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Friday, November 20, 2009

I did it!!!!!
YAYS I DEFEATED THE WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!!!!! wouldnt you know it, the pics i was trying to put on werent working with the site. Grrr... anywho, thank God its friday!!!! This has been a funky week for me lol (i stayed up to try to watch the leonid meteor shower and see the sunrise but I wasnt able to get the sleep i needed- it happened on moniday night - tuesday morning, but i wasnt able to get the sleep i needed til today.plus scheduling and other things of that nature ended up keeping me up til 2 and id of course be up at 7 am for classes every day (T.T) but now im feeling better lolz....im excited for next week lol i get to go home for a week without having to be in a class lol im going to just go nuts on the freedom. Has anyone seen the movie Quarantine? i watched it for the second tim elast night with a group of my friends who like to make fun of horror-ish movies so they were picking on the movie the whole time ( I saw paranormal activity with the same people and I was laughing the whole way through it lol)

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanks for the help, alphonse ^^.... now i think i did the backround thing right but its not showing anything but the white screen of death >< .And to shadome there are characters of hetalia that are female but the story is revoling around countries that had males as the dominant (so obviously the characters had to be too ). So i scheduled for my next semester last night and it was terrible. we slowed it down so badly because my entire grade was trying to get on it at once to the point where i had a white screen that was attempting to load it up was up for like 10 min lol i got most the classes i wanted though so im good there. and a yays cus i gt out for thanksgiving next tuesday.Whatre you guys going to do on turkey-slaughter Day? lol

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blah... Zenkaicon
YAYS I'm loved! xD sorry a lot happened for a while there (plus this site was being weird with everything and changing stuff). And as for where the name came from a poster in the leader of our groups dorm. they have an Einstein poster that says something about going cuckoo. Jokingly, they said cuckoocosplay but it eventuall ended up sticking lol. On this past saturday and sunday I went to Zenkaicon with three other members of cuckoo and we cosplayed characters from Axis Powers Hetalia. For those of you who may not know what that anime series is about: It's what happens when you make countries into people. All the characters are countries and it all is around WW2. Here's the first episode if youd like to see it:

My friends and I went as Austris, Japan, Canada, and I was Russia. The funniest thing about the con to me was that even though Russia is really creepy as a character, everybody was like "OMFG RUSSIA!!!" lol Saturday we couldnt get in because there was a limit of people that could be in the hotel so we were in the line waiting to get in to register, when out of the blue Johnny Yong Bosch comes out and starts talking to us and signing autographs and stuff. It was amazing. Heres two pics from the con:

PhotobucketThis is me and a Belarus that was waiting with us in line (the reason I was "scared" was because in the series Belarus is Russia's younger sister and is wanting to marry him to the point where hes afraid of her)

PhotobucketFrom left to right: Austria, Japan, Johhny Yong Bosch (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Yong_Bosch), and Me

Well, I think I bombarded you with enough information lol
P.S. This is going to sound stupid(although you should be used to it by now lol) aree we still able to change our icons? and if we can,could someone help me out with it? xD Its kinda been a while and the hamster fell off its wheel a while ago lolz

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Friday, November 6, 2009

...? Hello Anyone there?
....poke poke...hey anyone still there hey its me! I'm alive and well ( I think) so yea im in college now and a group of my friends and I made a cosplay group were CuckooCosplayPro! yays! lol
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hello everyone sorry I havent been on in a while- way too much negative issues going on at the moment. My sis lost custody of both of my nieces, so I had t o move up to the attic so we can make a room for my nieces in case were allowed to have them. I'm in my senior year of school now it just started on tuesday and all I can say is: only 178 days left. I swear its gotten a lot worse at the school and I have a new guidance counselor that has no clue what shes doing I sat there for like 15 minutes or so fighting over something then she went and switched around like I was saying something else. and then had to do other stuff....ughhh... I feel bad too cause I keep on forgetting to get on here and talk to those whom actually give me the light of day on here XD... I'll be gettin to your sites now

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