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Konichiwa! (:
As you can see, my username is dark kaoru, but you can call me kaoru. I'm Chinese & Vietnamese, & I do go to a private school. (IT SUCKS!) Alot of people think I'm weird, because I'm random, emo, & punk all at the same time. You'll never see me showing my feelings, & you'll BARELY see me smile. XDD Lmao!

I dont have a tablet or whatever, but I DO have Photoshop Elements 5.0! I will get to using that soon...as soon as my dad buys me a new mouse.

I love the anime & manga Naruto. As you can see, my favorite character is Gaara. But the Akatsuki is so cool! XDD Well, feel free to PM me if you want to chat. I'm always here . (:

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How's life, everyone? School is beating the hell out of me. -___- My friend & I STILL have to finish our Science board, because the science fair is on March 3rd. We still have SO much stuff to do for the project. The binder, our presentation, & whatever. Unfortunately, I have another project to work on. It's this weird Chocolate Project? My friend & I are going to make this poster of CRUNCH![; I might be able to go to my friend's house tomorrow after school to work on the poster, but I might not, due to my parent's OVERPROTECTIVE-NESS. -___-

I managed to finish the cover of my manga. All I have to do is figure out the name...oh! & do some pages. xD Noo, the manga is not about the Naruto one I was talking about. It's this other one...you'll get to read it when I post it up. VOLUME ONE! COMING SOON! [;

I'm working on these pictures. I did this Sakura one, & I'm currently working on a NaruHina one. I want to finish them so badley! But...Hinata's hair is kind of hard to draw. Y'know...her bangs & stuff. xD

I added some stuff to my gallery. Two of them are my character Kazumi. One of them is a request from AxEmoFox! AxEmoFox is my friend, make sure to welcome her to TheO! [;

Well, have a great day/weekend everyone! [;

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