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Sunday, February 26, 2006

   Freedom Lies in Being Bold
Hi everybody!...and I just totally reminded myself of Dr. Nick from the Simpsons, lol. Well, anyways, I hope everyone is doing well. There’s snow everywhere here right now, and I'm not particularly happy about it. For the past couple of weeks it's been so nice and sunny, but then yesterday morning I woke up and it was like, “oh, snow” it was rather unexpected. Then later that day I was babysitting so I had to walk down to their house, which is like a 15-20 minute walk and it was so freakin' cold. It snowed from yesterday morning non-stop until sometime this morning, but it’s raining now so it shouldn’t be around for too long. Our new semester in school started a couple weeks ago, and it’s so much easier than last semester. I have English, French and Socials along with Psychology and Peer Tutoring as my two electives. And right now I am procrastinating doing my homework because I am really not in the mood for English responses, so I think I can put it off for another hour or so ^.^ The Italy and Greece trip is only 13 days away and I’m getting pretty excited. Although we just found out our flights and it’s not pretty…we have to drive down island to Victoria and from there we fly to Calgary and then we’re stuck in the Calgary airport for 6 hours and then we fly from Calgary to Frankfurt, then after a couple hours in the airport, its Frankfurt to Rome. I probably wont post again until after I get back but I bet I’ll have a lot of great pictures to post since my parents agreed to get me a digital camera as an early birthday present before the trip…I suppose I’ll go do my English homework now. I’ll talk to you all later!

Even though it's all cold and wet, it's still kinda pretty


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