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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Oh you poor souls... sorry for making you read my post yesterday!

*yuck* Looking back at my post yesterday, I think it got too gooey and slimy from the overflowing mushiness and sappiness.


sorry for that, but I just had to let it out.

Now I'm feeling much better, not that anything got better about the situation... :(

But I'm coping with it and I'm doin' great. ^^o

Today has been normal. Nothing special happened. As usual I saw him and he, together with Kuya EdPat, Kuya Kim, Kuya Bryan and Kuya Daniel (All seniors) stayed with me to wait for my ride! ^^o

Aren't they just nicee? ^_______^

*grin grin*


heehee, I have nothing to talk about so I'm just putting here random things. O_O

*listening to Hush Little Baby*

aww... isn't it just cute? ^_^


I wouldn't mind this playing over and over again while sleeping. heh.

hmm.. so What to talk about?

oh! I know!

meh. I'm getting really annoyed with my classmates.

I don't think we can ever resolve this problem! Out of all our teachers, only two of them remains uh... un-angered by us. wahhh...

Most of them already wants to drop us out of their list!


It's a long story so it's best not to ask. ^_^


hmm.. I've just thought of something... a question for all of you...

Have you ever wished you were born the opposite gender of what you are now? Why or why not? Which do you think is better (stronger, smarter, you know, general aspects. ^_^), Male or Female?

Oh yeah! This is what we like to call the IBS or the Imperial battle of the sexes. heh.

Me, I'm contented with how I am now. I wouldn't ever wish to be born a boy. I'm happy with the way I am. ^_^

heh. I'll leave the second question to you guys. ^^o

Oh and please, try to have an answer which isn't neutral. I mean what's the point of asking if all I'd get are neutral answers. ^^o


ok, so I'm off to drink my tea which our maid just brought in!

I hope y'all had a nice day!


Thanks for reading!

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Monday, October 18, 2004

   Like it?

So how's everyone liking the backgroung music? heh. I know it's a lullaby. But I like it. It makes me feel... all warm and relaxed... as if I don't have to care about any problems at all. though... at times it would make me think of my mom and how much I miss her. I wish she'd just go back here.

Soo, I'm giving my BIG thanks to our one and only, dear, dear Sahkiryce and to my friend, Christine. If not for both of them, I wouldn't have been able to get this on. ^_^

*big hugs*

so thank you to both of you! I owe you! ^^o

I would've made a special banner, but school work isn't allowing me the time. *glares at school work*

oh well.

Today has been normal. I was late yet again for flag ceremony.

The afternoon wasn't bad.

We had choir practice. You know what that means. ^_^

Practice ended earlier than usual, so I had to wait for my ride (which arrived later than usual). And guess what, they waited for me! and by 'they' I meant *him* and the other fourth/senior years. heh. aren't they nice? I felt rather guilty cuz it was getting dark. But they opted to go and stay with me so I won't be alone waiting for my ride at school.

So, the day has been pretty normal. I'm expecting tomorrow to be a bit different. I don't know why, but I just have this inkling. heh.

*shrug* weird.


I don't know what made me post whatever my post was yesterday.

I guess I was just feeling lonely and uncared for yesterday.

Thank you for all the comments.

I know I tend to make small things big deals...

And yes, I am quite a moody person too. It just so happens that everytime I post I'm feeling happy. ^_^

But I do try my best to always be happy.

Like Hannah (a friend of mine) said, she liked the aura she sees/feels around me. She said it's cheery, and happy, light-hearted and calming, with an elegance and sophistication of a person with grace. heh. I have no idea how I make her feel that way. I admit I'm what you can call somewhat of a "brand-concious" person. but *shrugs* I have no idea how I came to be 'elegant, classy and sophisticated". weird. O_O

Another friend of mine (christine) said, all she saw was I'm someone whom people can talk to. in short, Approachable.


this is weird. oh well.

I'm feeling kinda down. No need to worry about me though. I'll get over this soon enough.

