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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ramblings of a Tired Dragon


Many Apolgies for not being around last week, I had one storm after another keep me offline often enough to miss last week for posting, and for getting around to sites as well. I'll try to get to sites this week sometime, hopefully the weather will hold out on Monday or Tuesday for me.

A lot to cover this week, including a concept article for this post, and I'll have a treat or two in store for the next few weeks as well. Right now, I'm in the stages of planning a trip to Tsubasacon which is in October, so it's a good way away right now, but it's worth mentioning since I will be attempting to provide in-depth coverage of the convention for my readers here on MyOtaku. I haven't heard anything about anyone else from TheO/MyO going, but I will plan a meet-up for anyone who is going and is interested in saying "Hi" to one of few resident WV anime fans. I'll have more info as it becomes available.

Since a lot of you don't get out to the main page, there are a couple contests going on that I should mention. First is an interesting Fan Art contest that I've decided I'll give a go at myself since the deadline will force me to produce something and hopefully get me out of my slump with my other pieces. Second is a fan manga contest. Please read the articles for full details of the contests, good luck to those of you who decide to enter. Both end on October 31.

Also, tattoo touch-up picture is still not available, I'll have to have it taken soon for you all to see it.

The heat has been unbearable here, so once again the artwork is delayed. I'm going to have to learn to think in the heat if I expect to get anything done at all this year. No new news on the novel project either, I still haven't sent that out yet, but it should go out in the next week or two.

Feature Article:

Anime Film Event Snubs West Virginia Fans

National CineMedia's NCM Fathom division, a company that distributes digital content such as movies, concerts, and other performances to movie theaters nationwide, continues to ignore West Virginia anime fans with their latest offering in September, the "Anime Bento Festival", four nights, and four films each being shown for one night only.

NCM Fathom boasts "more than 14,000 screens in 1,000+ digital theatres in 46 states, chances are, a must-see, once-in-a-lifetime Fathom event is happening nearby." but this isn't the first time NCM Fathom has let down anime fans in West Virginia. When the Naruto movie was distributed earlier this year, they did not have any theaters in West Virginia screening that film either.

So, why is West Virginia consistently being ignored when it comes to anime content? I don't really know. We have a convention here, Tsubasacon, we have theaters capable of delivering the content, so the question becomes why hasn't the industry noticed yet? Why does the entertainment industry continue to thumb it's nose at West Virginia's anime fans? Some reasearch into those questions turned up a surprising clue. National CineMedia is joint owned by ACM Theatres and none other than Regal Entertainment Group. Things get worse for Regal, their local theater comes up in a theater locator search on the National CineMedia site. That tells me the theater is equipped to accept the content, they choose not to show it.

All this boils down to is one thing. West Virginia anime fans continue to be stlighted, insulted, and discriminated against by an arrogant, ignorant entertainment industry.

At the time of this writing, neither FUNimation Films, Manga Entertainment, Regal Entertainment Group nor NCM Fathom responded to my e-mails.


When I post numbers like that, it means there's no way in all the [Censored] that I'm taking that route. I'm still in the process of getting everything together to get out to a publisher that takes unsolicited work, I'll be able to provide more info when the time comes that I get it to them and I hear back. I just don't have the money to vanity publish right now, so I'll try to do it the right way as much as possible.

Sorry, just haven't gotten around to shooting it yet, that'll be soon I hope. So far, it seems to be warding off my fears though,which is a big help to me.

I know that. It got up to 110°F in the shade one summer back in the 80's where I lived in TX, it gets hot there.

The weather has been brutal on me lately. Keeping me offline, and sapping my concentration so I can't think to do stuff. It's hard to tell when I'll have a lot of time, but hopefully, I'll be able to make some soon.

I'm having trouble wrapping my head around that one. Proponents of global warming would havea field day with it. Yeah, the back-up is the expensive route to take, but if I have to go that way I will, somehow.

It happens to all of us sometimes, don't worry about it. It's not easy to find a publisher these days when you're a simple author who doesn't have a name in the industry. Really, it comes down to getting a foot in the door, one that's done, things will be easier. Life is a challenge that way, but then again if its worth having, it's worth working for right?

Yeah, the tattoo is done, but I still don't have the picture of it yet. I'll get one of it soon. Actually, I was expecting the ink to peel again, and it did that, so with it peeled, the color is more accurate. If you look at my first colored picture, you can see the darkest spots are actually loose skin gettng ready to peel off, it makes the tattoo look darker than it really is.

Hopefully things are doing better for you, I haven't been around to check your site lately to really know what's up.

If I'm diligent, I'm sure it will pan out.

Yeah, I'm trying to post on weekends now, it's easier for me to do that since I know I'll be home all day to get it done.

In simple terms "vanity press" is what it sounds like, it caters to people's vanity just for them to see their name on a "real" print book. It's not a method of publication that's generally accepted in the industry for various reasons. Most vanity presses will not distribute the book for you, that means they're not on bookstore shelves, they're not listed in Bowker's Books In Print or Ingram's databases (those would make them available to overseas buyers and online booksellers). They won't promote the book for you, so really you end up putting out more time and money into your own work than is worthwhile. That's my biggest reason for not wanting to go with vanity press.

It's been hot here for the past two weeks, even with the rain it's been hot here. The humidity has to be getting around 100% for heat indexes to be getting as high as they have been, that just means air so thick you can cut it with a knife. Plenty of Gatorade will keep the risk of heatstroke down.

With the run of luck I've had these past seven years, I'm certainly due for a run of good luck for a change. Please do send those along when you can, I'd really appreciate it.

Yeah, transferring to skin is tough, but there are things that are supposed to be able to do it and don't. I have a couple ideas that I'd like to explore when I have the money to play around with them, but when worse comes to worse, there's always the basic transfer paper that tattoo artists use. Oh, I did give that home-made carbon paper a try. It's a little messy when you use charcoal, but it works surprisingly well.

I could certainly use those thoughts, thanks.

Yeah, I'm burning out from all this trying and not getting anywhere, it's frustrating.

I'll know soon enough.

Yeah, tattooing does take some time that people don't seem to have much of anymore. My picture is still on the way, it'll be up soon. No, I still haven't gotten the dragon done yet, I'm still designing that one, but the Kanji was touched up and is looking better now.

I love a nice soft steady rain myself, but I don't get that around here too often. The heat won't be letting up for a while yet.

So do I, but even if it doesn't, I'll know more about the submission process, and I'll have some tips (hopefully) on how to improve my book so other publishers might see interest in it. Any way I look at it, I'll come out the winner this time. Of course, if it ever does get onto bookshelves, I'll probably end up like Stephen King, getting in trouble for signing my own books while in the store on a regular day.

That's a good question, and it does help some, but it still lacks the strength to really get me to work in the worst weather extremes. I'll have to try to sharpen it up a little bit and see if I can make myself put something together soon.

I'll be back to form soon enough, just need the humidity to go down a little.

Depending on the publisher and how the book does stateside, I'll have to push for translated versions to be made. I'd like to have a broad audience for my work.

Animé Dreams!

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just Plain Tired


Sorry, I don't have the energy to handle the comments this week, but here's my update:

Monday, I spoke with a "publisher" about my manuscript. I knew the call wouldn't go all that well, and after getting a $1,399 quote, I think I can safely say I was right. It was vanity press anyway, and that's not exactly the method I'd like to go with unless I absolutely have to. I did find one publisher with a submission policy for unsolicited proposals, so I'm putting that package together to send off as soon as I can. Also, I'll have a picture of the touched up tattoo next time, I haven't taken it yet (I kind of want it to age a little before I shoot it), it looks better now. And, I still haven't been able to work on my art, but only because I can't think when it's hot out, and this past week has been hot, humid, and horrible for my concentration. Heat index broke 100 several times, not fun.

Thanks for the comments, I did read every one of them. Hopefully next week I'll have enough energy to cover them.

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Plans in Place


First off, an error in my code for last post rendered some of my comment responses difficult to read. I've corrected the code now so those should be normally viewable at this time. Sorry for the mess-up, I'll be sure to check my code more thoroughly prior to posting from here on out.

Still no sign of those artworks yet, don't worry, I have a system now, I'll be getting them done soon. I'll be updating MyO, DeviantArt, and my other blogs all on the weekend, probably Saturday, like today (Not all at the same time). I'll use Sunday to get around to portfolios, and to comment on sites as well. I'll use my time during the week to keep up with the message board I'm on (see the button in my footer), and to take care of my art projects, and to keep searching for a publisher for my manuscript, and do other things as well. I think I'll be able to manage that, we'll see how it goes over the next few weeks.

I know a lot of you don't get over to the main page, but if you have, then you've noticed a new face in the news team. Gia, one of the reporters for the now defunct animeOnline site has joined up with TheO and is doing a nice job of getting serious news out there on the main page. If nothing else, show her a warm welcome to the community if you can.

Thanks for all the comments on my artwork. I appreciate each and every one. O don't say that enough, but I do mean it.

This month marks the fourth year I have been a member of MyO, and also my fourth year as a fan-artist (did my first pic in August of 03). I'd like to do something special for all you guys who've been with me here in that time, but I don't really know what to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated so I can get something underway before August 30, which is my anniversary date.


Thanks. It wasn't exactly the original vision, but I like the end result anyway, and the message is from the heart, which makes anything better anyway.

Yeah, it's finished. I do have to go back and get it touched up, but it's essentially complete. I'll get a picture of it a couple days after the touch-up is done just it case it peels again. It's hard to really see the completed look under the layer of inked skin scabs. I used to live out in West Texas where that was a very real possibility, even here in WV we had tornadoes in recent years, near where I live (and those people in school thought I was nuts when I talked about tornado drills). I think because I was so young, living with that exposure to the real threat of something deadly, kind of embedded that fear into me.

