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G'Day I'm Dunpeil Dueliest, as many of you known I am from Australia and I just LOVE ANIME CARTOONS ever scince I was five years old. Right now in Vampire years I am Two hundred and Fifteen years old (215.) So anyway if you want to say 'Hi' you are more welcome to say so in my guest book.
My favourite anime characters are Kai, Ray, Tala and Miguel from 'Beyblade,' Yami Yugi, Seto Kaiba, Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Celtic Guardian from 'Yu-Gi-Oh!,' Mahado from 'Yu-Gi-Oh! The Millennium World,' MegaMan, ProtoMan and Chaud Blaze from 'MegaMan NT Warrior,' Kenshin Himura and Sagara Sanosuke from 'Rurouni Kenshin,' Uchiha Sakuke and Kakashi Hatake from 'Naruto' Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow from 'Sonic X' and last but not least D and Mier Link from 'Vampire Hunter D "Blood Lust."'
I hope you like my little inroduction about myself and hopefully you'll enjoy some of my works.

Anyway Cheers, Later and er-.... Toodles!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monty Python's Spam-A-Lot! ^_^
Hi Everyone! ^^

Me: Sorry about not posting in a while, Something bad happened to me and I'm really, very scared. *Holds on to Mahado*

Mahado: She told me and her family what happened, on a Monday afternoon on her way to work, she was waiting for the train to come when suddenly a guy comes up to her and saids 'Hi' to her, then he started talking to her asking her to go out with him, she said 'No' and she wanted him to leave her alone but no he still kept on talking to her. Don't worry guys and girls she didn't tell anything personal to this guy and I do mean 'Anything,' Poor baby Dunpeil, I have never seen her this scared in all of my life *Hugs me and holds me tight* The Next time this guy shows up I'll be there with her and tell him to 'Leave my Wife Alone Or else I'll call the Police.'

Me: Yeah! ^_^ Anyway Here's the Real Reason why your here, We went to see 'Spam A-Lot!' ^^ It was SO Funny! From Start to Finish! ^^ I love it, they had the Coconut skit, the Knights of Ni, the Black Knight, Lance A-Lot and the gay Prince, the 'Always look on the Bright Side of Life' song, the Killer Rabbit and heaps more. ^^ It was SO Good! I love it very much, Oh and the Holy Grail? It was in the Audience. ^^ And towards the end of the wedding, My friend caught the Bride's Flowers. ^^ I almost had it but he caught it before I did. ^^

Mahado: Yep, It was SO funny we recommend that you should see it, It's Too Good. ^^ Anyway We Hope that you've have a fun and safe week and weekend. ^_^

Toodles! Have Fun! From Dunpeil and Mahado.

P.S Mahado: Oh, baby Dunpeil Happy Valentines Day. ^_^ *Pulls out a bunch of red roses and a Teddy Bear*

Me: Oh baby! ^^ *Hugs and kisses him on the lips* Thankyou! ^^ Oh and Happy Valentines Day Baby. *Pulls out Red Roses, Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, Teddy Bear and Pocky with a bow.* ^^

Mahado: Aaawww, Thanks baby. ^^ *Hugs and kisses me on the lips.*

Happy Valentines Day! ^_^

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Monday, February 4, 2008

   Hello Everyone. ^_^
Hi, Guess what? I'm All better! ^^

Me: Hi everyone, miss me? Everyone at work did, guess what I'm all better! ^^

Mahado: Baby, good to see you out of bed and well. ^^

Me: Yep, Anyway enough about me. ^^ This Weekend My Friend Plus Mahado and I are going to see 'Spam A-Lot!' I Can't wait! ^^ Oh, before we forget......

Happy Birthday YamiLover03! ^^ We did a wallpaper and three E-card all for you. ^^ They're on the Otaku right now so if you wanna see'em go ahead, they're in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Area under 'Dunpeil Dueliest' Ok? Sweet! ^_^

Mahado: Oh Dunpeil, Trivia.

Me: Oh yes! Ok the Answer to last weeks question was Joey Lost to Duke in Duel Monsters because he and Duke place a bet to see who is going to be that winners slave for the next week. And that's why he wears the dog suit! ^^ Congrats to YamisPharaohness! ^^

Mahado: Ok, anyone up for more? Alright in Yu-Gi-Oh! What's Mai Valentine's Favourite Card?

