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Monday, February 4, 2008

   Hello Everyone. ^_^
Hi, Guess what? I'm All better! ^^

Me: Hi everyone, miss me? Everyone at work did, guess what I'm all better! ^^

Mahado: Baby, good to see you out of bed and well. ^^

Me: Yep, Anyway enough about me. ^^ This Weekend My Friend Plus Mahado and I are going to see 'Spam A-Lot!' I Can't wait! ^^ Oh, before we forget......

Happy Birthday YamiLover03! ^^ We did a wallpaper and three E-card all for you. ^^ They're on the Otaku right now so if you wanna see'em go ahead, they're in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Area under 'Dunpeil Dueliest' Ok? Sweet! ^_^

Mahado: Oh Dunpeil, Trivia.

Me: Oh yes! Ok the Answer to last weeks question was Joey Lost to Duke in Duel Monsters because he and Duke place a bet to see who is going to be that winners slave for the next week. And that's why he wears the dog suit! ^^ Congrats to YamisPharaohness! ^^

Mahado: Ok, anyone up for more? Alright in Yu-Gi-Oh! What's Mai Valentine's Favourite Card?

Me: Anyway we have a special treat, Mahado and I found some Videos from our Anime Con. 'Manifest' of 2007 that is. ^^ Yep the one I cosplayed as Odion 'Rishid' Ishtar. Anyway we found a few of the best and funny ones, (sorry guys my skit didn't make the cut.) Anyway we hope you'll enjoy these videos. ^_^

Toodles! Have a fun and safe week! ^^

From Dunpeil and Mahado.

Manifest 2007 One Piece Skit.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Skit.

"MAN SEX FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!" This group won the 'Best Skit' Award. I love this Skit.

Oh My GOD! I Finally, after all this time! I'm In You Tube! YAY!!!!!!!!!! I found my Three Seconds of Fame in this one! Besure you look out for me, as I said I'm Odion with the bad face paint and a Giant Yami Yugi Plushie. ^^ That's ME!

And Finally the 13 Bleach Crew! ^_^ (I think that's 13 Characters from Bleach. ^^)

Toodles! And Enjoy.

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