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Hi and welcome to my site!!PLease visit my friends site!!!!I changed my account and now I'm in lighsoul!^^ see u there!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm back.....kinda
well this year sucks. Lots of shit happened to me.

I'm stuck in the middle east for 4 yrs or so and I missed a yr of school.
I've also learned my dad's side of the family are evil! my parnets seperated. Lots of drama is goin on.
Internet is new here so i havn't got a chance to talk with my friends.
It's all good though....i have to wait till i finish high school so i can go back to canada.
My dad found a job and now I'm hoping that i can move out of the country I'm in and to a better one. We might go to qatar. I hope we do cause life there is not old fashioned like here. Here girls got no rights at all. I can't even bike or dance in the streets and the guys here are prevs.

well that's all i got to say. It's amazing what can happen in one yr.

I might come back to theotaku this yr if things settle down. btw lightsoul is turned off. I forgot the password to that account so I'm staying on this one.

Thanks for reading and i hope u have a merry christmas. :D

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Thursday, August 4, 2005

hey ppls! I moved my site. now it's lightsoul. I added some of u guys and I still need to add more!^^ well I'll still leave this site on but I won't be here as much. only to get all the quizzies i took and move it to the other site. ttyl on my new site!


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Thursday, July 28, 2005

   I'm happy so happy i can kill somebody!*^-^*
finally!^o^ I beat the time! u see it takes me like 4-5 hrs to comment everybody's site so then (since i was soo damn bored!) I decided to challange myself. so I started going to ur guys sites at 10 p.m so that means two hrs before a new day starts! I opened three windows. I finished at 11:47 p.m!^^ yes! I made it! *does a dance* yea!......now I got nothing to do.-_- lol. I'm lonely.

guess what?.....my cousin are coming over during christmas! YEA!they are from italy and they are coming to visit canada! to bad they don't know any english. what to do?....oh well I'll find a way to communicate. lol.

I'm starting to not like my username.(darksoul) it reminds me when i was soo depressed i hated everything in the world and wished everything would end. That was last year in januaray(sp) when i made this account. god how much I hate that time. I want to delete it and start new but some of my old close friends are on there so that would break the chain u know? even if i did add them in the new one they wouldn't add me cause they haven't been on.I'm still staying on this account.

I like this quiz! it's for guys and girls. so what did u get? lol.

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personality. You are an energetic and outgoing
person and take pride in your individuality.
Your vibrancy might intimidate some people a
little bit, but you are a very loyal friend.
You look upon each day as a chance to
experience something new and exciting and are
constantly looking for ways to liven up a
situation. After all, simplicity is BORING!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

well the past days was fun!^^ remember when i was mad cause i thought one of my friends blocked me and that nobody calls me? well the girl sign in her msn and i could see her on. last time i couldn't but all my others friends did. she talked to me. she was very happy to see me on?! lol yea i think the msn was scerwed up. We are friends now and everything is going fine!^-^v When she comes back from her dad's we all are going to hang out. Finally i get to see them! It's been too long! I still didn't call ana. she's in florida(sp). I wounder if she's o.k? It's almost going to be a year since she left canada. wow! This year passed by fast!0_0

yesterday my friends came over early in the morning! I told them I'll meet them at their house so they woke me up. damn it.-_- I had a nice dream too!T-T well they came cause there's a community thing going on but they cancled it cause it was raining!(bastards!) so we went swimming in the pool(in doors. lol). It was fun! oh and i watched the movie hitch! lol it was a good movie. Kinda sad at the end. I found the girl bitchy to do that to will smith. like c'mon? he's will smith!!! lol.

This week I'm going to go buy school supplies. School starts in september but I'm really bored. My birthday is almost coming up! It's in august 3!^^ finally! I feel like the youngest here and in theotaku.

I've been busy with my website. I but a botton that takes u to my site and i added songs. my next goal is to add song codes and html help for those ppls who do need help. Sorry if i didn't visit. I visited some ppls.^-^' I will visit everybody's tommorrow promise!^-^v(oh and the ppls who posted yesterday too)


yuske starwind







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well that's all!^^ thanks u guys for reading and take care!


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