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Name: C.L. Imperial
Gender: Female
I hate many things and I don't see the good things in life. The world's just a dark place for someone like me. The pain I feel and have inflicted will always bear its mark and I will still be here waiting long after you have left me... I'll always be hating and waiting. I am an Avenger...
98% Of Teens Say "I Love You" .. But only 2% actually mean it, if you are part of that 2%, add this to your profile. I thought I loved someone so much once...but I was wrong.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Get Your Own Chat Box! Go Large!

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Maybe I'm not meant to have real friends...!? Well my friends aren't to happy with me. They think I've gone super EMO on them. Would it kill them to let me live. Still hate the world. Nothin knew. Hey Sissy-chan [which is kagomae san chan] what's up? I try to p.m. you but I can't read the word's on your site. Well,any way this guy was hassling me and being a total ass so I opened up my pop and poured it on his head. I'm probably gonna get detention. I'll post some poetry later. Ja Ne! [borrowed quote]
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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Konnichiwa everyone. F.Y.I. I'm still EMO. LOve to all of my friends. Well, me and you now who have broken up again or rather he was cheating on me and we broke up. My x boyfriend Brandon's Father was killed this week. Since then me and Brandon have gotten pretty close. My dad's in Texas right now so I got the guts to sneak on his computer. WEATHER:RAINY MOOD:A MIXTURE BETWEEN PISSED OFF AND NOT GIVING A DAMN and maybe a little sad. My friends said that when I don't have a boyfriend I'm meaner and unhappy. That's not true. [thinks for a second] Yeah it is oh well I don't care. I've decided I want to be Catholic. No clue why I just felt like doing so. Probably will make my life more miserable than it is already which is a fat chance. LOVE STINKS and for those who have it GREAT WHILE IT LASTS and for those who don't THANK GOD BE HAPPY YOU DON'T. Just kidding or am I!?!?
Sa Ne! or to everyone else LATER!

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

   I'm sick of trying to live up to everyone's expectations! Especially my friends and my ex love...

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   Here's an update....
Some of you know me some of you don't. My name is ..?.. but I go by C.L. I've just recently broken up with my boyfriend or rather he broke up with me. I hate my life and the world. I'm in definition an EMO. I'm sorry if you don't like it or whatever. I take my own opinion over almost everyone elses so forgive me if I don't give a damn about what you think. I'm also sarcastic so before I offend you forgive me. In the end we're all alone so I want to to be left to my misery in certain aspects. I know I'm probably a terrible person ^^ oh well. Have a nice Rainy Day.
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Friday, February 23, 2007

   Welcome to my life...
Auditioned for the talent show. Made it so far. Hate my life. I'm so sick of everyone and there bullshit. Matt won't talk to me. Can't talk to him. Damn the world, I'll just live in Darkness for the reat of my god dmned life. Thanks to Justin a guy I know from school I met this other guy. His name is also Matthew. I thinks he's well something interesting and unbeliveable. He's home schooled. I met him late one night. Why do I only met strange people!? No one knows they can't he's dangerous belive me I can tell. I had the dream again. AM I really going to die or kill all thoses people for...? I have to go. i'm over at my friend Kayala's house.
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Words cannot express my sorrow. I hate myself more and more each day. I want to end all of my pain. "I'm sorry" would it help to say. Don't worry I don't matter anyway. I'm so sick of always feeling like this. LIFE'S JUST NOT WORTH THIS! Life is just a hell on earth and me living just doesn't work. I wish I could take back everything and make things okay again but a can't it was a dance. I'm not sure of myself anymore. I think about what if it was you. I never had the right to. I'm sorry I LOVE YOU and this is ripping out my heart. Tearing us slowly apart.
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