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Friday, November 20, 2009

I did it!!!!!
YAYS I DEFEATED THE WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!!!!! wouldnt you know it, the pics i was trying to put on werent working with the site. Grrr... anywho, thank God its friday!!!! This has been a funky week for me lol (i stayed up to try to watch the leonid meteor shower and see the sunrise but I wasnt able to get the sleep i needed- it happened on moniday night - tuesday morning, but i wasnt able to get the sleep i needed til today.plus scheduling and other things of that nature ended up keeping me up til 2 and id of course be up at 7 am for classes every day (T.T) but now im feeling better lolz....im excited for next week lol i get to go home for a week without having to be in a class lol im going to just go nuts on the freedom. Has anyone seen the movie Quarantine? i watched it for the second tim elast night with a group of my friends who like to make fun of horror-ish movies so they were picking on the movie the whole time ( I saw paranormal activity with the same people and I was laughing the whole way through it lol)

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