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Yeah this is Howlingsith from deviantart and on this site just call me Kate, and this is my hidey hole! My little burrow of rants,comic updates and basically being able to be myself!!

I only tell a few choice people about this site that I know I can trust:) Luff you guys<3

Here you will see me show you guys things I would never put on deviant such as more designs,storylines and so forth that will be work ups for the comic once I hit 2010:)

ttyl luff Click


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Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey anyone who still lives here!
Hi guys just wanted to post here since it's nice and hidden:) Yeah completely SICK of Deviantart, it really does suck because of all the horrible gross artwork that is appauling on the front page>-> I feel like if I stay there I would be supporting it! I dont know..........anyone have advice? It kinda depresses me to be apart of it. Anyway, I have been okay lately, very tired but okay, I want to have fun this summer and really try hard to go out and meet lots of people. I love college and I really wanna start my comic but im sick of my art not improving, or Ive noticed its slowed down in my improvement alot lately...ohwell its probably because I couldnt draw much this year. I dun know what im saying Im just mumbling........
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In a rutt
meh Im so in an art rut at the moment.
I want to do something worth while but all I spew
out is crap at the moment=_=
I know I know, it will come back in time I

just hate being stuck in this situation yeah know?

By the way Anji Hito note me on
deviant or here if you want the
details to log into the run
e paw site and make room
for yourselves on it and call it something else too haha:D

I want to make an amazing c
omic so badly...but im waiting
and waitintg im just impatient
BAH sorry pointless journal...Id
just love to work with someone,
off or online. Im glad I can just
spew words here and I wont be judged lolXD
Hidden is fun<3

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I updated the rune paw site:)
I put up the synopses but please I want
some sort of help with it just to
say where I can make it more original.
I am not the best writer and I need
to know if anything should be changed
so please help thank you!^^ Also tell me if I should
change the whole thing>XD If its too much
like everyone elses. Ive had this for a while now
so thank you^^

Also enjoy the other stuff I put up hehe!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What do you think of Oisin's final design?:)


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hey look83
http://runepaw.weebly.com/ I made my own site...well on a site hoster but its pretty cool.....If you Anji and Hito want to use this with me as a website for all of our comics that would be cool/novel^^ eh? Anyway I can change the name and everything to suit it anyway ttyl!
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Gaww hey anji hito remember the saying "WELL IM GONNA ADD YOU AS A FRIEND NOW!' from here? brings back memories hehe so cute
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