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Monday, February 18, 2008

   Hello. [;
Hey everyone!
Sorry I havent really added any fan art or anything in a long time. I dont have internet. I'm at my friend's house right now. Ha ha.
I think I'll get back the internet sometime next week. I'm not really sure.
I did a lot of things when I didn't have internet, but when I get back the internet, I'll add some stuff. Ohkae, bye!


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Thursday, January 31, 2008

   The Starting Line & All Time Low are SO awesome!
Hey everyone!
How was your day? If you had school, how was your school day? Mine was weird! This morning, I came to class & saw that our desks have moved. My desk is still by my friend Erica's, but Amber (a girl who was also sitting next to me), her desk moved to somewhere else! Her desk actually moved next to a boy she liked. When she came to class, I was like, "Hey Amber!" I was all smiley & stuff. OhhEmmGee, she almost killed me! She knows that I know that she likes that boy, & she knows that one day, I'm gonna spill out her secret. But I'm actually not. XDD
So Amber asked me if she could copy my homework, & I was like, "Why don't you copy HIS?" (: Yupp, she almost killed me. ^^

It was weird, just sitting next to Erica. Erica & I were the crazy random kids. :D & when the crazy random kids sit together, they go crazy! xD Amber used to be the one who glared & yelled at us. She called me emo, & Erica preppy. ^^ So, it's kind of weird having Amber not sitting next to me. But I'm sure she's really happy. :D

Well, I was just listening to the radio, & the radio was talking about concerts coming this year. Like, Paramore, Motion City Soundtrack, The Starting Line, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, etc! OHEMGEE, I love those bands! & The Starting Line is coming this Feb., with All Time Low! They're going to be performing at The Pipeline Cafe. OMG, I want to go so badly! I might ask if my friend wants to go with me. (: I LOVE TSL & ATL so much. ATL's song Six Feet Under the Stars is my favorite. & Best of Me by TSL is so cool!
Well, I'm working on a picture of Konan right now. But I didn't even finish my math homework. Eeek!
Ah well, have a nice day everyone!

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

   Amatersu does not love.
Hey everyone!
I posted up something new in my gallery! Its a picture of Team 16! Team 16 is a team that I made up. They are Amatersu, Nakono Daisuke, & Saito Manami! You can read about them when you click on that picture. LMAO, Amatersu does not love. I'm still wondering why I put that! I mean...I'll put a part when she finally discovers how to- Nahh, I'll just ruin it for you guys. -___-
So about the manga, I'm still thinking about it. Whats going to happen, the title, missions & everything. 0.o
Hmm, so how was your day? Mine was boring. I worked on that drawing all day, & finally put it up while it was time for lunch. After lunch, I thought about the manga. xD Lol! I did some stuff on Neopets. Ahh what? You're asking why I play Neopets? I don't really play. I just chat on the boards & guilds & stuff. XD
I'm hoping that I could start on the manga tomorrow. Ohh, I have piano lessons tomorrow. Oh no, I never even practiced this whole week! Arghhh. One more hour 'till piano class! -doesn't know what to do- I'll just go practice now for about ten minuets & go back to thinking. Ha ha! Well, yeah! Ohkae, bye!


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Thursday, January 24, 2008

   O is for on the dark side, cause we have some fresh cookies!
Yummy cookies! Chocolate chip please. XDD
Hey everyone! Hehe, I'm not supposed to be on. I'm supposed to be doing my homework. Haha. I came on to scan a picture of Dei-kun! I posted it up, but I'm not sure if it's there yet. 0.o
Weeee, I feel so random today! But still bored. -___- I'm listening to that Dance Floor Anthem song from Good Charlotte. Or shall I call the song 'I Dont Wanna Be In Love'? XDD Maann, I love that song. I played for a million times today, & my grandma got mad at me, 'cause I was playing it for a million times...& really loud. :D
OMG, I just got a text message from that radio station. 68255? I think I texted them to request a song. -cough cough- It says:
Ohh, scary. XD I don't really care about the traffic. EVen though I'll have to go to Kumon in 30 minuets. -__- Uhhmm if you're wondering what Waipahu means, it's like a city in Honolulu. I dont live there. I live in another city in Oahu. Lmao! Waaahh, I never even finished my homework yet. Well, after I finish the homework, I'm going to start on a manga. Oh wait...I still need to make a Naruto character. Crap. 0.o Then I need to make the team characters...AHHH! 0.0 I guess AFTER I make those character, I'll start on the manga. -thinks of what kind of manga- Hmm! Well, I'll start on the manga if I have time. Ciao!


