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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hello everyone sorry I havent been on in a while- way too much negative issues going on at the moment. My sis lost custody of both of my nieces, so I had t o move up to the attic so we can make a room for my nieces in case were allowed to have them. I'm in my senior year of school now it just started on tuesday and all I can say is: only 178 days left. I swear its gotten a lot worse at the school and I have a new guidance counselor that has no clue what shes doing I sat there for like 15 minutes or so fighting over something then she went and switched around like I was saying something else. and then had to do other stuff....ughhh... I feel bad too cause I keep on forgetting to get on here and talk to those whom actually give me the light of day on here XD... I'll be gettin to your sites now

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