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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Recharging the Dragon

Before I get down to business, I promised some links to altenate points of contact for me. I'm not posting my Blogger URL for personal reasons, but I'm admitting I have one, since I've dialogued about it here before.

Also promised a reference guide to the coding system on TheOtaku. I'm still capturing and coding that up, I hope to have an online, and printable PDF version ready soon.

On to Business

The delay in my posting kind of comes from my being so busy last week, I'm just now getting my wind back from it. Thursday, I was up in Pittsburg to see the "Bodies: The Exhibition" exhibit (my brother and sister wanted to go). It was fascinating, but not for the faint of heart, as the exhibit is entirely made up of plasticized real human bodies and body parts. I got a lot out of it, and I gained an appreciation for the awkwards shapes that make up humans, and I should be able to apply that knowledge to my art in the future. The exhibit runs till early May, if your interested in it. Bodies: The Exhibition is being shown by the Carnegie Muesum.

Friday Night, I found myself busy helping out Poobah and watching them play. Poobah is a pysch rock band, and they havea cool sounds, but, I'll let you all be the judge of that (note: if the clip stretches the window, I'll be correcting that shortly):

I took that clip on Friday Night, had to share it with you all. The friend I go on about now and then is the guy on drums.

I missed a key post on one of my Worlds on Sunday, because I was too drained to collect the infomration I needed for it, so it'll come a week late and hopefully have more info to show for it. The Sanctuary is what I'm talking about.

I hope to get to commenting again here this week as well, and should be on top of things for a while.



I'll miss your commenting/posting here, I hope you find your way back to us.

I think it's about time I put up aother post on Passive myself, and if I have the energy, finally get a banner together for it. Hopefully we can see some life come back to TheO through our efforts.

The account makes for a good plot to one of those "warm fuzzies" movies, but the truth does that sometimes. We need to get the people here together, that's the only way to really save this place. It's really smart to do that, comment here on his MyO page like that. I'm sure the message will get noticed eventually.

You know, I'm on just as much as I always have been, but I seem to get less done now that I'm having to straddle two sites. I'm already behind in my weekly postings from the offsite stuff, but I just don't feel as productive here in commenting, posting and anything anymore. it's really bad.

I've had many people over the years assume I was on staff here for one reason or another. I never have been on staff here, and I don't see myself being tapped for that kind of thing anytime soon, if ever. I don't think It's fear of me that makes it less likely for me to be approached that way, but my rough edges do present a lack of professionalism that's very important for staff to exhibit. Could I change that? Absolutely. People tell me I'd be good at doing staff stuff, but I'm not so sure myself. I've never had the kind of responsibility that the staff here has. Would I take a staff position if it were offered to me? Well, that's not an easy question to answer. I think I would have to go through a trial period where I got to know what all I'd have to do, then I'd be albe to decide if I could handle it or not. I have become a voice of reason here of late. I just call things like I see them, and I don't hold back when expressing them. I think others respect my willingness and ability to do that while maintaining civility. If that makes me someone Adam wants on his team, it'll be a surprise to me.

I haven't been commenting as efficiently as I'd like to be since this time last year. I have been trying to get back into the comment thing, but even now with less people updating, I'm still falling behind.

I can relate to your baking analogy there, only my ruined dish is peanut butter cookies. I never can get them to turn out right. That first post I made back in March, the really heavy one about community here that sparked Passive Dissent, that says how I was feeling at the time. I did, I saw myself falling out of touch with so many people so fast it was really hurting me. it still hurt when I focus on it, but I'm accepting that there will be people I knew here that I won't be able to talk to again for one reason or another and I'm going to have to be cool with that. To me, it would have been a waste to up and leave here for a new community. I already have a name here, even though I have to work to rebuild that name in a "new" community. I don't have that other places. I'll stick it out here as best I can and help build a what I hope to be a new community that honors the spirit of what came before. We can't honor the spirit of what came before if we don't have anyone here who was part of what it was. Let that be your strength, let the desire to honor the old sense of community we once had keep you standing and push you forward into the unknowns we have ahead on both the and my otaku.

