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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reffering to post below: I think I will stop panicking now. I had a bit of a panic situation thereXD

What I am going to do is this.


Until summer 2010 I will develope Rune Paw until I am completely satisfied. The storyline, style, characters, layouts, the world they live in, side stories, little animations and over all getting to know the story.

Anyone is welcome to ask questions and how I am doing with it:)

I want a professional comic and I will not be one of those who dive head first into starting one...anymore
This is going to be a long on-going comic.

I was thinking of putting up the storyline on theotaku and seeing what others think and maybe help and crit it to make it more smooth or original what you say??

Not like many people will see this post anyway
But yes from now on its work and development no more dive bombs, no more typicalness....no more dissapointments.

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Not sure if anyone will read this but needed a silent place to rant=_=
Ugh...lately Ive been feeling more and more ditraught at my comic. Its too unoriginal and it annoys me to have it...sure I love my characters to no end! but I cant stand to have them in this giant wolf comic circle thing that makes you instantly popular if you draw oneT-T I dont want to be one of those people to have it up and not update it(which I have become).

I want to be a REAL comic artist(not that wolf comic artists arnt) not Ohhhh pretty wolfers fighting the darkness of two packs type thing=-=

I love rune paw and I will continue it....maybe just not on DA. I need to start it proffessionally sometime next summer with some artists. And Anji did an AMAZING job at the title cover and that will be wonderful^^

I just want to make it not a stereotype of comic.

Ugh I just dont know why people cant make a good comic without the TYPICAL things. I mean I have to say the most popular canine comics on DA are the most generic. Exceptions are like Off White, Canine Tales, TTD and ATR well there are a few exceptions at least^_^" but others are(dont want to mention incase I look like im bitching, but im not im just pointing out the generacy of the look and storylines) You can note me if you want to know lol but you would have to be blind to not know how generic some are.

UGRGH I dont even know WHY I am saying this...it sounds so mean! I dont want to be mean people can do what they want I know that! I am all for freedom but Im more for originality and a fresh look of styles, characters and dear god storylines!

Please dont give out to me Im just annoyed>XD

I want something people can look at and not feel"Another wolf comic"

Personally I would LOVE to be in a comic group where everyone loves the comic storyl wether it be humans or canines or whatever! I would LOVE to do backrounds BIG CHUNKY AND FUN backrounds>XD I want to be apart of something that will get off the ground and not just be like a monthly thing. I want to be able to update two pages a week on my own site!^^ I want others interested and just having fun!^^ I want to merchandise and well yeah!^^

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

I am in the mood to set up a team comic? like about 3 or 4 people working on a comic together? What do you guys think? I would love to do backrounds I am improving hehe
Like it would a job for everyone83

Character drawing in the comic
Character Design

I have a bad back yah see? And I can update regularly rune paw because of it and I htought I could be better if I had a job in a comic eh? Anyway what do you think?

And moreXP

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Does anyone else work best with art and has the best inspiration when they are really busy in other aspects of their lives? And when they finally get a break they cant draw!?

WellTT-TT thats just happened to me....I cant draw Im in a stage where I suck again...gah I knew it was coming I felt it for days now but god what timing....im also sick which sucks because of the party tomorrow which I want to NOT have a red nose forDX<

Its not that I dont have inspiration...I just dont feel liek drawing3X

Going off to play bioshock now hope your all inspired today and if so....*rattles tin can*Spare talent anyone? Spare talent? No? god bless yah anyway sir....*cleans your car windscreen*

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rune paw pages!8D 1-3 ^_^ Thought my otaku gals would like some sneak peeks!^_^
Page 1-2(double page fold out)

Page 3

haha enjoy!8D I wont be putting these up on deviantart til i get atleast ten pages up83

By the by ive been needing to do anohter comic lately too<3

Hope everyones doing well ttyl!^_^

Oh and Hito/Leigha(hope you don mind me callin that on hereXD) if you want help with any arts stuff lemme know!^_-

AHHAHAHA wow compared to the first page ive ever done of the comic which was about 11 months ago! haha BIG difference no?XD

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

   you guys?
Might sounds corney but I miss being in a group>3> you guys wanna make an otaku group/pack thing? I dun know give me your opinionsXD sometimes though they dont work outXD


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Friday, March 6, 2009

Do you think after I get the contest prizes done and portfolio...is it a good idea for me to start commisions? I mean I know I am not advanced yet but I would like some extra moulaX3

Give me your opinion pleases and thankyews<83

I'd probably make them cheap. No more then 30 dollars anyway for big ones....thats baout 25 euro or so hrmp....XD

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Im getting my hair done now its no longer gonna be curley its gonna be straight long and im getting a heavy fringe^^ haha Ill put up a pickyXD

Hrrmmm my mock exams are going well got maths and geography tomorrow so it should be okay. I dont really have much else to say err i woke up this morning at like5 in the morning and omgT-T I got the biggest leg cramp i ever hadXD I was limping for 5 hours straight after>XD I think its from the studying and exams ugh!

Im doing trades with Natsume and Roleplaywulf on deviantart so that should be fun^^ errr and finishing your request Hito and lots more of you guys<3

Hope your all doing well...what a pointless journal!XD

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Iw as htinking lately about my future. I'd prefere to take a year out before going straight to college from school<3 But ill try anyway and if I dont get in then thats fine too ^_^

Also I was thinking when im in my twenties I want to buy a castle and do it up<3 I know that sounds funny but in ireland its possible to buy castles<3 So im gonna buy land with ruins on it and hopefully itll still have its turrets and tower and I want to build onto is and around it<3 then of cours ebuy lots of dogs haha!

How has everyone been? I just wanted to update^^ life is stressful at the mo but good<3

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Like only a week to do my storybaord now and then I have huge exams! then only 10 days after that til my only chance of getting into college this year is due!D8

I am frightened like hell>xp

But even I fi dont get in this year I want to learn a few things:
I want to learn Spanish(so i can go there and visit my friend Stephy)
I want to take two courses in dog breeding
I want to take a course in web design
I want to make 2 comics Rune Paw and Lost in Fantation.
I want to get better at art lol
Me and Hito will be hopefully trying to make a site:D (only you guys will no not anyone on DA because its nice and private here hehe)
And err basically I want to have fun this year with lots of love<3^_^

I hope everyone else has had a nice day if not hugs for you<3

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