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Thursday, May 19, 2005

   Come to the dark side...we have cookies!
Wow, it really doesn't seem like two and a half months have passed since I last posted, but I guess it did. A lot has happened since I last posted too... I had knee surgery on March 17th and they still don't know what's wrong with it now, I have been to see a pediatrician, a rheumatologist, a pediatric rheumatologist and then they decided to send me to a opthamologist for some reason I'm not quite sure about. I'm also on perscription anti-inflammatories to help keep the swelling down and I haven't been able to do PE since my surgery because they're afraid any excess swelling might cause permanent damage to my knee, sounds like a lot of fun doesn't it? :P Meh, whatever I'm fine with it, and it's starting to get better now anyways. Alright, then on April 27th my family went down to Disneyland and we stayed down there for five days. I haven't done much since then...it was my sister's birthday on the 16th and then mine is next Wednesday and I can finally get my driver's licence *yay!* I am so excited! Plus I also have a four day weekend this week, (tomorrow's a school holiday and then Monday is Victoria day). I am spending the night at my friend Caitlin's tomorrow night and then we're going shopping on Saturday. Then I am having my birthday party next Friday which should be fun. Well, sorry this wasn't incredibly long and knowing me it'll be a while before I post again, but talk to you all later!

Aww, he looks so sad...don't you just wanna hug him?


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