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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monty Python's Spam-A-Lot! ^_^
Hi Everyone! ^^

Me: Sorry about not posting in a while, Something bad happened to me and I'm really, very scared. *Holds on to Mahado*

Mahado: She told me and her family what happened, on a Monday afternoon on her way to work, she was waiting for the train to come when suddenly a guy comes up to her and saids 'Hi' to her, then he started talking to her asking her to go out with him, she said 'No' and she wanted him to leave her alone but no he still kept on talking to her. Don't worry guys and girls she didn't tell anything personal to this guy and I do mean 'Anything,' Poor baby Dunpeil, I have never seen her this scared in all of my life *Hugs me and holds me tight* The Next time this guy shows up I'll be there with her and tell him to 'Leave my Wife Alone Or else I'll call the Police.'

Me: Yeah! ^_^ Anyway Here's the Real Reason why your here, We went to see 'Spam A-Lot!' ^^ It was SO Funny! From Start to Finish! ^^ I love it, they had the Coconut skit, the Knights of Ni, the Black Knight, Lance A-Lot and the gay Prince, the 'Always look on the Bright Side of Life' song, the Killer Rabbit and heaps more. ^^ It was SO Good! I love it very much, Oh and the Holy Grail? It was in the Audience. ^^ And towards the end of the wedding, My friend caught the Bride's Flowers. ^^ I almost had it but he caught it before I did. ^^

Mahado: Yep, It was SO funny we recommend that you should see it, It's Too Good. ^^ Anyway We Hope that you've have a fun and safe week and weekend. ^_^

Toodles! Have Fun! From Dunpeil and Mahado.

P.S Mahado: Oh, baby Dunpeil Happy Valentines Day. ^_^ *Pulls out a bunch of red roses and a Teddy Bear*

Me: Oh baby! ^^ *Hugs and kisses him on the lips* Thankyou! ^^ Oh and Happy Valentines Day Baby. *Pulls out Red Roses, Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, Teddy Bear and Pocky with a bow.* ^^

Mahado: Aaawww, Thanks baby. ^^ *Hugs and kisses me on the lips.*

Happy Valentines Day! ^_^

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