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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How's life, everyone? School is beating the hell out of me. -___- My friend & I STILL have to finish our Science board, because the science fair is on March 3rd. We still have SO much stuff to do for the project. The binder, our presentation, & whatever. Unfortunately, I have another project to work on. It's this weird Chocolate Project? My friend & I are going to make this poster of CRUNCH![; I might be able to go to my friend's house tomorrow after school to work on the poster, but I might not, due to my parent's OVERPROTECTIVE-NESS. -___-

I managed to finish the cover of my manga. All I have to do is figure out the name...oh! & do some pages. xD Noo, the manga is not about the Naruto one I was talking about. It's this other one...you'll get to read it when I post it up. VOLUME ONE! COMING SOON! [;

I'm working on these pictures. I did this Sakura one, & I'm currently working on a NaruHina one. I want to finish them so badley! But...Hinata's hair is kind of hard to draw. Y'know...her bangs & stuff. xD

I added some stuff to my gallery. Two of them are my character Kazumi. One of them is a request from AxEmoFox! AxEmoFox is my friend, make sure to welcome her to TheO! [;

Well, have a great day/weekend everyone! [;

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