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I adopted a Naruto chibi! ^.^

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

shake n' bake baby
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hi guys!! hope y'all been doing okay, this will be a quick post so i can let y'all know i'm still alive! lol

um...what happened this week? nothing much, but i'm afraid i might have to move so that's a real bummer.

reccomendations for the week.

shojo: the land of the blindfolded. rating: everyone. it's a great series for someone who's tired of reading dark deppressing stories and it's a nice easy read.

shonen: tsubasa rating: 15+ that's my honest opinion. at the beginning it's pretty okay (like 13+) but it gets pretty dark. but it's a great story for both boys and girls and has lots of plot twists. all the characters are colorful and it's done in the usual CLAMP swing! ^^


1) have any of y'all read either series? if so, what do u think about them? and if not, do u think u want to read it?

well, that's about all, i'll do a longer post later!!

twink out!

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Monday, January 28, 2008

back in black
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hi everyone!! OMG! it's been like friggen forever since i've posted!! gomen nasai!!! but i was studying for my midterms!! (which paid off wonderfully!!) but i should be on every week now!! (like i stated before, myo got blocked!! TT^TT)

like the new theme? i'm actually a big tsubasa fan. fai and kuropoo (hehehe...) are my favs, but i actually like fai the best!! (*le gasp*) i'm sure most of u are going "OMG! is that possible? she likes the pretty boy?!" yes, i have to say so, he's really cool, and really funny!! ^^ i have to like him! (plus he's HOOOOOOT!) but yah...

o! here's what i made on my exams!!

algebra 2: 100
world history: 94
accounting: 100
ROTC: 100
english 2: 94
chemistry: 94
spanish 1: 96

aren't u guys proud of me? ^^ so i finished off the semester w/a 4.0! ^^ my parents were really happy! (so that's always good!)

um...what else has happend? o yah! i never posted what i got for christmas! ^^ i gots a set of copics! (FINALLY!!!!) and a sketch book. plus, our family got a new tv (we'd been using a tv that was older than i am for the past...ever!) and we got a new computer moniter! and i gots 1-5 death note (which is awesome!! ^^) and the zelda game. so i was pretty happy. ^^ (o, and my sister got me a studio ghibli calender from japan! ^^)

but i'm still pretty excited cause my birthday is coming up!! (even tho it's valentine's day...*glooms*) and my parents and i already ordered me a new tablet!! *dances* the one i have has been on the fritz for the past few months. and it's been driving me crazy!! so i'm getting a new one (but that's my entire birthday!) so yah...expect to see new piccies in a few weeks!! ^^

eh, what else...o, i'm still with my bf if anyone was wondering. he gave me a really pretty necklace for christmas! so i was happy! ^^

o yah! i'm gonna start doing a manga reccomendation weekly, a shonen and a shojo one. starting this week!! lol

shojo: The Bride of the Water God. awesome manga. it's Korean tho, so it reads left to right! (figured that out the hard way!) 9/10

shonen: Psyren. really cool. a little freaky, but cool. 8/10

o!! and i posted a new piccy. hope y'all like!!


1) did i miss any artwork? if so, please tell me!!

2) have a good christmas/new years?

3) anyone's birthday coming up?

well, twink out!

btw, if anyone has a link for themselves, could u tell me? (or send it to me? cause i wanna do a whole little thing of my friends links! ^^)

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

we reep what we sow
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hi everyone!! got some good news and i got some bad news.

bad news is that the school blocked theotaku on our laptops. (because a whole bunch of idiots kept giving the website out and were like getting caught w/it! bakas!!) so yah, that means i really can't visist as much. TT^TT it makes me so sad.

good news is that i had lots o fun on saturday (my bf came over!! ^^) and it was so fun, we just like hung out and played video games as he teased me for like half of the time (i think i'm the only person in the world that can trip over a battery =_=). and yes, ima gonna upload a picture of us soon, the pics just have to get developed. ^^

lol today was so funny, my bf is so random, cause he comes up to me in fourth period like "i want u to draw a ninja santa!" and i'm like "why...?" and he said it was because this kid in his spanish class was talking smack about his drawing skills and my bf was like "well, i bet my gf could draw better than u!" and it kinda turned into a contest of "ninja santas" lol it was so funny, i had to draw it! (i'll upload it when im done!)

oo! and i uploaded a death note piccy if anyone wants to check it out, ima gonna do a round on everyone's portfolio tonite to see if i've missed anything.

and that's it! ^^ cya later (hope u have great days!)

twink out!