There's nothing wrong with a store brand tea, sometimes those are better flavorwise than the national brands. I will encourage trying organic teas, those do seem to have a cleaner taste to them, and if possible, use filtered (like one of the Pür or Brita things) or spring water to brew the tea, the tap water here tends to make tea bitter. Essentially, it's use it a relaxant, it calms the body down. I know when I'm really keyed up, that's usually the only thing that helps me go to sleep.

Thanks, and thanks. Actually in looking at the blue now, it kind of has the shade that blue crab do, which suits me fine, that's a beautiful color. It's the closest manifestation of the wind I could get, the artist didn't have a dark gray that I would have chosen had it been available.

Well, I'm the idiot who runs outside with a camera (providing it has batteries) when it's thundering and lightning out, those don't scare me, it's just the wind that does. My methodology is unorthodox to a scientific mind, but then again, I'm not a very scientific mind. If it does work, I'll let you know, we haven't had any high wind situations here lately.

Now that I'm on a system, I think I'll do all right.

I'm a Capricorn in terms of astrological signs, but, those don't mean much to me in terms of significance. I've seen way too many times that astrological stuff tell me I'll be a big success at my job this year and loads and loads of other crap that's so far off base. I stopped caring about those in 2005. As for long winded jokes, I think I still take that dishonor on occasion. ~_^

Yes it is. I have over 600 captures from that film if anyone's interested.

I started out on the Western dragons myself, but there's a lot to be said about the Eastern counterparts. A lot of lore around Eastern dragons is positive. The creatures are smart, wise, and friendly, where Western depictions of dragons are just disgusting, arrogant, and humanly biased. I would appreciate any reference material anyone can provide though, so please send along some of those when you can. I never thought about a yin/yang element to the tattoo, that's very inspired, and it might just work. I'm working on an art piece like that at the moment.

I saw that video and I'm going to be driven nuts till I find out where I've heard that voice before. It wasn't in what you listed on your site, but I know I've heard him in something I've seen. The ambient noise in the BG of the clip did kind of drown him out some though. Bad analogy though, I always hated school assemblies, but it seemed more like one of the theatre conferences I went to in High School.

That's okay, I keep missing some people too. I'll get to everyone soon enough.

Even though those weren't on the list, I am getting things done, and I hope to have some of my efforts to show here soon. I keep saying it, but I'm on the right track now.

My Mom lived in NJ and was through a couple hurricanes that went up the coast. She talks about the water being smooth as glass and knowing that's not a good sign. One year, she was crabbing (at her mother's insistence) with her cousin, and the water waist high, got like glass. In the blink of an eye, she said it went from waist high up to her neck, that's how quickly the surge came in. She said she and her cousin were barely to shore before the rain and wind started. I'm also hydrophobic, I'm terrified of the water, so I'd be a nervous wreck if I lived in FL.

They're on the way.

I fell in love with Studio Ghibli from seeing Spirited Away, and Kiki's Delivery Service. Spirited Away is a great film, and it's one I never tire of watching. The image fit the message I wanted to say, like a lot of images from that film. And thanks for taking a look at the artwork too.

It actually looks more blue now that the scab layer peeled off. I need some retouch work, but when that's done I'll get a new picture up when it looks it's best. There are some really nice tribal dragon designs out there, I'm just not really into that look as a tattoo for myself. I hope I can do a really nice dragon myself, I've been doing some rough sketches in the last week or so and I'm still not set on the final look yet.

I think my Dad feels more strongly than he let on, but he knows I'm a man unto myself. I won't let anyone tell me I shouldn't do something because they don't like it. I've got my mother's stubborn streak in that regard.

That's good, I'd like to see it. When I get mine done, I'll have it posted here ASAP.

Thanks, and sometimes, it does help to stray from the list. Doing that refreshes the mind and makes the other projects look so much easier.

In the winter wind is bitter cold here, turn your back to it and it don't seem so bad.

It doesn't hurt to feel a tattoo needle, actually, the skin kind of goes numb after a while and you don't feel anything. You're lucky not to have been sunburned, that's a level of pain like no other. The slightest touch on the affected area is brutal if the burn is deep enough.

It was a good choice of color on my part. The dragon will be done by the same guy who did this one, my sister's friend. I trust him with the needle, and I know his work is first rate. As for where the dragon is going (on me), I haven't decided that yet.

I use Pixia for all that stuff, Pixia and Irfanview. Between the two, I get reasonable results. Each submission page has the technical specs for the file size limits and some general info about the types of work that cane be submitted, I'll list those in a moment. Otherwise it's just experimenting with different things to get the look you want.

  1. Greetings Specs:
    1. JPG format
    2. 350x350 px
    3. 100kb max
    4. No border
    5. Must have Text Greeting on it (slogan, witty comment etc)
  2. Wallpaper Specs:
    1. JPG format
    2. 1024x768px exactly
    3. 450kb max

Thanks, it did turn out all right. I love the rain myself, it's a wonderful thing to observe. I hope my new perspective does help me with my fear of wind.

I get a lot of inspiration from your comments, particularly relating to dragons. I'll have to give you a lot of credit when the tat is done, because surely you helped inspire a lot about it's design.

Thanks for taking a look at the artwork, and on the wind, yeah, I'm hoping I find some strength in it myself.

That's quite all right, it happens.

You'll have to humor a tired dragon today, are you talking about the tattoo or the artwork. That statement could go either way.

Thanks. If it does that, I achieved my purpose.

Thank you, I appreciate the comments.

My name in Japanese is rather boring to look at, so that's out for me, but the dragon is cool. Hopefully I'll have mine designed soon. I wasn't sure I'd take the needle well myself, but it's a totally different experience than what you expect. The fear of needles might make it harder, but I think after while, that fear would diminish.

We all have those once in a while. I'm hoping that was a one time technical thing that kept you from seeing my post, if it recurs, then you might need to switch your browser. I did spot an error in my code *^_^* that may have made the last post look wonky for people. I really need to check my code more thoroughly. Give it another look later if you can and see if it's rendering right now.

I have been by your page recently, but not exactly sure when. I'll be getting over there more often now with my system in place and working.

The e-card seems to be doing well. I'll probably not make too many more, I just make them as I need to get a message out that's not already there in the e-card site here.

Tattoo designing is a bit different than just doing regular art, that's for sure. There are subtle things that make it look great or not. I'm still working on mine, I hope I have it done soon.

I don't have brontophobia, thunder doesn't bother me, lightning not so much either, but the wind would get to me.

I think the kanji does show up a lot in anime, and it's one of the natural elements, so people kind of like to know it for that reason as well I think.

I'm trying to diversify my portfolio too, eventually I'll probably have at least one submission in every category there, but I don't really know yet. Only time will tell.

Really? I didn't know that. I learn something new every day. Temporary tattoos have come a long way, they use them in theatre and in Hollywood for characters sometimes and they look spot on real. Nice thing about a temporary tattoo is that it will wash off when you don't need it anymore, so it's an ideal medium to use for Cosplay especially (a lot of anime characters seem to have tattoos).

It is a good idea to have a test tat done before trying to get something important done and finding out your skin don't take ink (my sister's doesn't in spots), or you can't take the needle. It's also a good practice to train yourself in caring for the tattoo as well. They do require some maintenance, but it's worth it.

When it's touched up, and peeled out again, I'm sure it'll look even better.

You never know, it just might work.

Now I feel like a heel, I haven't been in your portfolio to really notice that you have an e-card. I'll have to give it a look later.

It's freaky, but I guess there's no harm in diversifying our portfolios here.

Actually, I'm not as good as I'd like to be, but I'm getting there. The help of this great community here and getting me links to some good dragon drawing tutorials pushed me in the right direction.

It's actually darker in that photo because it hadn't peeled off yet. The scabbing skin is still there if you look closely. It did lighten up some, but it's still a beautiful shade of blue. I'll post new pics when it's touched up so you can see it at it's best. That picture is probably actual size if your viewing it on a 1024x768 monitor., it's around an inch and a half in size, not all that big.

I didn't know it till today, but that fear has a name, Ancraophobia, the fear of wind. So, to date I have several phobias, Ancraophobia (wind), Amaxophobia (driving a car - think Spongebob at boating school), and Hydrophobia (water, not rabies). Those are my phobias. Arachibutyrophobia is the peanut butter one, that's a mouthful to say. I think your fear is probably more personal so it's not likely to have a name of it's own, but anything that's traumatic to a person will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on their mind.

Dragons have a wide berth, I've seen them related to everything from fire, to earth, water, ice, metal, and wind, and almost always they are said to be intelligent. I like wind dragons myself, they are so free spirited, kind of like me. There are different kinds of people who get tattoos for different reasons. Most of them are into the tat culture, oddly, I'm not one of them. I'm not getting the dragon just to show it off to others who have tattoos. I'll show it to friends, but I won't turn it into a social or status thing. Ultimately, it's your choice to get the tat or not, just know that you can never regret a decision that's made from the heart.

I've never gone wrong with soft-boiled eggs over rice, it's been the most helpful thing to my weary stomach after being sick for a day. It especially works after stomach flu or even mild food poisoning. If it works, keep rolling with it.

Animé Dreams!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Becoming the Wind


All right, it's been a busy week for me. I have a few things I want to cover this time, so I should get right down to it.

