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Friday, March 7, 2008

   Oh noes...
So everyone seems to be moving on... Save for very few of us (and to those of you who remain, I love you)... It's somewhat sad that the new site is splitting relationships left and right...

Thinking back I actually thought that the change may be good, but now I realize that it is not the case... I find myself visiting theO much less than I used too... But not to worry as I visit myO more than ever. We here have to stick together to keep the sites that we have created over time up and running! Who cares if Adam himself has officially abandoned his myO, just so long as he leaves it up and running for those of us that are left.

As for my opinion of VV... Well currently I am hating it... It seems that I cannot post comments no matter how hard I try, for some reason it did let me post my concern to the bug reporting site, but for all other places, my comments simply will not post... Also, as I have said before, the new fanart system is awful... There has been the same crappy pic in one of the top positions for a couple days now... No offense to the artist, but what the hell? I mean beautiful works of art are being pushed to the side so that some crap that someone produced with cheap markers and a side-to-side motion can take top honors... Ugh... As the saying goes, one step forward, two steps back...

Oh yeah, Jangalian, I forgot to tell you something that I heard before... Regarding the vid on your site, it is appropriate to mention that "People hate most what they see in themselves..." an ex-friend of mine said that once and I have realized it to be almost an honest truth...

Well tis all for this post... Maybe the next will be happier. To all of you that still visit, thanks a bunch, it because of you guys that I am so dedicated to begin with!

I hate the new Worlds... They lack the customizability of the myO sites... Also, they look like bad Blogspot ripoffs.
Secondly, *points left* I have organized my friends list, if you're on it, yay, if not it is either because:
1) I don't know you, or
2) We haven't been in contact for a while...
Tis all...!

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