Me: Anyway we have a special treat, Mahado and I found some Videos from our Anime Con. 'Manifest' of 2007 that is. ^^ Yep the one I cosplayed as Odion 'Rishid' Ishtar. Anyway we found a few of the best and funny ones, (sorry guys my skit didn't make the cut.) Anyway we hope you'll enjoy these videos. ^_^

Toodles! Have a fun and safe week! ^^

From Dunpeil and Mahado.

Manifest 2007 One Piece Skit.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Skit.

"MAN SEX FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!" This group won the 'Best Skit' Award. I love this Skit.

Oh My GOD! I Finally, after all this time! I'm In You Tube! YAY!!!!!!!!!! I found my Three Seconds of Fame in this one! Besure you look out for me, as I said I'm Odion with the bad face paint and a Giant Yami Yugi Plushie. ^^ That's ME!

And Finally the 13 Bleach Crew! ^_^ (I think that's 13 Characters from Bleach. ^^)

Toodles! And Enjoy.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

   Hi All! Were BACK!!!!!!!! ^_^ (From the Death Shadow Realm of Darkness.)
Hi guys, How are you all? Good? Awesome! ^^

Me: Woah, what a ride that was. ^_^ *Feels alittle dizzy* Oh Hi guys, good to see ya all! Having a good weekend I hope, We are! Mahado and I of course are too having a blast. ^^ We just got back from my asshole fathers place, We spent the night there because we went to the Sneak Peek 'Phantom Darkness!' *Feels even more dizzy* Oh..... god! That trip to the Shadow Realm really killed me. Oh boy, I got a headache.

Mahado: Are you ok baby? *Holds on to me*

Me: Yeah, I'm fine... just abit sore in the head, boy those guys really killed me in the sneak peek, I don't think I can stand up right. *Falls on to Mahado*

Mahado: Woah! Dunpeil. *Catches me and Grabs me tight.* Do you want me to take over? Besides you gotta go to work soon.

Me: True but.... I can manage.

Mahado: No, I'll take over. *Sits down and starts typing* Ok guys, as baby Dunpeil said we went to the Sneak Peek over the weekend, Twice but in two different shops. Anyway Here's the results, On Saturday Dunpeil Came 10th out of 20 male Duelists with 3 wins and 2 Losses, I decided not to play with Dunpeil but I got the cards anyway just by signing up. ^_^

Me: You sure did. ^_^

Mahado: Heehee, ^^ On Sunday, we though the guys who own 'Alternate Worlds' would trick us and everyone again just to get money from us but Dunpeil and I showed 'em! I came 4th and She came 3rd out of 30 Duelists, We both had 5 wins and 1 loss each. Plus Dunpeil Grabbed a Awesome Card called 'Dark Knight Parshath.' For $50 Australian dollars of course. ^_^

Me: Yep, the truth was the guy who had it didn't want it he wanted money instead to buy a factory sealed Jesse Anderson box (The New Duelist Packs came in,) he only had like $70 Australian I think so I said to him, (This happened While my father wasn't around thankgod!) 'How About I give you $50 Australian dollars for that card? So you can buy that box you wanted.' He just looked at me and said 'Are you Serious?' And I said 'Yes.' In the end he said 'Dunpeil, you got yourself a deal.' And when the tournament was over he gave me the card and I gave him the cash. ^_^

Mahado: Yep, there's alot of new cards in this deck we are going to buy factory sealed boxes of Phantom Darkness for Easter instead of Chocolate, besides we love cards more than chocolate. ^_^ Oh, Today It's Australia Day For us Aussies! ^^

Me: Yep, We just want to say Thankyou Australia for AFL Football, Friends, Family, Food and Yu-Gi-Oh! Plus Mahado/Mahad. ^^

Mahado: Yep, same here. ^_^ Oh we are recording Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 6 Dawn of the Duel "Millennium World" It's going awesome! ^^ Oh before we go, here's the answer to our last weeks Trivia, The answer is C) The Three Headed Cyber Begining to End Dragon. ^_^ Congrats to YamisPharaohness. ^_^

Me: Awesome Job guys, now here's a new one, In the Dungeon Dice Monsters Episodes Why did Joey (Dog Boy!) Wear the dog suit? SIT DOG BOY!

Mahado: ^_^ Haha! We we have a new Video, it's the Monty Python's Life of Brian best funny bit ever. It is called 'Bigus Dickus' Watch the Video and you'll see why. ^_^

Me: Heehee, ^^

Well Toodles!! Have a Fun and Safe weekend! ^_^

From Dunpeil and Mahado.

'Bigus Dickus'

Enjoy! ^_^

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