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Monday, November 26, 2007

beauty is in the eye of the beholder...but what happens when u have no eyes?
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yay! finally a half witty title!! *dances* omg, i haven't posted in ages! (or really been on...) gomen nasai!! *bows* but life has been going so so since i last posted.

i say so so cause things are going bad w/my friend, i shall call him bob, and like, he's one of my best friends in the whole wide world, and he could be moving away, and that makes me so sad on the inside. i hate it when ppl move, i want to be w/ppl forever, and never let anything change. i'm just that kinda person. but i can understand if he does move, it's just really complicated.

but on a slightly happier note, i'm still w/my bf!! ^^ *dances again* he's so awesome!! i'll have to post a pic of him and me sometime or another...(then u'll get to see me looking normal and not like neji!! lol but it's so weird...i think if u cosplay as a character u feel a connection to them, cause i'm much more sympathetic to neji now than i was before...so bizzare!) actually now i kinda look like sakura from shippuden. my hair at least. it flips out like hers (damn u flippy hair!!) and i found if i wear my headband like hears, i look just like her!! (only tan, w/black hair...) lol so i'd be a cooler version!! (it's not conceited if it's true btw!! lol anyone can be cooler than sakura, it's not that hard!)

o, btw, i posted a new pic (or, two rather. one i posted a while back but got two votes and one comment...TT^TT) but this one especially took forever!! six hours! the longest time ever taken for me to do one picture! i kid u not ppl. but it turned out okay, but if y'all see a line towards the guy, that was not my fault. that came in after, and it couldn't be fixed. (sadly) TT_TT

o, but today actually sucked, now that i think about it. or rather, the end of it. cause i was the second in command for the unarmed drill team, but like, we were going to go to a competition, but four of the girls on our team failed their normal classes, making them ineligible for competing and w/out them, we dn't have enough, and we've been rocking back and forth on unarmed, so Sgt. Creacy just canceled unarmed. which totally sucks. cause i just wasted a whole semester on it, quit the team i originally was on for them, and this is how they repay me?! the armed team is waaay better than they are, i'd probably have a better chance of doing better, but no one wants to remember that! (course not!) so it was a real let down today, but i'm probably going back to armed (despite the fact that my bf's on the PT team...but i'm already on one of his teams (orienteering, it's where they stick u in teh middle of nowhere and u have to find ur way out basically)...he'll live w/it. ^^)

and that's about it in my happy life. thanksgiving went good, no one died (so that's a plus! lol) i was so certain that my bro in law was going to get murdered where he stood, but my parents contained their cool, (my bro in law has said some nasty things to them, and there was so fire going between them for the past six months). so it all worked out. which is good...but they made me play *shudders* guitar hero!! *gasps* sorry to all u fans, but i can't stand guitar hero, in my mind, if i'm going to spend that much time playing guitar hero, i might as well go learn to play the real guitar (and if any of u tell me real guitars are for real ppl like from south park i will scream, cause that's all she ever says to me for that!! (tho i have to admit that's a funny south park episode!! lol)) my bf was laughing at me when i told him that (he's a big gamer, but not into guitar hero either).

and that's about it!

1) did u have a good thanksgiving?

2) did i miss any artwork?

have a great day everyone!
twink out!

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Monday, November 12, 2007

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hi everyone!! dude, i don't think i could be happier (well, unless somehow or another one of my comics got published, but anyways!!) like, i know i've been talking about this alot, but remember that boy? well, guess what! he decided that he does like me!! ^^ omg! it's so awesome!! (a year and a half of waiting has paid off!! TTvTT) so yah, i'm really happy.

um, if anyone could go check out my new zelda pic, be much appreciated, cause like, i worked forever on it. ^^ some feedback would be nice. (thanks to everyone that has already commented on it. ^^)

and that's all for today!! other than that big yaoi controversy. like, one my friends did a comic making fun (it was cute tho!) of the sasunaru pairing and ppl got all mad at her, and i don't think that was fair, because she wasn't screaming that gays are evil, and allota ppl starting like ranting on her. i didn't think that was nice. cause now ppl don't rant on yaoi, so ppl that like yaoi shouldn't rant on those that don't like it. personally, i don't like it, but i don't see anything wrong w/anyone else liking it. u'know? and she friggen apologized to everyone, multiple times!! so i didn't see why everyone was so upset. v_v

well, i gotta go!! bell's gonna ring!
twink out!

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