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Sunday, March 9, 2008

   So I Just Finished Ergo Proxy...
And though it was somewhat slow at times, I really did like it. There were moments when I scratched my head and said, "WTF??" but those were few and in the end it turned out to be pretty great.

I still love Pino the best, and she is what kept me watching through the few boring moments.

So if anyone else has seen it, tell me what you think. Jangalian, when you are done watching it, we have some things to discuss! Well tata for now!

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I finally saw 300...
And it was so sad... I agree with the people who say that it is a great movie, but from those I heard that from I disagree with why they think that. Many people told me how great it was because of all of the action and things like that and personally I liked it because of how sad it was... The story of the brave men who risked it all to save the city-state they truly had a passion to uphold is a great one indeed. The musical score was one of the best that I have heard in years and the only thing that I really didn't like was the badly computer generated black wolf with the "glowing red [sic] eyes"... First off its animation was horrible and secondly its eyes were yellow not red... Otherwise it was a great film that everyone should see. And if you are worried about gore, the blood is very well done in the fact that it does not appear to be red because of the filming technique used.

So there you go, my thoughts on one of the best movies to be released last year. While it wasn't the best (because I liked Transformers better) it was still damn good!

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Friday, March 7, 2008

   Oh noes...
So everyone seems to be moving on... Save for very few of us (and to those of you who remain, I love you)... It's somewhat sad that the new site is splitting relationships left and right...

Thinking back I actually thought that the change may be good, but now I realize that it is not the case... I find myself visiting theO much less than I used too... But not to worry as I visit myO more than ever. We here have to stick together to keep the sites that we have created over time up and running! Who cares if Adam himself has officially abandoned his myO, just so long as he leaves it up and running for those of us that are left.

As for my opinion of VV... Well currently I am hating it... It seems that I cannot post comments no matter how hard I try, for some reason it did let me post my concern to the bug reporting site, but for all other places, my comments simply will not post... Also, as I have said before, the new fanart system is awful... There has been the same crappy pic in one of the top positions for a couple days now... No offense to the artist, but what the hell? I mean beautiful works of art are being pushed to the side so that some crap that someone produced with cheap markers and a side-to-side motion can take top honors... Ugh... As the saying goes, one step forward, two steps back...

Oh yeah, Jangalian, I forgot to tell you something that I heard before... Regarding the vid on your site, it is appropriate to mention that "People hate most what they see in themselves..." an ex-friend of mine said that once and I have realized it to be almost an honest truth...

Well tis all for this post... Maybe the next will be happier. To all of you that still visit, thanks a bunch, it because of you guys that I am so dedicated to begin with!

I hate the new Worlds... They lack the customizability of the myO sites... Also, they look like bad Blogspot ripoffs.
Secondly, *points left* I have organized my friends list, if you're on it, yay, if not it is either because:
1) I don't know you, or
2) We haven't been in contact for a while...
Tis all...!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

   Impressions of a New Era and a Favorite from One Past...
So I awoke this morning to an all new, refreshed and refurbished theO...

At first I was like... Cool, it looks so great!! Love the style!! Can't wait to add to it!!

Then I started looking closer... Like at the fanart... While I like the change to restrict the number of fanart that can be posted in one day (though I wish it were more like three than one), I don't understand why going to the fanart section automatically takes you to the "Most Active" works... While the limit on art was a step to ensure that fanart would be taken more seriously and given more view time, the switch to see "Most Active" first is at least a few steps back... Much to my dismay all of the other sections were switched to this method as well...

But so far that is my only complaint... But I haven't been playing around much yet...

On another note, I think that it is time that I state that Ranma 1/2 is probably my second favorite import of all time (Second only to Sailor Moon of course!)... Today I hauled out all (Actually only the first seven volumes...) of my Ranma 1/2 manga to re-read again! I absolutely the love the series and I have already made it halfway through the first book (in about 25 minutes)! This series is one that is both funny and light-hearted and thus it can be read, and read again with much of the same enjoyment of the first reading!

Thus I am recommending it to everyone! I have only seen about twenty episodes of the anime and they are great too!

Well I guess that is all for this post... Maybe next time I will post more things about my favorite all time imports!! Until next time, tata!!

Oh yeah, please comment with some of your favorite imports that you like and will continue to like for a long time to come!!

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hi Everyone!!
Well how is everyone!! Just thought that I would post since it's been about a week or so since my last one. I'm really excited about the relaunch! w00t w00t!! Well I hope everyone is as excited about it as I am!! Well tata for now!
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

   Hey everyone and a massive apology/update!
Hello... Sorry I have been away for so long...

Between school and obsessively playing video games I have been neglecting my site and also visiting all of yours.

I have become obsessed with Pokemon once again and I have been furiously playing it for about the past month now... For all of you that care, last night I managed to catch Dialga, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Darkrai (In time for the movie, woohoo!!) and Cresselia. I have also been trading like mad to gain doubles of the legendary trio, Palkia, Mew and very soon Jirachi.

Sorry bout the Pokemon rave up there... I loved the game when I was a kid and I still love it like mad!

Also I have read the first volume of D.Gray-Man. Having already seen up to about episode nine of the anime, I can definitely say that they follow pretty closely. I absolutely love this series and I definitely recommend it. My favorite characters are Allen, Lenali and Timcampy!! They are all so adorable!!

I still have yet to finish Ergo Proxy, but I only have three episodes left. Pino is definitely one of the most interesting characters in the series and she is definitely my favorite.

Well sorry about the randomness... Please forgive... I just thought I would get you up to speed on why I have been away for so long... Well I hope that everyone is doing well! Tata for now!!

Though I doubt any of you who read this play Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, I thought I would give out my Friend Code just in case! My name in the game is Alice (Named after Alice Liddel, I named my rival/friend Chester somewhat as a pun.) and my friend code is:
0602 5628 9828
If you add me please inform me of your info so that I can do the same with you!! Thanks, and tata!

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

   Random Fun Stuffs!!!
$5000.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.






Well these were exciting! Thanks ima loser baby for the link!!! Tata for now!

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

   A New Art...!
Tis flammable but otherwise I don't care...! Boo yow!

So yeah, Sora apparently likes girl underwear, and you can see for yourself here:

Sora Likes Girls' Underwear!

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Thanks for stopping by... Depending on how my creative juices flow I might post more art later... Tata for now!

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Friday, January 18, 2008

   New Art.... Hi Everyone!!
Sorry I have been gone... I have just been getting used to college again... Gotta get my priorities straight once again!

As for the new art... I have produced a crappy Sora, found here:

Crazy Sora!

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

And a chibi Sweeny!

Beware Of Sweeny

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Please check them out if you wish!! Tata for now!

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

   Happy New Year and Sorry for the Absence...
Well Happy New Year everyone, I hope that your New Year is going well.

So guess what!? I have just finished (well actually just finished yesterday) watching Samurai Champloo! It's soooo great!! I absolutely love Fuu... And Jin... And even Mugen!!! I absolutely love this series!! Episodes six, eleven and fifteen are very fun and I liked them a lot! I love how Fuu loves to eat, and it's funny how she expands as she eats to become a "fat girl" in episode fifteen.

A new art is up, please check it out if you wish!

Roxas Is Kawaii!

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Oh yeah, I have started Ergo Proxy and I have watched till episode three, and with every episode my interest and wonder increases! Well I guess that is all for now, tata!

Oops, I almost forgot... I didn't ever link this to my site when I posted it, but here is a Zexion Mer-person Bookmark to check out if you would like as well!

Zexion Bookmark!

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

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