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Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm back.....kinda
well this year sucks. Lots of shit happened to me.

I'm stuck in the middle east for 4 yrs or so and I missed a yr of school.
I've also learned my dad's side of the family are evil! my parnets seperated. Lots of drama is goin on.
Internet is new here so i havn't got a chance to talk with my friends.
It's all good though....i have to wait till i finish high school so i can go back to canada.
My dad found a job and now I'm hoping that i can move out of the country I'm in and to a better one. We might go to qatar. I hope we do cause life there is not old fashioned like here. Here girls got no rights at all. I can't even bike or dance in the streets and the guys here are prevs.

well that's all i got to say. It's amazing what can happen in one yr.

I might come back to theotaku this yr if things settle down. btw lightsoul is turned off. I forgot the password to that account so I'm staying on this one.

Thanks for reading and i hope u have a merry christmas. :D

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