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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

   Everyone hates school, ehh? xD
Hello! I havent updated for a while, ehh? Yes, I know. Uhh...I posted up a new Hinata picture. Go check it out...or whatever. xD AHH SCHOOL IS KILLING ME! Especially that Science Project! I dont know what I need to research on. I barely have time to do anything! My parents piss me off...I tried to cut myself, but I couldnt. It's freaky. Ahh, dont think wrong of me! I'm against cutting! But I'm with cutting...at times when I go REALLY emo. :( Bleehh. My teacher got really pissed at us kids today. Just because...we forgot to bring supplies to school. Like, paper, grocery bags & stuff. WHY DO WE EVEN NEED GROCERY BAGS!!! I never see our class use them! GOD DAMMIT! 0.0
Hmm...I think I'll post up a picture maybe in this weekend. I'm SO sure that I'm gonna be busy. Lets see...I have two projects to work on, and my parents are gonna be home for two days, which means that we'll have to do some errands. -__- Ohh well. Ehh, are your parents like this? Y'know...they make you so mad that you just want to die & stuff? Thats how I feel! My parents said that they can hurt my feelings, just because they're my parents. Wth. Oh well.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

   im alive, believe it! xD
Guess what? I'm actually alive! Sorry I havent really updated for a long time. Well, the reason is because school started again. Christmas vacation is over, & you know what happens after that. SCHOOL! x( Ahh, it's torture! Homework eats kids! I cant believe I'm still alive! Well, I'm working on a picture of Hinata. I'll put it up, as soon as I'm done. I started it at school...& I left it there. Ughh, how stupid of me. I'm so sleepy now...
I had two tests today, spelling & reading. I got one wrong on both of them. Blaaahh. My report card is coming next week. My teacher let me look at mines...and I wanted to gasp so loud. I had like...so much B's. My bestest grade...was an A in art.
My parents are gonna kill me, because they dont like B's. They want me to be perfect, UGH.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

   It's finally 2008!
Yupp! But it's really kind of sad! We'll all have to start a brand new year. >.< And the other sad part is...I've been pretty bad last year...and I texted alot last year when I wasnt supposed to. So when the bill comes, (1/05/08) my parents are gonna kill me. Eeeeek! I'm drinking coffee...without my parents knowing. Teehee. Last night, I stayed up untill 2:30 in the morning! I watched this show, where Jordin Sparks, Blake Lewis, Fob, Lifehouse, Finger Eleven, and these dancers performed. What was it called? I forgot. 0.o When Fall Out Boy performed, I was dancing around the living room. Hehe. It was cool. Then I listened to music... I would have stayed up till morning, but I had to go to sleep, because my dad would wake up at like, 4:00? Then go to work. So I just layed in my bed and thought about all those bad things I've done in 2007. Like...I've done something so bad that I almost go suspended from school. Aiii! Oh yeah...I made a new avatar! GAAARAA! (: Ahh, yeah. Thats pretty much what I'm gonna say. Happy New Year!
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Monday, December 31, 2007

   Happy New Year! Eve...
Tomorrow's the New Years! Or...is it today? If it's today, I have to call all my friends & everything else. Aii. S'like, I went to the mall today...and I'm so tired now. Lets see...first, I went to SHiyokiya to buy some Naruto cards, then PacSun to buy a jacket, then Hot Topic, and I went to eat at California Pizza Kitchen. After that, I went to Longs to buy a million fireworks (they were all 50% off!) & went to Jamba Juice. Hehe. Hmm, I'm still sick, but not really. I took some yucky medicine. 0.o BLAAHHH BLAAHH! I still need to eat some of it tonight. Oh yeah! I'm staying up to 12:30! So I might be able to draw some pictures! I wonder where I put all my paper...Hmm. I guess I'll just end it here. (:
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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ugh...I think I've got a cold. I guess I'll just stay in my house all day & draw some stuff. Achoo! Ugh...I'm sorry. :(
Man, this sucks. If I tell my parents that I'm sick, they're gonna yell at me. Yeah, they get mad when I'm sick. >.< Does that mean I cant tell my parents anything? Yeah, thats what it means. Parents dont understand us kids. :(

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

   Merry LATE Christmas!
Arrghh, wasnt really here yesterday to post something about Christmas...ohkae, so just pretend I said this yesterday: Merry Christmas!
So, did you guys get what you wanted? Anyone got coal? I didnt get ANYTHING from Santa...does that mean I'm so bad that I dont even deserve coal? :P
Ohkae...Im working on some fan art right now. One about Sasori, Itachi & Deidara, another called...ohkae, I dont know. Ill post it up when I'm done with the lineart & coloring though. Hmm...yupp! Now we'll all wait for New Year's.

Happy Holidays!

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