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Friday, July 18, 2008


  • Name - Crimson Zombie <3
  • Gender - Female
  • Birthday - 5/31/89
  • Achievements - Being a good friend, and becoming an artist :D
  • Goals - To go to Japan! lol...for a beautiful kimono
  • Photobucket Welcome to Miss Crimson's Otaku Site. I'm just a clutzy college artist girl who trys to do her best! I'm currently in graphic design and I'm learning more more things about photoshopping all the time. Also, I do take requests BUT their are rules for them. You can find em' in my posts. I just started doing OC's too, HIZZAH!
  • 1. PLEASE give me comments and guest book signings! (I really enjoy them :D)
  • 2. Only one request per person....I get myself into art debt easily
  • 3. Check out my friends' sites! Believe me...you'll want to
  • 4. Check out my portfolio also
  • 5. If you add me as a friend, tell me, I'll add you too!
  • D.Gray-Man Opening3 - access

  • Oh tay here be a list of my top 10 anime/vg guys and girls

    (1) FF7 Cloud Strife (this really shouldn't be a surprise for those who know me)

    (2) Trigun Vash ( my fav anime and what can I say, that donut eatin' guy cracks me up!)

    (3) SH Yuri Hyuga (shadow hearts is a great game and yuri's story is so sad T_T he'll always be one of my favs

    (4) YYH Hiei (ha! power to the short angry demon midgets of the world! I always will <3 that little fatty)

    (5) FF7 Sephiroth (*starts one winged angel theme song* :P

    (6) RE4 Leon Kennedy (oh teh Leon...one of my fav games of all time and where my username is derived from)

    (7) RK Kenshin Himura ( Kenshin :D he's lengendary and a samurai...nuff said)

    (8) CL Victor Delacroix (Chaos Legion was a game most have never heard of but the characters and overall gothic design were amazing...T_T)

    (9) FFX Tidus (My other fav FF game ever and I dunno...just luvers Tidus and his big chiclet teeth LOL)

    (10) HMC Howl (Such a magical movie! Gah the genuis of Miyazaki. I just luv the fact that it's Christian Bales voice paired with the ownership of a moving castle :D)

    Now the ladies

    (1) FF7 Tifa Lockheart (why a not pair the number one with the other number one)

    (2) RK Kaoru (haha beats up po' kenny, Kaoru is ladylike but still can kick butt!)

    (3) FMA Winry (haha shes just so kewl! and she beats old edo with wrenches :D)

    (4) Inuyasha Sango (hah shes just a kewl lady with a giant weapon)

    (5) DMC Trish (LOL shes just so sassy! its hilarious)

    (6) HMC sophie (aww shes just so sweet and innocent)

    (7) PGE nakahara sanako (0_o this chick is uber crazy but so FRIGGIN FUNNY)

    (8) FFX Riku (riku is just one of those goofy girls who make ya laugh, shes so silly)

    (9) SH4 Eileen (she wasnt even whiny for being lost in silent hill, beat up, and in a dress 0_O u go girl)

    (10) DGM Lenalee ( Lenalee is one of the few girl exorcists in d gray man and shes just so awesome!)


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