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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

   What i hate the most
I really hate it when people tell me what i should hate. It really annoying when other try to force their views on me. I going to like what i like no matter what anyone says. I like the emo style and tokio hotel. I really hate it when other tell me I should hate. If you don't like something I like then just shut up. cause I don't give f*** what you think. So stop telling me.
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

YEAH i'm finally 17, i can get in to r movies without my parents and get move m rated games. *doing happy 17 dance* and tomarrow is Reita's ,bassist for gazetto, birthday.
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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I GOT A HUG FROM GAARA.*doing happy dance*
Gaara garra gaara i love gaa.ra. for full explainion, see NaeNae site when she updates.
^_^ nya nya nya nya, I got a hug from garra.^_^

I love Gaara 0^_^V

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Sunday, February 4, 2007

   I got called a gothic black girl

Yesterday was so much funny. My friend and I went to Atlanta to see DIR EN GREY. We got to the concert around four. We were in the cold for to hour before the door open. There was no telling how cold the people in front of us were.We meet some really cool people in line, like Mercedes And the dude that called me a gothic black girl. Me and Hide think that he might have thought that everyone at the concert was gothic. As we were standing outside, one of the opening bands, Bleed the Dream, came out side and were giving people pics and stickers. As they were passing their stuff out, they were saying stuff like," Hi were the opening band, Bleed the Dream. I know you didn't come to see us, but some a sticker and pic." They looked very nerovus as they were doing this.

When we got in said I want to buy something before the concert stared, but hide push me past it so that we could get a place to stand. After about half an hour the show final started. Bleed the Dream was the first opening band. They were great. They had everyone jumping. The next band to play was fair to minland. THEY SUCKED. They killed the crowd. The only person that like them was the dude that called me gothic. Only a few people noded their head, while everyone else want to go to sleep. We were so mean to them. Before they came on, while they were playing and when they finally left we were sceaming for Dir en grey.
Finally, after that awful performance be fair to midland, It was time for Dir en grey. I was getting very excited when start bring out the mic stands and guitar. I was bouncing up down, yelling there die's pic and there toshiya's bass. My friend and I found it funny that Shinya's drumset got more screams then fair to midland. When the light went off and music that Diru enter in on started playing was when all the pushing start. It did not take long for Hide and me to get separated from the rest. There was this one really annoying dude that kept jumping in front of hide and me. We were geting pissed by this dude because he kept blocking our view of Die. After a few pushes, and eating hair, me hide were almost close to the stage but the people in front of us would not move. It was so much fun. Kaoru was a look like a dork on stage, Kyo dance very sexy and made blood come out mouth. Kyo and Die look very amused when we sung The Final and Clever Sleazoid. I wanted to get a pic from one of them so bad. During one song Kyo put a bucket on this head that said rape me. The concert was so much fun, even though I had to worry about falling and getting stomped on and smell people dirty armpits. I saw Dir en grey. Even after the concert me and hide were going on about the concert felt like a dream. Where I was standing I had a clear view of Die and all his sexyness. This was the frist rock concert I have every been to. I want to see them again so bady. Bleed the Dream was a great band, and I hope they get famous.

Me and my friends(some new some old)waiting for the doors to open
This is Mercedes. When we saw her, we knew we were in the right place. My Grandma freak out when she saw th people waiting in line.
This was a very funny thing we saw written on the walls. Before in some on wrote "We want kyo's penis" This pic was the answer. There was lots of writing on the wall. Some drew the idea of what american fans look like.

I hope they came back to Atlanta again.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I tired of randoms guy at school ask me am I'm skater, gothic or emo. I'm neither. They are always so shock when I tell not any of them. One reason they proabley think this is because I like to wear my hair over my face. They are also shock when I'm tell I'm not mixed, or that I listen to asian music. The first thhing that comes out of mouth when I tell them that is, "Are half asian?". Yeasterday a dude came up to me and ask why I had my hair in face. Then he started to that Your beautiful song. I'm really getting sick of a of all these question and their always the same question. One time this dude stared at and then said, "You know you black right?"
I said yeah
He said, "Well you need to stop pretending(my be spelled wrong)
Pretending to be what
He said a Skater.
Really what makes these people think up these question. Don't they have a life beside trying to label me. I DON'T HAVE A LABEL. People at my school are idiots.

my fanvid Move it

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