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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I tired of randoms guy at school ask me am I'm skater, gothic or emo. I'm neither. They are always so shock when I tell not any of them. One reason they proabley think this is because I like to wear my hair over my face. They are also shock when I'm tell I'm not mixed, or that I listen to asian music. The first thhing that comes out of mouth when I tell them that is, "Are half asian?". Yeasterday a dude came up to me and ask why I had my hair in face. Then he started to that Your beautiful song. I'm really getting sick of a of all these question and their always the same question. One time this dude stared at and then said, "You know you black right?"
I said yeah
He said, "Well you need to stop pretending(my be spelled wrong)
Pretending to be what
He said a Skater.
Really what makes these people think up these question. Don't they have a life beside trying to label me. I DON'T HAVE A LABEL. People at my school are idiots.

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