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

My first attempt at an e-card. I didn't even think I could make those till I tried and it went through here. No surprise it's an inspirational card given that a lot of people tell me I'm good for that kind of thing. So right now, my portfolio is diversifying into areas other than wallpaper and fan art. Maybe someday I'll have something in each active category. For the record, this project wasn't on my list, it came ot me spur of the moment so I had to do it. As with my other non fan art content, I made it in Pixia.

Courage Dear Heart
Hosted By theOtaku.com. Also got an new piece of art to shamelessly plug. the caption info provides the details on it, so I won't bother repeating them here. No, this was not one of the listed projects, but it was important enough for me to draw. With it done, I can direct my attention back to the infamous list of overdue projects. Hopefully, I'll have something to show for that really soon. I am already at work on the highest priority project on the list and will have it finished soon.

I don't know if anyone noticed or not, but I've added a button in the fotter of my blog. That button is linked to the Role Play forum I've been on for a long time. They recently moved to new software, and things are looking good at the moment. I'm not as active on there as I'd like to be either, but I'm not hard to find, I go by cosmictraveller there. I was going to bring that up a while ago, but kept forgetting all about it till just now.

And last, but no least, I know you all are wondering how the Tattoo came out, well there's the finished product. I may have the color touched up in spots, I really like how it came out. The blue I chose was better than I expected it to be, in the bottle it looked a little lighter than it went on, which I'm happy about, I wanted a dark, rich blue, what other color suits the wind so well? Anyway, a lot of you did recognize the Kanji "kaze" (wind) which didn't surprise me at all. I'm sure some of you are wondering "if he's a dragon, why did he have 'wind' tattooed on himself not 'dragon'?" Well, there's a reason for that, a couple actually. Aside from that beign the test tattoo to see if I take ink and "pain" (tattooing really tickles more than it hurts), I have a bit of an issue when it comes to wind. Long story short, wind scares me to no end, especially high winds like during a storm. It's kind of a psychological thing for me really, kind of my joining spirits with the wind that scares me, and hopefully pulling some strength from it instead of fear. We'll just have to wait and see.


Yep, you got the Kanji spot on. I just explained why I chose "wind" as my first tattoo right above this, I hope that answers your question. As for the dragon, that's going to go somewhere else on me, either my other arm, maybe my back, or one of my legs. This Kanji tattoo was a test tattoo to see if I could take the needle mostly, my sister's friend didn't think I could handle the discomfort. He also needed to see if my skin would take and hold the ink. My sister's skin doesn't like to take ink that well, so he wasn't sure how I would fare in that area.

Oh no, I'm far from achieving that level of enlightenment. I know what you mean about having that feeling though. I have to have that feeling to be able to start a picture, I can't force myself to begin a new project that I don't feel like doing. The problem I have is keeping at the project once I start. I'm too easily distracted by things, so I kind of have to force myself to sit down and do the pictures all at once otherwise nothing would ever get done.

I'm sure we'll get our projects done eventually.

Sure thing, and thanks. I do what I can and mean every word.

You can alsways go back and answer them if you want. I did that more to challenge people's minds than annything else.

As it stands, I have one piercing in my left ear, and the kanji tattoo on my right arm. It's highe enough up the arm that I can cover it up with a short sleeve shirt for like a job intevrview or another time I need to be "professional" in appearance. I don't have any "unusual" piercings or tattoos either, and I don't think I want anything like that. I'm still having trouble using the term pain to describe the sensation of being tattooed, it doesn't physcially hurt all that much. It is uncomfortable for the body, but it's not really painful. Best I can describe it would be to compare it to a mild-to-moderate sundburn in terms of what it feels like while the needle is being used. The itch is probably the most uncmfortable thing about it. As the tattoo heals, it itches like crazy, but it can't be scratched, that'll pull the ink off. I think the most unnerving thing to a first timer in terms of getting a tattoo though is probably the buzzing the needle gun makes. I know when I was getting the lining for mine done last week, that's what was getting to me the most, that buzzing.

Most often I have little trouble getting started, I could sit here, read a comment and suddenly pop an idea comes to me and I rough it out on printer paper in like two minutes. My trouble is keeping focused once I start. Like I mentioned to Hop-Frog, I'm easily distracted by things and that makes it difficult to concentrate on getting a piece done. Once in a while though, I do fall into that butter zone and things move along quickly for me without my even having to push myself. I'm hoping I can hit that with even a few of my projects that are due.

Mostly, I try to stay away from convention coverage because it's exhausting for me to try to relate to that material, not having had the experience of a convention myself. I'm trying to get to Tsubasacon this year, that's the clostest convention to where I live. I won't really know for sure till the last possible minute if I'll be going or not, so no promises at the moment. For me, commenting that I "wish I could have been there" just isn't really doing it anymore. the convention experience is something I won't be able to fully appreciate until I see it first hand.

Not much I can offer on the AX statements.

Yeah, I'm going to study up some designs, and would appreciate if anyone sees andy nice Japanese dragon pictures (tattoo or not) to direct me to them.

Actually, there are several Kanji for Dragon that I am aware of, all pretty much sound the same, but are used in different contexts. You have "tora" (I think that's tiger if I recall). on your right arm in almost the same color pallate as my "kaze"? Wow that is frightfully freaky. Mine's on my right arm at the shoulder (to be covered up with a short sleeve shirt if necessary). I don't think the outlining on mine took all that long, but's it's a lot of really long straight lines so it's not that hard to do. The coloring did take a while, and it'll need some touching up too as you can see in the picture. I don't know if bleeding means the needle was set too deep or not, I'll have to run that by my sister's friend, he's good with the gun and knows a thing or two about the art. My guess is the needle went in too deep. Given that I'm a guy, and 26 years old, I think I qualify for the grown man descriptor, but see, I have this odd personality trait. I come off as a timid, and weak constitutioned person in real life most of the time, but that meek exterior hides a wealth of personal strength that I can tap when I need it, which is what I did when I got that needle. The guy who did my tattoo(my sister's friend) told me he was surprised that I took it as well as I did, which, to be honest, so was I. I admitted that to him when he was done the coloring.

My second tattoo will probably be my last (though I won't rule out a third one, "kaze" was just the technical test), and it'll be a dragon that I design myself. I'll be looking at a lot of pictures over the next week or so to put together a really nice piece of lineart to transfer. Depending on the size (I don't want anything too big given that he's doing them for nothing and that ink is expensive), It'll either go on my left arm, or a leg, though I won't rule out my back either. I was born in the year of the monkey, but that Kanji didn't really appeal to me, so I chose kaze instead. Dragon would have been the predicable one for me to get, what with my online persona and all, but, I like to keep people on their toes a little so I didn't go with that one.

I haven't seen Miami Ink, but then again, I'm not really into the tattoo sub-culture. You know how some people are all about the ink and the artform, that's not me. I have my resons for getting this Kanji, as well as the dragon I'm designing, but it's not to find my place among the tattooed in society. I mean no offense to anyone when I say that, it's just that culture is not who I am.

Funny, I never really thought of it like that. I don't see my style drastically changing mid-work if I take a break from it. Often times I'll end up starting from scratch if I left a pic too long and can't seem to get it jumping again.

I don't mind discussing either, but art is more my forté.

I haven't even started drawing it yet, so I don't know. but I know the needlwwork will be great no matter what I turn out.

If you've ever had a bad sunburn, if you've ever scraped your knee, or if you've ever been stung by a wasp, bee, or fire ant, you can handle a tattoo needle. I have to admit something though. While I can take the "pain" I can't actually watch the needlework being done. Seeing a needle getting stuck into me, that makes me queasy.

I have some tribal dragon flash that looks really cool, but I'm not into the tribal thing in terms of tattooes being done on me. I'm taking as much reference material as I can to be able to produce the best looking dragon tattoo flash I can, and tribal dragons are good for postitive/negative space studies.

That's right, and as you can see, the blue looks great for the meaning of the symbol.

In my family, only my Dad is bothered by the tattoo, of course he's an ordained minister so I understand his reasoning for being less than enthusiastic about it. The extended family might be a little surprised at it when they find out, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. My mom's got the lining for a dolphin on her leg (coloring to be done next week), my sister probably has more tattoos than she cares to admit but I know of three for sure, and I've got the Kanji right now, with the dragon on the way. It's a family affair for us, I think we're all wild spirited in some way or another. I can't say that I'd go out and keep on getting tattooes after getting these two done, I'm not sure that would reflect on my personality very well, but I can say that it is an experience I'm better for having gone through.

Hope you enjoyed the picture, it will need to be recoleored, and of course, when the dragon is in the works, I'll have pictures of it up here too.

Really? That's a neat little bit of info to share with me about that kanji. That's cool. My nick-name Hal, translates to a two Kanji string which didn't really appeal to me, and I don't really need my nick-name tattooed on me anyway.

It wasn't painful to me at all. As I said before, I have reserve of strength I draw upon when I need it, so I may just be able to tolerate something like that more than someone else. I do know that the level of discomfort depends upon the part of the body getting the tattoo, some areas are more sentitive than others.

A belated Happy Birthday to your father, hope you got to meet him already, if not, hope you can real soon.

That is nick-name I like the sound of, and you know, it's fitting given that my username in a couple places is phantomzephyr (zephyr being the west wind of course :P).

You've just given me a valuable piece of help in the design process of the dragon tattoo. It may seem like a little thing, but your advice will guide me in the right direction. Interesting enough, while green is my favorite color, I hit on the "black gray" you mentioned. That one feels right to me. Black is too dark, and green, like I said is a nice color, but it's not the inner me, I can feel that. My personality is very much like a thunderstorm, dark and brooding, yet peaceful and serene at the same time. I've got a brainstorm to work with now, I hope the image comes out how I want it.

