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Sunday, December 23, 2007

   Let's see...
I have updated with a Bleach fanart! My first one in fact!! Please check it out if you wish!

Ichigo Kurosaki: An Experiment

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I made a wallpaper of it as well just in case anyone wanted it!

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I want to wish a Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Oh yeah, for an early Christmas gift, my parents let me get Pokemon Snap for the Virtual Console on the Wii! It game is soooo much fun!! I never owned an N64, but I had a friend who did... Anytime he would come to my house he would bring Pokemon Snap and his N64 and we would play that game for hours on end. It is still such a fun game!! I have been obsessively playing if for the past day or so... Well I guess that is all for now, I will probably update later tomorrow (well actually today) because I scanned in a bunch of art that I want to color and such. I'll give you a couple of hints as to who they may be of... Female leads of Famous Fables including one who I call "Lil' Red"... Tata for now!

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Friday, December 21, 2007

   As Promised My Naruto Pic is Up!
Well that pretty much sums it up!! Please check it out!!

A Naruto Christmas!

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Well that's all for now, I may update more later! Tata!

Oops, I forgot! Send your loved ones an Christmas e-card!

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And check out my friend's, token black guy, website for five Naruto Christmas Fanfics of fun which he will be posting soon!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

   A New Banner!
Hi everyone! I made myself a new banner (for you to all use for linking), I realize now that it is pretty big... I guess that is because I am beginning to experiment using GIFs, ya know? As long as you are on a decent connection speed, you should be able to see it! Since this is only my second GIF experiment I am pretty happy with the results! Please give your opinions, and if you want, use it on your site to link me! Well tis all, goodnight!
Check for updates tomorrow... I plan on at least updating with one piece of art!! It's the Naruto/Christmas one I mentioned a while back! And if I have time I may upload another plushie!

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

   Mr. Can D. Corn on the scene!
I have added another plushie! It's a rather large piece of candy corn! Please check him out if you wish!

Welcome Mr. Can D. Corn

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Oh yeah, for those that wanted to see a picture of my new haircut and have yet to do so, scroll down for a pic of yours truly! Well tata! Byes!

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   Don't Toast Me Please!
I have updated with another plushie! This time it is my slice of bread, appropriately named Slice. Please check him out if you wish!

Dude, Don't Toast Me!

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Oh yeah, yesterday I made a fortune cookie! It came out better than I thought!! Friday night I made a duck for my nephew, he's six and I hope that he will love it!

Well that's all for now, tata!

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Friday, December 14, 2007

   Yay! Giri's Being Featured!!
Well that pretty much sums that up!

I forgot to mention something in my post below... Yesterday I made a carrot plushie cell phone charm and then last night I made a loaf of French bread! The French bread is cute!! I really like him!! Well tis all, and check out Giri if you haven't already!

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   A Tale and a Pic...
I have updated my art with a two plushie picture! Please check it out if you wish!

A Tale of Two Apples

And I finally have a pic of me and my new haircut!

So what do you think? Please do tell! I may update later, please check back!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

   I would like to introduce you to Giri!
Here is Giri whom I made to accompany Tofuti. Giri is an onigiri (aka a rice ball). Please take a look if you wish!

Surprise It's Rice!

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Thanks for looking! Tata!

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   Obsession... With two things...
So... My plushie obsession is growing at a rapid pace and that makes me HAPPY!! :3

Since last post I have made:
a piece of bread
a piece of candy corn
two apples, named Rojito and Verde (they are boyfriends)
a pear
a tear drop
a carrot
a christmas tree
an egg custard....but he's not exactly right....
a thingy...I don't really know what he is...I was experimenting with some new fabric I bought and he was just...made for some reason...he's like an alien, but he's from Earth ya know?
another block of tofu (for Teapot Domescam)
the onigiri that I mentioned below

I think that is it... But I probably forgot something... Also I have become obsessed with Imogen Heap, she's awesome!! Check the vid!

Tata!! Expect some fan art updates tomorrow or something... I don't plan to post all of my plushies under my fan art, but I do plan to post most of them! Tata again!!

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oh My Goodness!!
My Tofuti is currently being featured!! I'm so proud!! I love to squish him!!
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