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Hey ppl ^^ I'm Rachel i love anime.. .like obsessed with it cuz i'm weird XD

I'm in 12th grade, i'm 17 :)

i have other accounts on:

sheezyart as HeavenStar (innactive)
deviantart as Shunshuu-Tsunami

Hope that you guys check out my theOtaku page... i still miss myotaku though so hopefully i update more often here ^^

~~ Rachel

Friday, July 10, 2009


*glomps you*

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

;alskjf;lsdajfk my dad disconnected myo now too DX the only reason why i'm posting awas because my mom left her computer on DX...

but yea... i duno... for some reason i've been really sleepeh lately ;-; i dont know why... even after naps or w/e i still feel sleepy.. i think i need to do some excercising to have more energy or something... but yea..

i hope u guys r doing well

have a great day


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