Actually, my online writing has taken a hit too, I've started at least three stories that I just don't have the heart to finish and try to submit for "Fan Words" consideration. There's a long story behind that which I can't get into here for various reasons, but I'm noticing that lag too. When you feel you have to do something, it loses it's fun. Never take a project your heart's not behind. My challenge isn't seeing a lot of action this time around, so when this one is up, I'll probably put it away for a while and revive it later when there's more activity on the sites to see more participation.

I never saw MyO falling this far this fast myself, I just kind of thought it would always be there for me, and now, it's seeming like it won't be. I got my contacts up, bookmark all of them, save all of them, and you'll have a way to get in touch with me one way or another. I would hate to see the site vanish myself.

I think I got you added to me as well, the site was really wonky when I was on there today.

You're not the only one who feels that. I've been feeling like that since last year actually. I lost the energy I had to post and comment here and it hasn't come back yet. I hope it does someday though.

It is so good to see a familiar name from back in the day on here again, you have no idea the roller coaster I've been on the past month.

The community has suffered, and a lot of that suffering is technically related, like the PM system being moved. We were promised that MyO updates would show on TheO, they're not, TheO is now so JavaScript heavy that some computers can't even run the site properly, the limitations in what and how we can post have frustrated long-time members and new members alike, there is no easy way to find friends, we lost our "Artist Tracker" lists, and that's just the stuff I can think of right now. Technical advances are wedging the two sites apart, and that's not healty for the community. I value all the friends I've made here, I wish they would all come back and post and comment and stuff, but that's not going to happen. I hate to see what's happening here, it's painful.

Please do. kitbug69 is who you'd talk to about getting on as a guest poster for it.

It woudln't take me more than a day to get the 5,000 words if I coudl sit down all day without any distractions like needing to do something, or be somewhere. I've written anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 word shorts before, and I've written stuff that's still going on that's close to 15,000 words too, so I'm not afraid of the word count. It does take some finesse to do it right when writing a novel espeically. I'm thinking the 5,000 words won't actually be one scene, but will be little bits and additions to what's already written to make it flow better. That takes mroe time, energy and focus to do that a straight scene. Hopefully, I'll be done by May, I'd love to get the book out this year.

Every action, every gesture to help the community is appreciated.


You're posts and comments will be missed here, I'll get you my comment response when I can.

I think Sesslover had others putting it on their sistes for a while, it might still be up on some of them. Right now, those two pieces are the only official web bling the cuase has going for it, so I'm useing them both.

MySpace for me is probably going to be more about messaging and stuff rather than hosting a lot like audio or video stuff. I'm just on Imeem to be able to hear the audio tracks mostly, I haven't uploaded anything there yet, or blogged, or anything, though I should see if they'll have fits over the Gregorian Chants I'd like to be able to share with others.

Blogger is my personal/professional blog and I use it to rant about stuff I can't say here because it's about people and things here, that's why I don't have the link up anywhere on here, or on any of the sites I linked to here. I've had issues in the past where things I've said have come back to bite me, and I'm not about to have self-righteous snoops go offsite to find that stuff and bring it back here. That info is on a need to know basis, so not everyone who asls for it will get it, and I won't send it via PM on site here either. I've been with Yahoo! since 1997, so I use it's e-mail, it's IM, and I'm not on 360° anymore cause they said they were overhauling it last year, and I just never went back to see if that's true or not, or how it's working. TokyoPop is a headache and a half it's one of the JavaScript heavy sites I can't go to often for fear the load will overheat my computer.

I think allowing myself a cushion while trying to maintain some sort of regularity to my online life will do me some good cause I need the discipline. I will miss now and again, that's for certain, but I won't be all panicked and tweaked cause I didn't post on schedule. I used to be like that, I can't do it anymore.

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