I've got a plan in motion to get all those overdue pictures done. Hopefully, I'll get them finished soon because I have some more longer term projects I'd like to put my attention into.

I know I'm missed, that's why I'd like to update more often, to let you guys know I'm all right. I don't get around to pages like I want to, but I do try, and I'm not stressing out over it. I'll get my routine back soon enough.

A lot of other people have covered it already, but it reads "kaze" which means wind. I'm sure you'll remember it now, cause the tattoo will come to mind when you see the kanji anywhere.

I've missed a few of your posts so no problem there. We all miss a post now and again.

I'll just have to see if my plan to get them done works. If it does, I'll be back in the swing before you know it.

I know that feeling. Most of the reason I've been offlien the past few weeks has been pop-up inclement weather. I never run my computer durting a storm, and they like to hit when I'm trying to be online usually.

Very true, I wouldn't have chosen a character that didn't in some way reflect my personality. It reads kaze, which means wind.

You know, I actually thought of that, having had one interviewer directly challenge me on the earring, I wasn't going to make the mistake of having a tattoo in an obvious place. That's why the kanji is actually on my right arm up at the shoulder. Even if I have a short-sleeve shirt on, the tattoo will be completely out of sight. It's only visible when I've got a sleeveless shirt on and I woudln't wear something like that to a job interview anyway. I won't ever get a tattoo in a place that's not easy to conceal for the very reason of hiding it from job interviewers. I have enough trouble getting a job without helping myself do worse at it.

I don't really care what anyone else thinks of it, or the dragon either. That's not my reason for getting them done. I have my reasons which are kind of personal, and I won't be swayed by anyone from doing it. The discomfort isn't easy to really describe, I can tell you getting burned by hot cooking oil, being spattered by bacon grease, or even being burned by steam hurts much worse than tattooing. Being clawed or bitten by cats hurts worse, bee stings, ant bites, those are more painful. Stepping on a thumbtack or broken glass, that's more painful, taking a bicycle's handlebars across the chest, that hurts more, and having a TV fall onto your chest, that's much more painful. There's a lot out there that's more painful than being tattooed, but the only real way to know if you can take it would be to have someoen you know with a tattoo gun and some extra sterile needles actually give you a dry buzz (run the needle without ink). That'll give you an idea what it feels like. I will warn you ahead of time that getting the tattoo is the easy part, keeping yourself from scratching out the ink as it itches like mad while the wound heals up, that's probably the hardest part of the whole thing.

That sounds like a really neat concept. Fore people who are close like that, I can see it being a meaningful gesture to both of them. Whether you decide to do it or not, you're lucky to have each other.

That sounds like something my classmates in school would say, back then I was a real pansy and they made sure I knew it all the time. I hope this thing is more permanent than not, because, even though it's a test tattoo, I like the way it looks, and I'd like to have it for years to come. Yeah, mine's on my right arm, just below the shoulder.

The dragon isn't going with the Kanji, the Kanji was just to see if I could take the needle without passing out or something. with that one successfully complete, I can design up a dragon that will go on me somewhere, and I'll post pictures of it when it's ready.

There is kind of a stinging burn to the process, I'd say it's more like someone with long fingernails pinching the heck out of your skin, it doesn't really feel all that deep. With the way my sister's fridnd was talking, I thought it would be like my gasteritis (for anyone who had gall stones and you gallbaldder removed, you know what I'm talking about), which felt like my stomach got ripped out, heck I've felt any number of things that were more painful. I will say the itch that follows as the tattoo heals up is insane, but it's worth it.

I suppose that would be a problem, mine was a shaky arm when the guy was doing the lining. He had to stop a couple time to let me rest because I wat twitching so much the lines almost weren't straight. Gettign the color wasn't as troublesome cause I knew what to expect. As long as I don't watch the needle going into my skin, I'm fit as a fiddle.

Yeah, I have to agree that the revelation I experienced while getting the needle was probably a bit odd for the situation, but it is pretty much the truth. The body and mind often struggle over things, and the trick is to get the mind to win out over the body to get things done.

Yep, that's it. A lot of people who visit me are familiar with that kanji. I shoudln't be surprised as this is an animé site. Aichmophobia huh? I can unserstand that. Knowing there's a needle coming, and that buzzing the gun makes probably would be unsettling to some people. i can tell you I was nervous when I got the lining done on mine, the sound of the gun still puts me on edge a little.

Try Celestial Seasonings "Sleepytime" tea, Bigelow "Sweet Dreams" tea, or Full Circle "nighttime blend" tea. If you're into organic foods, the Full Circle brand is the way to go. those all have chamomile in them, but they have some other tea ingredients that help relax the mind and body. Never sweeten tea with bleached sugar (white sugar), always use raw sugar or honey, those are much easier on the stomach. Hopefully one of those will help you relax enough to get some rest.

It certainly is a neat looking Kanji, I like the look of it, and it fits my personality. There's no going back now, it's on there to stay.

I'm glad to share any enlightnement I have to suffer to realize. Glad the info was useful, I hope it works for you in the long run.

Thanks, and being 26, I don't have to worry about what my parents don't want me to do. I do think my Dad isn't too happy with the idea, but I am a man unto myself. It didn't hurt all that much no. The most discomfort I've gone through is the persistent itching as the tattoo heals. Scratching the tattoo while it's healing will pull the ink out, so it's kind of uncomfortable because I just have to tolerate the itch. You know, it's the people who think they can't handle something like that who usually turn out to be the strongest people.

The Kanji reads kaze, which means wind. Thanks, I like how it completed tattoo came out, that blue is better than I hoped it would be.

Thank you, I'm sure she'll appreciate the kindness.

With the ambiguous username, and a track record of being called a girl, I thought it best to share one of my faces (no camera has caught my dragon face yet) with you.

I'm still a little slow to action, but I'm working on getting back in full. We get around when we can anymore it seems. Hopefully, I'll get around to you more often.

As you can see from the picture, it's finished, though it might need some touch up work in a few days, it was completed on Sunday (Jul 22).

I'll let her handle the details in her next update, but the well wishes are appreciated I'm sure.

Animé Dreams!

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Don't Let The Sound of Your Own Wheels Drive You Crazy


I'm sure a lot of you are wondering by now what the purpose of the last post's question session was about. Well, my primary intent was actually to stimulate your thinking processes. I hope no one minds that I won't be addressing individual answers, I just wanted to ask some things that were weighing on my mind. I do appreciate all the feedback, especially related to the username links. I think for now I'll keep them as is, but should someone turn their blog page off, I'll change their link to their portfolio. That will keep things sane for me anyway.

tattoo pic

I'm not really sure how many people I mentioned it to on here, but I did promise some pictures of my tattoos as I got them, so far, this is all I got for you. Three cheers to the person who can tell me what that kanji reads. Actually, that outline is the unfinished tattoo. I was kind of jittery from having way too much caffeine when my sister's friend was doing it so I asked him to hold off on coloring it till next week when I'll be more sane and sober. It'll be filled in with a nice shade of blue, and yes, I'll post a pic of the completed tat. When that's done (and after some time), I'll be getting a dragon done, I'm still deciding if I should go with a regular piece of flash, or do up my own dragon for it.

I do have to say I learned something about tattoos, more importantly, the possible mindset of the people who have that kind of thing done to themselves. The physical pain is not all that tremendous, it didn't really hurt me all that much. Maybe I have a higher threshhold for it than others, I don't know. The challenge lies not with accepting the physical discomfort of the needle, however it lies in forcing the body not to react to what it knows is not normal. The body's instinct is to pull away from the discomfort, but the mind knows that discomfort has a purpose, so it refuses to let the body retreat. That balance is a tough one to find, but once you have it, there's no limit to what you can accomplish. I think I can apply that same mental methodology to my art projects. If I force myself to sit down and work on the art, regardless of my body's desire to get up and walk around, or whatever, I know I can get things done. I have one piece done already, a piece I didn't have on the list, but it's done having applied that method I discovered through having the tattoo being done. I certainly hope I don't have to get a tattoo or something every time I get behind in my artwork to get that spark of motivation to get things done.

I do have a special wish to put out there today, Kiki-tink's father goes in for surgery tomorrow. Keep her and her whole family in your thoughts and so on. Tink, I'm not nearly good enough with my own words when it's important to speak my own mind, but this is as close to what I'd like to say as I can possibly find:

If you need anything at all, you know how to contact me.


If you're asking about who I think you are, last I knew she was all right. I don't get over to dA as often as I'd like either, I had 50some things to take care of last time I was there a few days ago. Weather and ISP permitting, I'll get over there more often as I pick up the pace here again. I will try to get on here more often, and get updates out more often as well, my enemy this week has been the weather. Just today it kicked me offline at least twice so even getting this post up was a miracle.

Yeah, they didn't all come to me at once, actually I was going to split those three parts over three posts, but given my record of consistency here lately, I thought I'd better get them out of the way ASAP. I do appreciate you taking the time to answer them, and try some Chamomile tea for that insomnia.

Getting in gear isn't the hard part for me, I get inspirations for artwork and stories all the time. Staying in gear is what trips me up usually. I tend to be easily distracted by things, so actually, being kicked offline a couple times this week has been a help in getting me to sit down and work on some projects, though I have nothing to show for it right now, I should have something soon.

It certainly has been a while, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things here, and it seems I am for the most part. Thanks for taking the time with the questions. I appreciate all the feedback.

