashtray with a "No Smoking" sign on it >.<
Can you say oxymoron?

Now I'm jumping forward a bit to the last day of school. This is (from left to right) Jennie, Courtney, Brianna, Danielle, and me in French class watching the FIFA World Cup...haha so much for working :P
Le dernier jour du français

This is me, Luke and Jessica at lunch on the last day of school...I never did go to any of my classes after lunch that day...I went and played basketball in the gym with Luke instead, which ended abruptly when I [accidentally] poked him in the eye while trying to steal the ball...he's never let me forget it either...
Ah, the excitement of knowing school is almost over

Skipping forward a bit more, this is my friend Kim's going away party (she went to Quebec for the summer). I'm too lazy to list all of the people in the picture (I'm sure by now you know which one is me) and the sweet-ass Corvette belongs to Joe...I'll let to take a wild guess as to which one is Joe :P
That was one awesome car

Alright...I have run out of time, as well as pictures, it's 2:30 in the morning so I am going to bed ^.^ But I shall leave you with an AMV, this is one I am very proud of and it's a tribute to Maes Hughes...who should not have died!!! I have other AMV's which can be found here http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=kittyeyes29 if anyone wants to take a look ^.^


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Sunday, February 26, 2006

   Freedom Lies in Being Bold
Hi everybody!...and I just totally reminded myself of Dr. Nick from the Simpsons, lol. Well, anyways, I hope everyone is doing well. There’s snow everywhere here right now, and I'm not particularly happy about it. For the past couple of weeks it's been so nice and sunny, but then yesterday morning I woke up and it was like, “oh, snow” it was rather unexpected. Then later that day I was babysitting so I had to walk down to their house, which is like a 15-20 minute walk and it was so freakin' cold. It snowed from yesterday morning non-stop until sometime this morning, but it’s raining now so it shouldn’t be around for too long. Our new semester in school started a couple weeks ago, and it’s so much easier than last semester. I have English, French and Socials along with Psychology and Peer Tutoring as my two electives. And right now I am procrastinating doing my homework because I am really not in the mood for English responses, so I think I can put it off for another hour or so ^.^ The Italy and Greece trip is only 13 days away and I’m getting pretty excited. Although we just found out our flights and it’s not pretty…we have to drive down island to Victoria and from there we fly to Calgary and then we’re stuck in the Calgary airport for 6 hours and then we fly from Calgary to Frankfurt, then after a couple hours in the airport, its Frankfurt to Rome. I probably wont post again until after I get back but I bet I’ll have a lot of great pictures to post since my parents agreed to get me a digital camera as an early birthday present before the trip…I suppose I’ll go do my English homework now. I’ll talk to you all later!

Even though it's all cold and wet, it's still kinda pretty


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Thursday, January 26, 2006

   If you keep going round and round and round and round like that, you're going to get stupid!
In case anyone is wondering, that quote was said by Ryuichi in episode 10 of Gravitation...it made me laugh out loud when I heard it. I got LimeWire a while ago and since then I've kinda been going crazy downloading anime. I've gotten all the episodes of Gundam Seed Destiny and Gravitation and I'm in the process of getting the rest of Fruits Basket, Ah! My Goddess, Full Metal Panic and Ayashi no Ceres. Today was really ugly, all rainy and windy and cold. My friend Kim got a car a little while ago so she came and picked me up and we went out and got coffee, (it's so nice having a friend who can drive). The Europe trip is coming up so fast, 45 days and I'll be on my way to Italy and Greece! I'm getting pretty excited! Well, I guess i'm gonna go, I'm sorry it's so short, but of course I can't think of anything to say when I finally decide to post.

Here's a picture of (from left to right) Meredith, Kim O, Me, Teri and Kim T (front)

Lunch is probably the best thing about school ^.^

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Friday, September 9, 2005

   Love in the heart wasn't put there to stay, love isn't love until it's given away
Wow, I have done a pretty frickin' awesome job of posting lately, lol! You have probably all forgotten me by now. Well, I decided it was about time I posted again so here I am. I hope everyone had an awesome summer and was ready to go back to school (I sure as hell wasn't :P). School just started for me three days ago and I'm taking Math, Physics, Chemistry and Directed Studies this semester, sounds like a fun workload, doesn't it? Unfourtunately they're all required courses for me since I want to go to vet college. Well enough about school, in the summer my family drove up to William's Lake, which is like, a nine hour drive, for soccer provincials which my sister was playing in. We also went to Whistler on the way back. I went riding tons over the summer and right before school started we went to Cameron Lake for five days, some friends have a cabin there so we stayed with them... Ooh! and I just found out today that I get to go to Italy and Greece for spring break next year! It's through the school and I got one of the 16 spots along with three of my friends, I am so freaking excited! Well, we have a new digital camera that I have been playing around with so I shall stop talking right now, and post a crapload of pics ^.^

It's Rosie!
><br />
<br />
My cat's picture wouldn't show up for some reason but here's a picture of my sister's kitty<br />
<img src=

And the kitties (mine's the one on the right)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A picture of the cabin at Cameron Lake
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A picture of the dock at Cameron Lake
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Rosie at the lake
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And (of course) the lake itself, lol
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I didn't take these but they're from my birthday...my friends and I had a silly string fight in my backyard! lol, good times

And then this was after we had picked up every single little bit of silly string from the backyard, haha
><br />
<br />
Alright, I think that was enough pictures for now, lol! I shall now go and comment on all of your sites!<br />
<br />
Love Amy<br />
</font><br />
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Thursday, May 19, 2005

   Come to the dark side...we have cookies!
Wow, it really doesn't seem like two and a half months have passed since I last posted, but I guess it did. A lot has happened since I last posted too... I had knee surgery on March 17th and they still don't know what's wrong with it now, I have been to see a pediatrician, a rheumatologist, a pediatric rheumatologist and then they decided to send me to a opthamologist for some reason I'm not quite sure about. I'm also on perscription anti-inflammatories to help keep the swelling down and I haven't been able to do PE since my surgery because they're afraid any excess swelling might cause permanent damage to my knee, sounds like a lot of fun doesn't it? :P Meh, whatever I'm fine with it, and it's starting to get better now anyways. Alright, then on April 27th my family went down to Disneyland and we stayed down there for five days. I haven't done much since then...it was my sister's birthday on the 16th and then mine is next Wednesday and I can finally get my driver's licence *yay!* I am so excited! Plus I also have a four day weekend this week, (tomorrow's a school holiday and then Monday is Victoria day). I am spending the night at my friend Caitlin's tomorrow night and then we're going shopping on Saturday. Then I am having my birthday party next Friday which should be fun. Well, sorry this wasn't incredibly long and knowing me it'll be a while before I post again, but talk to you all later!

Aww, he looks so sad...don't you just wanna hug him?


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