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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

   Impressions of a New Era and a Favorite from One Past...
So I awoke this morning to an all new, refreshed and refurbished theO...

At first I was like... Cool, it looks so great!! Love the style!! Can't wait to add to it!!

Then I started looking closer... Like at the fanart... While I like the change to restrict the number of fanart that can be posted in one day (though I wish it were more like three than one), I don't understand why going to the fanart section automatically takes you to the "Most Active" works... While the limit on art was a step to ensure that fanart would be taken more seriously and given more view time, the switch to see "Most Active" first is at least a few steps back... Much to my dismay all of the other sections were switched to this method as well...

But so far that is my only complaint... But I haven't been playing around much yet...

On another note, I think that it is time that I state that Ranma 1/2 is probably my second favorite import of all time (Second only to Sailor Moon of course!)... Today I hauled out all (Actually only the first seven volumes...) of my Ranma 1/2 manga to re-read again! I absolutely the love the series and I have already made it halfway through the first book (in about 25 minutes)! This series is one that is both funny and light-hearted and thus it can be read, and read again with much of the same enjoyment of the first reading!

Thus I am recommending it to everyone! I have only seen about twenty episodes of the anime and they are great too!

Well I guess that is all for this post... Maybe next time I will post more things about my favorite all time imports!! Until next time, tata!!

Oh yeah, please comment with some of your favorite imports that you like and will continue to like for a long time to come!!

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