I'm well rested now, thanks for the concern. Yeah, it's been a while. I'm trying to get around to sites again as much as possible. I think I got to most of them that updated yesterday/today today, and maybe a few that were older, but still needed me to pop in and say "hey, I'm still kickin'"

Long time no see. I'm glad to see you coming around as much as I'm glad to be getting around to everyone's sites again. Hope it lasts this time round.

Whatever thinking cap you have will work just fine. Answer what you can, don't feel you have to go for them all.

You know, I have to agree with you there. I do push myself way too hard and wonder why I'm so worn out all the time. I think a day off now and then will actually help me get things done more efficiently. I will try to get as many of the projects online somewhere, be it here, my photobucket album, or on dA, whereever they are, I'll be sure to get links to everyone here because, I kind of like showing off my work, even if I don't think it's the best.

Hey there, been a while for me to talk to you anyway. Yeah, and being on a caffeine "high" all week doesn't help any either.

Before I say anything, I think I should share with you a picture of myself. The username is ambiguous, I know. ~_^

As for the questions, that's all right. I didn't expect everyone who comes by to be able to answer them, or to really want to answer all of them.

That's all right, it's sometimes smarter to put eggs in as many baskets as possible. I'm kind of going in five or so directions with that whole thing at the moment, so it's not super important that I get that info. More and more it's looking like I'm going to have to self-publish anyway. I don't really have the time or energy to deal with courting publishers and/or literary agents to promote or publish my work. Thing of self-publishing is, I'll have to wait till I have an income to do it.

I think for me it's the humidity that really saps my energy. That's a great suggestion that I'll consider. I do need to get myself into better shape than I am in, and I know what you mean, it doesn't make sense but a little bit of healthy activity does seem to boost the energy levels in the long run.

There's no time limit on these, you get around here when you can. I hope you had an enjoyable visit and your mom's birthday was full of good cheer. Don't worry about the answers, every one is a big help to me, and I understand you not being able to cover them all. Not eveyone reads the main page. Thanks for doing your best with them, I appreciate the feedback.

Animé Dreams!

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Riddle Me This . . .


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The syndication posting won't begin until next post possibly, I'm too tired to log into four places and post tonight. I've been so caught up in things again that I haven't been around again. I'm trying to get the energy and drive up to get to everyone, but it seems the summer really just sucks my energy out of me. I'll try to get caught up with everyone this week, but no promises right now. My main focus is still on those projects I still haven't finished a single one of yet. I'll get the tempo down again soon I hope.

I have a few questions for everyone, on various topics. They kind of came to me over the course of many days as I tried to work on my art projects and take care of some other things that needed to be done. I'll be asking stuff about my format here, about artwork, and other things too.

Questions Part 1: Formatting

  1. In comment answers, has linking usernames directly to MyOtaku user pages been a positive influence, a negative one, or is there no noticable difference?
  2. Would anyone notice a change in the linking procedure I use for my comment answers?
  3. If a change were made, which change would be preferred:
    1. Linking to user portfolio?
    2. Removing link completely?
  4. Is there a convenience factor to having links directly to user pages or portfolios?

Questions Part 2: Artwork

  1. What are some of the ways you have used to motivate yourself to work on a project that wasn't getting done?
  2. Have you ever been afraid to finish a piece because it might not turn out how you see it in your mind?

Questions Part 3: News

Much of the source material for this section is actually from Adam's recent post detailing his Main Page News Strategy See that post for complete information. Other information comess from TheOtaku.com's main page. I recommend reading the post before attemtping to answer these questions.

  1. Do you read the news on TheOtaku.com's main page?
  2. If so, would you be interested in seeing news items like:
    1. "Man Creates Super Smash Brothers Characters Out Of Legos"
    2. "Write a haiku to capture the essence about your favorite anime" or
    3. "Anime Branded Food"
  3. Is it a good idea to take the focus of the main page off of serious anime/gaming industry news?
  4. How do you feel theotaku.com would be affected by opinion-based fan "expert" content being featured?
  5. Would your view of the news and/or site be affected by seeing less serious news items?
  6. Would you be more or less likely to read the main page news with less serious news items on it?

I'm kind of curious to see the answers to these, but don't feel you have to answer them. it's sort of an informal survey if you will.


Many apologies, but I'm not handling individual comments this time around. I did read them all and I appreciate all the advice, well wishes, and comments that you all have given me. I probably will not update the blog again for a while as I will be working on my art projects, but I will get around to as many sites as I can soon.

Animé Dreams!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Drawing Blanks


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I won't start with this post, but my next update will be syndicated across all the sites I blog at. I'll put the links up when I begin doing that.

I don't have a whole lot to talk about this time around, but I will provide an updated project status list for you.

Project Status
NameDoneNot Done
Username Inspired Image X
Lizardman Soda Jerk X
Art Piece for Nephew X
Art Piece for Other Nephew X
Art Piece for Niece X
"Surprise" Art Piece for dA X
Chinese Ink Art Piece for Sister's Friend (I'm still learning how to do this artform) X
"Surprise" Art Piece for TheO (Still not telling :-ţ) X
Requested piece for friend X
Requested piece for another friend X
Find Publisher for novel X
Help Mom get business off the ground X
Visit user sites here X

Wish I had more for you all, but I don't at the moment. I will try to have more up in a more reasonable timeframe, but I can't promise what that timeframe will be anymore. I will be staying off MyO this weekend, and into next week to try avoiding all the AX nonsense. I just don't have the heart to put up with any of that this year.


I couldn't agree more.

I'll update my blog with a thumbnail for it when I finally do get it up here.

You're not the first to be confused by it. Actually I started doing this when the PM system went down. I used to answer comments by PM but when it was offline for a couple months I think it was, I had to be creative, so I borrowed the concept from a couple of the admins on site here and it sort of stuck.

I didn't know that was a song title, I just know it's French for "That's life" or something to that effect. Seems to be just about the only attitude I can take to keep my sanity anymore.

Yes that's essentially the problem. Those suggestions are good ones, but I don't have the money to throw away on educating myself right now. Also, my local paper is laughable at best. Their editing department must be run by two year olds, because very basic gramattical and spelling errors litter the paper every day. Aside from that, I'm absolutely opposed to doing anything that would benefit the local area I'm in right now. The people here have all been boorishly rude, pretentious [Censored]s to me since I moved here, I will not let them bank on my successes large or small, they do not deserve that honor.

This isn't about me getting famous, in fact I'd rather I didn't have to be out in the public eye too much. This is about honoring a promise I made to myself when I was treated like garbage by Senator Rockefeller's Office Manager over the biased, discriminatory and worthless waste of taxpayer money that is WorkForce West Virginia. I'm not shooting for the best seller list, I just want to be able to do something on my own and be able to say I succeeded when West Virginia was only interested in helping me fail.

I don't know. I won't know that till it happens.

You get around when you can. I certainly haven't been all that great about being by often lately. Hopefully that will pick up soon. On the publisher, par for the course so it seems, that's just the way life is to me.

I expect some resistence, but in the digital age, I also expect a fair chance. In no way am I deluding myself with thoughts of hitting it big, I don't intend to be an "author" by profession anyway. I wrote my story as part of a promise to myself, a promise to overcome the obstacle that is West Virginia, and be able to do it without the help or support of the locals who've been not only unkind, but unhelpful when I needed it the most.

I know I have at least a small audience, and it does mean a lot to me that you'd give my book a read. Trouble is, I'm not sure when you'll get that chance right now.

I've noticed a lag in comment postings too. With the trouble I've been having with my ISP lately, I thought it was just me. Now I know it's the server here.

I suppose I just burnt myself out a bit and well, I'm on the path to recovery so I'll be around more if I can. I tend to do that once in a while, but it's normal for me.

The idea of "vanity" publishing isn't a new one, it's been out there for ages. Those are the "publishers" who want money up front. I don't care what the "publisher" says, if they want money from the author, they are vanity publishing, no two ways about it. It's disappointing that there aren't any mainstream publishers looking at unsolicited material, I would like the chance to submit my manuscript to some people, just to get the content based rejection letters because those would help me hone the novel. Some of them vanity publishers claim they're not vanity because they do evaluate the manuscripts before accepting them, and they have a rejection rate they provide too. Well, I'm not in the position to put out the money they'd want if my material was accepted by one of them.

I'm trying to draw anyway.

Well, technically getting a book published isn't that hard (there's Lulu or Cafepress for that), finding publishers directly isn't that difficult either, it's getting that foot in the door that's the problem. I'm beginning to think going with Lulu and doing the whole thing myself is the right way to go, thing is, I still need to figure out where to get over $600 to do that.

Yeah, I used to believe that, I'm not so sure I do anymore.

I know you meant well, but the way that's worded, it's not exactly encouraging.

There's no way I'd get all that done in two days even if I marathoned the whole thing staying up and making myself do it. I'm lucky to get one pic a day done anymore.

If I keep running into snags going it alone, I'll approach from another angle, grants. Although, my history with finding grants is about as good as it is with finding publishers, jobs, and local interest in anime so I'm pretty much screwed no matter which way I go.

Pacing is important to getting good drawings. I tend to pace myself a little too liberally most of the time, so a little pressure will be good for me, but I won't overdo it.

I can't promise anything specifc on the art, I'm really terrible about making deadlines, but I will say that I've set one in my head and I hope I'll finish by.

That kind of happens.

I mentioned it a couple times way WAY back, you may have missed those posts. Anyway, I'll quote Napster (never thought I'd use their words to make a valid point about something) but the publishing industry is "a closed system" of sorts, they don't want to help out aspiring authors, or people like me who don't want to make a career out of writing, but do have that one book to get in print.

