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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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Ryuk107 (05/14/08)

hey whats up i love poetry too so congrats on the 2ND place ive never been in a contest but i would like too so come see my site and leave me a comment thats poetry lol later^_^

PencilChickii (01/23/08)

Sorry I didn't reply faster! Damn Midterms!!! D:< And nothing to put up here either! Well....... ANYWAY-ZUH!

HOpe you'll add me! I think I added you, but i dun really remember... OPPIEZ! lol

Tah tah for now hun!
PM Me some time soon, kay?


MewMew (01/19/08)

hiii :)

thanx so much for visiting my site and signing meh guestbook :D thank u so much for adding me also :D i really appreciate it :)

i'm also really happy to hear u like meh art ^^

ur art is so freaking cute and u have great coloring skills :)

i love ur site btw :D

i'm going to add u too hope u dont mind :D

hope to become friends ^____^


Keya (01/12/08)


I just read your entry in my GB so I'd thought I'd return the favor!! I have added you and you can p.m. me ANYTIME!!!!! ^^ I'm hyper right now cuz I foud someone else who loves Vampire Knight and Absolute Boyfriend...........TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keya's over and out!!

=^.^= *mew

dixiegirlnikki (12/29/07)

seen your site and thought i would stop by. i really like the colors in your site. they are cute together. hope we can be friends. feel free to stop by anytime. im adding you if you don't mind.


FallenAngel1617 (12/27/07)

tsk tsk tsk...what did i say about talking to strangers (u do it also) but were not talking about me, were talking bout her (so ur being hypicritical (ur spelling sux) waaa, dog girl, make him stop (she cant, besides she wont) why not *glare* (cause were new best friends) waaah! how could u do this to me. > < oh and i like ur sight (noooo that wasnt random) urusai (did u just tell me to shut up) yes (make me) *grins and holds hammer to er head* u cant talk to me if im unconciense (ur spelling still sux and i live in u so it wouldnt matter) *sigh* thats not fair. anyways (again with the changing of topics) i love ur artwork, and Bob loves it too (i can speak for myself) u speak to much 9u do know ur having a convo with ur self and taking u half of the page) *sniffle* *sniffle* im sooorrrrrry! i spoligize i apoligize to the whoooole world!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaa. (uhhh, i think we better go now, i love ur work too and ur site is rocking) ahhhhhh!!!!!!! i wanted to say that!

xPunk x Zerox (11/30/07)


I was passing by and i thought i would sign your guestbook.

[I will sometimez just go around and look at otherz sites ^__^ most of the time just to look but there are sometimez i actually come across someone who interests me ^^ Today that is you!! Wootness!!!! Lolz]

Anywayz i really liked yourz that's why me here!!! You seem kewlz too =D

Well i do hope that you and i become friends. I often only add the ppl who comment so i hope i do see you around *Smiles*

See Ya


demon dragon (11/23/07)

Hiya! I was clicking on random names so I could visit sites and your name came up.. So here I am ^^
Your site is nice, keep up the good work.
It would be really nice if you could drop by my site sometime and sign my guestbook back. Thanks! Feel free to add me aswell (I always add back)



KimIsMissing (11/21/07)

Hello thank you for the nice coment on my art ^__^

I am trying to get to know new people on here now, so I hope you do not mind if I add you!

I love the color sceme on your site!

anime is awsome, I am happy to see another anime fan on here Fruites baskets is great as well :)

C-ya around

~*~Kim Curry~*~

forsaken-nights (11/13/07)

i just wanted to come by and thank you for commenting on my art while ago ;p
soo thank you

~Kat ^,..,^

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