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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In a rutt
meh Im so in an art rut at the moment.
I want to do something worth while but all I spew
out is crap at the moment=_=
I know I know, it will come back in time I

just hate being stuck in this situation yeah know?

By the way Anji Hito note me on
deviant or here if you want the
details to log into the run
e paw site and make room
for yourselves on it and call it something else too haha:D

I want to make an amazing c
omic so badly...but im waiting
and waitintg im just impatient
BAH sorry pointless journal...Id
just love to work with someone,
off or online. Im glad I can just
spew words here and I wont be judged lolXD
Hidden is fun<3

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