You know that, and I know that, but it seems to me that the industry doesn't really know that. If I have to tell the established industry to soak their heads in a bucket of soy ink, I'll do that and go it alone.

I have an extensive collection of oddball short stories, and I write shorts all the time, usually when I'm really feeling down about something and drawing doesn't help me. If I knew where to pitch those, I'd do that in a heartbeat(As soon as I post this, I'll be looking into that avenue more thoroughly). That said, writing isn't a career choice for me. I don't intend to be an author by trade, I just want to see in print this story that was fueled by my resolve and bitterness toward the uncaring officials who wouldn't lift a finger to correct the corrupt employment program that's supposed to help assist unemployed West Virginians.

Why wait? Carpe Diem, seize the day, do it now, don't hold back. Your mind may not be at it's most focused, but let me tell you, sometimes not focusing makes for soem interesting stories.

Yeah, I tend to say "Idle hands are the Devil's workshop" a lot. Being out of work has it's downsides, but I know I'm doing something with my time and that's the important thing.

If life throws another curve ball, I'm demanding a Time-Out till life starts pitching fair.

Nice to see you making the rounds, hope everything is all right with you and your family.

I'm going to keep looking, but not right now. My heart just can't take the disappoinment on such a sustained basis. The rest of that is out of my realm of experience, but I'll be furious if you give up after telling me not to. From my perspective it's either the green or the scene, how much money a person has, or who they know that gets their material looked at, but what do I know, I'm just a nobody outsider trying to get in.

I don't think all the luck in the world is going to help me this time, but thanks anyway.

Yeah, I've been meaning to get on here, but things kept distracting me. I think I'll start syndicating my blog entries on all my blog sites, just so everyone will know I'm all right everywhere I've been.

As near as I can tell, that was a personal choice she made, having something to do with the story not really being what she wanted it to be. I don't understand it, but I respect it. In August 2003 my cable had been out for about a month or two, I was really annoyed, and bored out of my mind. Following some tips I got on the Tech TV message boards, I started to draw, and while I was doing that first piece, I noticed something. I noticed that I completely lost all awareness of what was going on around me, my mind went completely blank, every inhibition, every concern, every doubt, all were completely gone. I had achieved in seconds what people meditate for years to try to do, clearing their minds. Art isn't a relaxor for me, it's not a hobby to me, it's a passion, plain and simple. I only call it a hobby of mine so I won't be quick to make a career out of it, I'm not disciplined or experienced enough to really sell my art. I understand what you're saying, but I can't relate to any of those references in terms of physical pain.

That's about all I'm doing really. I'm putting up the novel for now, and I'll keep it put up for a while. I'll try to get all those art pieces done that I was supposed to have done months ago, then I'll go another round of trying to get the novel published. I don't think this current industry set-up is what Gutenburg had in mind when he invented moveable type.

It would be nice to find someone, the alternatives would just put the book on indefinite hold.

I'm not too worried about the restrictions, the content I write is pretty tame compared to a lot of stuff that's out now, so there's no worries on that. I don't mix my art and writing, my novel is pure text. I don't have the discipline to duplicate the same character over and over again as is needed for graphic novels, though I would like to try to do a story like that at least once. You know, TokyoPop takes submisions for stuff, they pay particular interest in manga type stories. Here are their manga submission guidelines if you want a look.

Drawing isn't the issue here, I'm happy with that and happy I haven't tried to make a career out of it. I'll draw as much as I can all the time.

It's a hard fight, that's for sure.

Yeah that really big, round, blue, third rock I picked up in my travels is the heaviest one of the bunch. Jokes aside, I have gone over all the information available to me and right now it's looking like my original plan of self-publishing was the right way to go. Location of the publisher means little to me, and I don't really care if my book never hits mainstream circles, I just want to get it in print in marketable condition (That's not a content statement, that's the technicals like copyright registration, ISBN, possibly a UPC and even LOC information). I'm what the industry calls a casual writer, and it looks like there's not a lot of space in the "traditional" model for the casual writer (All the help tips and that I find online are geared toward career writers). The hardest thing about self-publishing is going to be coming up with the money for everything on my own. As far as submitting my manuscript, I haven't found a single publisher where I can submit it.

Ditto on that.

If you could get publisher info for me, I'd really appreciate it. I'll want to give them a look for myself, to see if they'd be a good fit for me.

Yeah, it's a lot of stuff to do, but Slowly I'm getting it done. I just don't have the focus to sit down and do them from start to finish like I want to. That bothers me, but it can't be helped right now. Yeah, this is something I have to do on my own. Eventually I'll get them done.

That's exactly what I said the other day when I finally hit my last brick wall with the traditional publishing method. More publishers should be open to raw, unagented "talent". There isn't even an easy way to "foot in the door" this thing like others suggested I try.

Well, that list started in January and it's gotten bigger before getting smaller. I'm going on half a year already.

Given that I can't find a publisher yet, that's not likely to happen. I would be pleasantly surprised to get this novel published myself and actually have a traditional publisher approach me for subsequent projects. That's not likely to happen either, but a dragon can dream right?

I miss being around here more often myself, and the friends I have here, it seems I can't quite get the swing of things back just yet.

Yeah, it's a lot of stuff to do, but I'll get it done. I just need to apply myself to it, that all.

I'm absolutely not interested in "local" publishers at all, and will not look for one. I've mentioned it before, but the ignorant, rude, and self-absorbed baboons who inhabit my area of WV do not deserve to bank anything on my projects, and I won't let them. They have a tendancy to want to leach off the success of locals, and after treating me like garbage since the day I moved here, why should I let them benefit from my project?

I don't understand that whole thing either, which is why my head hurts every time I try new angles to possibly find something I might have previously missed.

I promised an update this week, here it is.

Animé Dreams!

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

   Nothing Witty to Say


Mood Picture Hosted by Photobucket

It seems like there's just no way for a guy like me to get ahead. I've just come off a major search night looking for publishers, and the results aren't looking good for my novel right now. None of the mainstream publishers are taking "unsolicited" proposals or manuscripts, and all the other publishers that seem to be promising are one form of vanity publishing or another, which won't work for me since they all want money up front to publish. Literary Agents, with whom contacting a major publisher would be possible, won't promote an unpublished author either. Those are the three main avenues that were open to me, all of them are closed until I can figure something out. That means the novel I have written, completely finished and ready for publishing, will just be another file on the hard drive for the forseeable future. My one question is simply this: How does an industry founded on exclusion of the little guy stay ahead of the game at all? Maybe I should stick to drawing pictures.

I updated my list of art projects, it's not any shorter if you notice, it's actually longer this time. Seems I just can't get away from adding more work to my load. I'm going to have to put a stop to that. I can't keep up with myself and that's bothering me cause I don't like to be overwhelemed with work for a passion hobby of mine.

  • Username Inspired Image
  • Lizardman Soda Jerk
  • Art Piece for Nephew
  • Art Piece for Other Nephew
  • Art Piece for Niece
  • "Surprise" Art Piece for dA
  • Chinese Ink Art Piece for Sister's Friend (I'm still learning how to do this artform)
  • "Surprise" Art Piece for TheO (Not telling :-ţ)
  • Requested piece for friend
  • Requested piece for another friend

Long story short, it's going to be one heck of a weekend.


Is there a difference between being down and creative bends to a passionate artist? I don't think there really is because how we create reflects upon our personalities and our moods. An artist who's trying too hard and just not motivated to do the work really feels that lag. and if that's not enough, this novel thing is eating at me a lot too. To get this far and run into a brick wall is very discouraging, and it hurts, so my writing will probably suffer for a while becuase of that, and maybe my art will pick up again, I don't really know.

To be honest, I'm not completely in on the joke myself, but it's funny none the less. The concept is really putting characters into unlike scenarios, like I did with Yahiko and the Boy Scout uniform. It's kind of an absurdity visualized.

Please do, I've put the link up in my intro area so it's not hard to find.

Yeah, I'm back, or trying to be at least.

Just been feeling the pangs of laziness really. It sure is a lot of art, and I hope to get it all done in reasonable time. I just have to make myself sit down and do it.

Publishing isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Oh that's the bare minimum, of if you do it yourself all the way, and that doesn't count stuff like marketing/promoting the book (advertising, sending copies to reviewers etc). The worst case scenario I came across yesterday was a frightful $4000 (Tate Publishing for the record - since they go out of their way not to have that info posted on their site). If I had that, I'd already be published. Traditional publishers don't charge the author anything, the trouble is, as I stated in my content up there, they don't take works from the average Joe on the street, they only take works brought to them by literary agents, literary agents don't promote manuscripts from authors who aren't published yet either, they like to wait till someone has at least one credit under their belts. In publishing there two main ways to go, the traditional way, then there's vanity publishing (the ones that cost the author money). Vanity Publishing is broken down into Subsidy Publishing, Self Publishing, and Publish On Demand (POD).

Well, the art is coming along, that's about all I can offer on that.

It's hard to tell the difference between a caffeine headache and a migrane, in any case I don't do headaches very well, they really mess up my perception.

That's good. It's always a great feeling to do something and feel it was well worth the time and effort.

Yeah I've been busy, but getting nowhere as usual.

That's the tip of the iceburg it seems. And, well, it's not really going to be much of a seller at all for now. I just don't have the heart to keep plodding away at trying to find that magic publisher who'll put it out there without me having to pay for anything up front. If I ever do get it published, I'll be happy to sign copies for my friend here on MyO.

