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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

   It's deployment time in the 09!
Greetings travelers! It's the Captain coming in for an over-due hello and to say hello to you after what has been a huge big month and more gap. What's new with you guys, I know I have a lot to tell you guys about. So let me put my playlist on and we will go on an adventure.

So we blew our INSURV away, had another inspection called ULTRA-S and passed that with flying colors and then went into a slowdown period called POM where people who want to take leave can go home and spend time with friends and loved ones while others stay and keep the boat safe until turnover day where those who stayed get a chance to go home while the others coming back gaurd the boat. I stayed behind both times so I can get a better chance of going home for more time when we get back from deployment in December. I would love to spend Christmas, New Years and my birthday at home so we will see.

I started dating an old ex girlfriend about 3 weeks ago. We have been through a lot of junk since we broke up a little over 2 and a half years ago. I tried to get back with her for a long time. But it never happened for one reason or another like her seeing another guy while I was waiting for her or me not seeing her as a stable person to get with for financial reasons. But the person that split us up in the first place was what we determined was keeping us appart so we told her to get along with her life so we could get along with ours. Then we started dating again. I am honestly not sure where this relationship is heading, and I feel kind of foolish for being in it. My girlfriend has been through a lot of stuff that I can't mention right now on a public thing but if you care to know, a PM would be appropreate to dicuss this. But the way we see it is that I have a Monte Cristo complex that if someone betrays my kindness or generosity that I get my revenge in a very devious way and that she has trouble making the right decisions. So if she can keep me from backlashing and I can guide her on the right path, this relationship might work again. I would be glad to get where we were years ago again. But I told her if Taylor Swift ever asked me out, that I would dump her because she is my dream woman for having my same taste in lame boybands, believing in prince and princesses, and the fact she loves sarcastic and synical men, nice!

Well aside from the sad but uplifting relationship stuff, we're just out cruising on the boat so now I have a lot more time to get on MyO then I had in home port. It was like we were still on deployment but we stoped in Pearl Harbor to visit, pretty sad if you think about it.

Well let me know how it goes and I will be visiting you guys in the furture, take care now!

Current Song: Angels On The Moon by Thriving Irony

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