If I wanted to, what's the most delicate way to put it, half-a** the whole thing, that would be an option that would get me laughed out of any legit bookstore. The problem is not with presentation of the manuscript, the problem is with getting the book produced for the market in market friendly terms (having the ISBN, proper Copyright, Library of Congress catalog info, etc). It's not all that easy to do that as a single person.

I can imagine the drive is tough, that's all I can do since my amaxophobia keeps me from driving.

Hopefully you'll find out what's wrong too.

I'll probably end up buying from there myself since I'm in the pergatory of cutural void that is WV. People look at me weird when I brew sun tea here on summer days.

Yeah, I'm falling behind in keeping up with people, it drives me nuts to not be able to do it, but it's tiring at the same time. As for the novel, I pretty much covered all that.

As often as I've tried to fall off the edge of the planet, this thing called gravity keeps pulling me back on.

Busy or not, I'll certainly try to be on here more often than I have been. Maybe I need a major rest to get things back on track I don't know.

You're probably still out as I'm posting this, but hopefully you'll see it. May you and yours have the best fortunes and good health.

Yeah it is, but I've seen worse numbers. Thanks but that's not looking like it's going to happen any time soon, it's a lot but I want to get it all done.

The ones I can put up here, I will, the ones that I can't will probably be up on my dA account since they take more kinds of art over there.

The foundation for the site is up (link in sidebar), but it's still massivley under construction so it's a long way off from being done.

Sure is a lot, to someone who doesn't have a dime to begin with, pretty much any amount is a lot. It's a back-burner project for now though, I've exhauseted myself trying tofind that publisher that's not a scam or vanity outfit, but got nowhere. Maybe in a couple years if I hit a windfall of sorts I'll be able to try again.

I'm not ignoring the rest of you comment, I just don't have anything to respond with.

I figured you were having net troubles, that happens. I've had them myself in the past few days. You come by when you can, that's enough for me.

I need all the luck I can get, thanks.

Being busy happens, look at me. I'm not on like I used to be either.

If it ever comes out, my first announcment will be right here on MyO.

I think I am coming down with something actually, I'll have to rest up and see what happens from there.

I try to get around when I can, it's not as often as I used to, but it still accounts for something right?

I'm not doing as well with things as I'd like to be, but c'est la vie.

You probably didn't miss much, I haven't been updating all that regularly myself.

Right now, the book is going nowhere, and that's where it will sit till I get the enegy to try finding a decent publisher again.

Animé Dreams!

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Where in #$%& Have I Been?!


Let's see if I even remember how to make a post here at all.

It's been way too long since my last update, so I'm sure many of you were wondering if I'm still around. Yes I am, I've just been so bogged down in myself that well I've neglected my home here, and boy is it a mess. I do have to report that ages ago I slipped a picture into my portfolio here without too much fanfare, and not a lot of attention it seems. That one was fun to do for me, and if I wasn't so bogged down in art right now, I'd ask for another challenge of that nature, but it'll have to wait for a while. My current list of personally overdue art projects reads something like this:

  • Username Inspired Image
  • Lizardman Soda Jerk
  • Art Piece for Nephew
  • Art Piece for Other Nephew
  • Art Piece for Niece
  • "Surprise" Art Piece for dA
  • Chinese Ink Art Piece for Sister's Friend (I'm still learning how to do this artform)
  • "Surprise" Art Piece for TheO (Not telling :-ţ)

I didn't realize I had so many art pieces to do. It looks like a lot, but I know that if I take and do them one at a time, I'll have them all done in no time.

Aside from the art pieces, I am in the process of putting together a sort of a web site for myself. It won't be much, but when it's done, I'll be able to say I made that pretty much myself. I need to check on a few affiliates first, then I'll probably start to get the fundamental bits online soon. I'm also finishing up my novel which I'll probably end up trying to convince a regular publisher to print, since I won't be able to put the money into doing it POD the way I was wanting to. I'd have to register the copyright myself $45, get the ISBN $269.95 (for 10 - makes sense if I'm going to put out hardcover and paperback releases, and for any future projects I am writing/may write) Get an Adobe PDF distiller $299 to guarantee the final product will be formatted correctly, so in all, I'd need over $600 to publish a book myself. That's not going to happen, so I'll be researching publishers and how to properly solicit a manuscript, though I probably will take the time, and put the money together to register the copyright myself, to keep the publishers I do contact honest. I'm also in the process of putting together some photo prints for POD sales, but I'll put those links up on my web site when I get it up and running, and get that stuff online.


Yeah, I can still remember how much it hurt too. Honestly, I'm surprised it didn't break my ribs or something worse than just knocking my wind out.

It is kind of hard to see in that picture, that's actually not the best angle to see it. The most alarming detail with that scar is that it's on the blood vessel to my thumb. I didn't realize till just recently how lucky I was after that one.

Thanks, I'll need the luck, and I wish you the best with your endeavors as well.

Really? I didn't notice. I'll have to remember to spell check my posts before I put them up, I'm getting bad about that lately.

I tried to pull some of the more wild bits of my life out of the dust to share, though I'm sure I could have put a few theatre bits up there too. Yeah, the TV was painful, and It took me like three minutes to get my breath back completely. Maybe that's why I'm messed up in the head now.

I had to do that on principle.

That's what I do, I just do nothing so to speak, and well, that's only making it harder for me to concentrate and get things done, so I need to make myself sit down and do stuff regularly, just to be able to feel right about taking the time to do stuff that's frivilous once in a while.

I haven't visted some people in weeks, I don't like to drop off the map like that, but I did this time. Hopefully I'll be able to get this once a week thing down right.

I almost completely forgot about putting up a thumbnail look at the whole calander. Here is a complete look at what images are in it, I didn't label what picture is on which month, but you get the idea what all is on it.

It's been a while since I've updated this time, I've been around a lot less than I want to be lately, I just can't get motivated to be on like I used to be.

The calander project is "finished" so to speak, the nice thing about POD is that there's no inventory to pay for up front, so it'll be good till next year comes (it's a 2008 calander). If it doesn't sell well after I kick in a little bit of advertising strategy for it (this isn't the best place for that, I know), I'll take it off the market and try something else. As for income, anything that's legal I'm game to try, but right now something that's work-at-home would suit me till I established something steady enough to be able to try to find a "real" job. the pictures are still a wys off, I'm just not in the drawing frame of mind right now which is odd for me. They'll be done soon.

Even in fun there must be some formality. I like to keep a clean looking site, so the unordered list was a natural choice to arrange the items. Not as personal? Hm, I guess I did kind of skirt the juicy stuff a little bit. I suppose a more personal list of facts would look something like this:

  1. I can't swim because I'm terrified of the water.
  2. In my whole life so far, I've only driven a car once.
  3. One time, I chased my brother and his girlfriend out of the house with a baseball bat.
  4. I can't watch horror movies, they still scare me.
  5. I'm a timid person in real life, I'm not very outgoing.
  6. My high school never gave me my diploma, even though I have all my credits.

And there's other things I could have mentioned too, but with only six spots, there's only so much I can cover. Since I did that twice now, I'll not be playing the game again for a long time to come, I don't need to.

Thanks for sharing. Those are some interesting things, but on the window, ouch, that had to hurt.

Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you've had a pretty rough time of things.

Thankfully my health is good, but unfortunately, I'm in an area where ability to learn isn't worth a [Censored] but who you know or are related to will get you places is worth everything. I keep looking cause I need the income.

You should be able to get it here if nowhere else. I know I want to try to get some so I can try it out.

I hope someone calls them on it, it would be nice to see them use an authentic blade. I've had the fortune of seeing an authentic, hand forged katana just recently (My sister's friend helped me order a sword online, we had to send it back it wasn't what we ordered), and there's a remarkable difference in the physical look of the blade when it's been hand forged. I'm surprised with the connections they both have in the movie industry, they didn't seem to know that the Samurai vs. Ninja thing is more Hollywood than real.

To find a simple barber, that's actually good at cutting hair isn't all that easy here in WV.

I saw the survey about the lisensors, I didn't take it. The question isn't really right the way it's worded so I'll have no part in it. Just because a person has a lot of one lisensor in their collection doesn't really say much other than the lisensor's prices are better, or they're the ones with the "Pop Animé" series that people are snatching up (it has nothing to do with quality). Most of my collection is from Bandai actually, only because those are the discs I find, or my sister finds, in bargain bins everywhere. I have yet to see much (if any at all)Funimation, ADV, Geneon, VIZ, or any of the other companies discs in bargain bins. now, I still see DBZ VHS tapes in dollar stores, which is kind of odd. If I could afford more Geneon (they brought Last Exile, one of my all time favorite animés to the US after all, and I believe they're the ones who redubbed Akira), I'd be buying it for sure.

I've been so out of sorts with myself lately, I haven't even worked on the article. I knew there was something holding me back from updating here, I wanted to have it up this time. Oh well, it'll have to wait some more.

The pictures have a ways to go yet.

Maybe someone who's on both places brought it here from there. I'll just link the previous post on dA if anyone does it to me there.

Yeah, he got me. Honestly, I was wondering when I'd get tagged myself too.

It went down like this. We put a flea collar on on the cat, and she didn't like it, she tried to get it off and managed to get it caught in her jaw (her mouth was locked open by the flea collar). One of us (my older brother or I) had to hold the cat down while our dad cut the collar off her. My idiot brother wouldn't do it, so I had to. She didn't like being held down as much as she hated the flea collar trapping her jaw open, so when I went to grab her, she let me have it, but I didn't let her go, I held her till the collar was off, then I freaked out cause I was in pain and bleeding. I don't think I was even 12 at the time. That's a lesson to all cat owners. MAKE SURE THE COLLAR IS TIGHT ENOUGH TO NOT SLIP OVER YOUR CATS' HEADS!!! The batteries just got in the way, I had to change them in the camera before I could take the picture (my camera eats batteries).

I'm not mentally blocked, I'm just unmotivated right now. I will try to get around to sites more than I have been though.

I just went on Lulu and they pretty much walk you through the whole process. All you need is 12 photos (one you'll use twice, forthe cover, and for one of the months), preferrably high resolution, and the site does the work part of putting it together for you. You sell it from their site since it's POD. If you want to make one for yourself and not sell it, I'd recommend picking up Hallmark Card Studio, it's got calader templates in it that are easy to work with.

I haven't been keeping up with your posts lately, I'm sorry about that. I'll have to get over there and see what's going on.

Yeah, I keep saying it, but maybe next time I'll have them.

Yeah, the tags have been going around lately. Thanks for sharing.

There's a Pennsylvania Dutch saying "the hurrier I go the behinder I get" which I like, and it applies to me a whole lot. I get to going so fast that I end up getting behind in things. I'm easily distracted too, which doesn't help any.

Yeah, I'm really lucky now that I think about it, I guess I really do have a strong spirit, I just don't see it sometimes.

If you're talking about the lizards here on my page, those aren't mine, I just scanned the labels from some SoBe bottles that I thought looked cool and made a theme of them. I'm not that good at coloring yet! I still have to try to learn some layer shading stuff to recolor that one picture.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

That it should, but it wouldn't come cheap, that stuff's hard enough for me to come by. Thanks for the luck, I'll surely need that.

I hope by now you're doing better in that regard. You take care now.

You come back in the middle of one of my periods of wanterment, go figure. Hopeflly I'll be able to get back into the swing of this MyO thing, I really want to be on top of things like I used to be.

Yeah, I got it made already, it's waiting to be bought by people who like my simple sense of photgraphy (and can shop online). I'll have to come up with ways to get word out about it, but that's for another day.

Yeah, I've got a dA account now, all that's up there is my photos (some of them) but I'll probably have a story or two up there, and some artwork soon.

Animé Dreams!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Title Generator Offline for Maintenance


First off, for everyone wishing my luck with my calendar project, thank you very much. I will put the link up in the intro eventually, but not tonight. I also have some other plans to work on as well for an income.

I have one picture coming soon, and maybe another one. I didn't scan the one in yet, it's been done almost a whole week. The other one is coming along okay as well.

I probably won't get around to sites till tomorrow at the soonest, I havent' forgotten about you guys, I'm just really busy right now.

Tag, You're It!

Going around MyO is a game where people post either four or six facts about themselves, then "tag" four or six people in their friends list to do the same, depending on the version of the game they're tagged with. Some of you have seen it already, some of you may have participated already, so you know what I'm talking about.

I was tagged by the real yojimbo recently under the six things version of the game, so I'll try my best to honor the spirit of the game. To start off, here are the six facts about myself:

  • For as long as I can remember, I've always called myself a dragon.
  • I had a 15" TV fall on my chest when I was five.
  • In the First Grade, I was called a "dreamer" by my teacher.
  • The phrase "it's a long story" is my out to not talk about something.
  • I have a scar on my left thumb from being clawed by a cat. (see here)
  • My best stir-fry dish ever, Shitake Stir-Fry, was inspired by my sister, and Cowboy Bebop.

An now for the tagging part. Randomly chosen from my friends list the following people are hereby "tagged":

Know what, I'm not going to "tag" anyone this time. Anyone who wants to participate can list their six things here in a comment, or their next post (and say I "tagged" them :P)


That is one way to look at it. I think not having net access for most of my trip back to NJ earlier this year was a bonus for me as well. I'm finding myself falling into the net addiction trap again, and it's one I've fought so hard to get out of before, so I know what I'm up against this round. For me, almost every waking moment is "idle time" I don't have a job, I don't have much that needs my attention around the house (I do take care of the yard once a week, twice if it rains and brings the grass back up quicker), so I have a lot of time to do really nothing. I need to structure that time so that I can work on my art, work on this business thing, and work on other things as they come up.

I'll get some thumbnails of the other months up soon, but I think the cover is a good representative of the photo quality within. There's more to the calendar than just flowers.

I'm up in the air on the worst part of moving. It's between packing, loading the truck, unloading the truck, and unpacking. Actually, I think the load/unload is the worst, the other two are tolerable.

All I can tell you is that, in my experience, getting a job is easier said than done. Going outside once in a while wouldn't be a bad idea though. Actually, I'm going to work that into my time management too.

I'm not too worried about it anymore. I just don't have the energy to get around to everyone every day like I used to. Thanks for the site compliment. It was a tough piece of code to wrangle, but I got it working how I want it. Your themes and layouts always impress me too.

In this case, I've been tapped by the family to take care of something, when probaly I should have been till some of the prep details were finalized. There's a lot of stuff that's tying my hands because my name's not the one associated with some of the foundational stuff, and for several reasons it can't be. I'm hoping thse details will be worked out to the point where I can step in and do what I've been asked to do to get it off the ground. It's great that the family is thinking of me like that, but I think this one needed a little more up front research.

You'll have to pardon my ignorance, I'm lost on the e-mail reference there.

10 Meters? You got a CO2 powered rocket to go almost 33 feet high? See what I mean by saying be careful with that stuff?

The clock is just an instrument tomark the passage of time with. As for it managing me, well, I just don't have any structure to it anymore and I need that to be able to get things done.

As near as I can tell one (possibly more) of his bank accounts/credit cards got hacked and used. That's a form of ID theft. He hasn't posted any more on that, but I know he's working on it so as soon as he posts more info, I'll pass it along here.

LOL! I've still my my procrastination gland myself. It'll be a chore to lock into the habits, but I think once I do, I'll be all right about it.

Every year I don't work is another year I can't put money aside for when I'm too old to work. Even when I joke about not having a job, you'ed better believe that on the inside, I'm all serious about it.

Sourwood honey has a range of states it can be, and is produced in, WV being one of them that can produce it (not sure yet if it's actually made here or not). It's not a "local" brand name, it's like wildflower and clover honeys, it's a type. If I can't find it locally, it's nice to know I can try some out by sending a plain old money order to a farm in NC that makes and sells it. They do even indicate they take regular mail orders, which is fine by me. I'm really curious about the flavor of it now, so I'm going to get it one way or another.

There's been a couple times I've wanted to get on the website and ask for specifics, but the Discovery site is so clunky and slow it's not worth fighting over. I think all their samurai sword myths are questionable from the start because while they say they use "an authentic replica sword" I want to know how many folds are in those blades. Even a replica made to the standards of a real samurai katana is going to be in the order of 700 to 1000 folds in the blade. Those folds are what makes the blade flexible and strong while remaining lightweight, like tempering the metal. A "replica" made using western techniques, even with 420 surgical steel is going to be garbage for the spirit of the myths because they are not crafted properly. Also worth noting, they failed to take note of one major myth in their recent ninja episode. Samurai and "ninja" weren't always opposing forces, that's a movie myth itself. Many samurai were themselves skilled in the arts of ninjutsu, simply put, many samurai were ninja. On the key thing, I think I learned that from a guy who worked on cars in high school. Thankfully, I've never had to put it to the test.

Yeah, I've got light frames this time around, they go better on my face that really big black nerdy ones, and I usually do try to keep my hair short, but lately it's been a chore to even schedule an appoointment to get my hair cut. I think I'm going to get one of those razor combs when I get my hair cut this time so I can take care of keeping it trimmed a little better.

In a nutshell, It's going to be a piece on animé over-all in my area. it'll touch on things like my local movie chain not showing anime movies in their theatres, the lack of animé conventions or clubs here, the selection of lesser mainstream titles in anime and manga, and even the number of shops that carry the stuff. That doesn't tell you everything, but it should give you an idea.

Thanks for the favor, I owe you one.

As for the rant, we all have those we need o get out of our system. My article is going to serve as my rant on the subject.

It sure is.

I'll try to get around when I can.

I kind of figured that was the problem. It happens.

People tell me I'm a good writer, so I don't think I'll have too much problems with it.

I wish I could help you more, but I don't know much about that kind of thing. All I can recommend is to check every piece of code you use, maybe one little thing is cuplret.

The time management issue is merely to structure my time so that I can get things done more efficiently. I really have no great plans to accomplish by setting up a schedule, I just know I need some form of comittment with myself to organize and take care of the tasks I need to get done.

In the past seven years, I've failed at every single job interview I've attended, I've failed at plans to get an animé club up and running in my area, I've failed at a business venture back in 2001 (which I don't very much like to talk about so I probably never mentioned it here before), I've failed at many more things than I care to mention. I understand what you're saying, but I threw that misguided notion out the window, along with the book on how to care a long time ago. I don't expect anything anymore, I've had my share of reality checks over the years which sees to that. Too bad those can't be cashed anywhere.

Hopefully luck is all I'll need.

Seems to me like it'll be longer than once a week for a while, getting my time wrangled is a real pain.

That's actually some good advice, I'll wrok some rest time into the schedule too, I think I'd go insane if I didn't.

I'm trying anyway, and I've got some other stuff to get up and running to see what I can do about an income as well. I need the money, so I'm going to try to use what I've got to make it happen.

Well, you do what you have to do, maybe a schedule would help you out some, but don't make it too rigid that it does more damage than good. Basically allow for a lot of snow days if you know what I mean (make up days in case something comes up when you have a scheduled task).

Animé Dreams!

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