If you're allergic to mushiness and sappiness, scroll straight down to the comment box and skip reading this part. If you're not and you have enough time to waste on me, go and read.

What I'm feeling now is no where near love. It's just a 'fondness' of a person, isn't it?

I find myself wishing I should never have gone down those stairs leading to the covered court where they held the contest.

Cuz maybe if I didn't go down, I wouldn't have these feelings for him now.

I thought I cleared things up with myself that what I'm feeling for him is nothing more than a friendly feeling. That I just missed him so.

But nooooo. Here I am being all mushy and sappy, not being able to stop thinking about it.

It's a shame he's my friend and he has fallen for someone else who, according to him, doesn't feel the same way for him.

She's a childhood friend of his. They had been friends ever since 1st grade. and we have been friends since what? last year.

I asked him if he ever planned on telling her, he said no. I asked why. He just shook his head sadly.

tsk tsk. I told him he should tell her, cuz what if she feels the same way for him?

With a sad sigh, he told me how she kinda started to avoid him and all. She acted as if they weren't best friends before.


But he would never know unless he tries... right?

What makes me sad is he tells me this. Mind you, I'm not the only one who knows this, but of course it makes me sad. Imigine how you'd feel. Though I am happy because at least I know he trusts me enough and at least that means I am a close friend, rather than just a friend.

How ironic. To be sad and happy at the same time.

People around me (namely my dad, aunt, grandma and all my other homies) don't know about it. They keep teasing me and stuff, saying he likes me.

I don't like hearing it because it just gives me hope. Hope for nothing. hah. I guess I should just be happy he's my friend and I at least get to spend time with him.

Yeah, I now understand how it feels to be "so near, yet so far". ^_^


It's weird, when I think about this, it makes me feel... heavy, and it's a bit hard to breathe. same as when I look at the time and know it's just several minutes before I see him again. I feel light and giddy, but heavy and sad at the same time.

How weird is that? O_O


There has been too much mushiness and sappiness already it's all gooey yuck!

This has certainly been a result of me spending too much time online and listening to the love songs my dad downloaded. not to mention I've just been recently readign Romeo and Juliet. heh. O_O

So I guess this is enough for today. (not that I'm planning to do this again some other day, I'd rather not. It's making me feel down and deppressed)

Here ends the mushy part of my post. It has been mushier than usual so I guess you should be glad if you didn't read it. Sorry if it was such torture to those who bothered to read. Though I'm guessing no one will. ^_^

I still have to study for my Chemistry long test tomorrow!

I hope y'all have a nice day!


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Sunday, October 17, 2004

   who cares?

Good morning everyone!

Woohoo! I'm feeling good today! XD

Though... I'm worried that you guys might be mad at me for not coming in (again).

As you all know, I've been busy. And I get really tired. Way too tired to go here.


You're not mad are you?

oh of course you're not. It's not like y'all care if I go here or not anyway.


Soooo... since noone's really reading my posts anyway, I'll just go and see what y'all have been up to lately.

Maybe I'll post something again later, maybe I won't.

Who cares?


So, buh-bye! ^_^

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

   I'm back!

*dodges rotten tomatoes and cabbages*

waiii! I'm sorry! I've been a busy kid this past couple of days.

I hadn't had time to even check the site. wahh..

But I'm here now so no worries. I just hope no one's mad at me. >.< I've never missed myO for two days in a row!


Like they say, there's a first time for everything.

: p

So anyway, A lot went on during those past couple of days.

Tomorrow would be yet another busy day for me.

We were asked to sing at the Athletic meet which is going to be held at the Amoranto Stadium.

It's in the morning. and we're excused the whole day.

Which means we can go wherever we like after the athletic meet! yay! ^^o

And guess what? HE asked me to go to the mall with him afterwards the athletic meet. Naturally I said yes. ^_^ And then I asked some of our friends too to go with us. whee! Looks like we'd finally be able to have our studio picture taken! yay!

S0o0o, I'll try to visit all your sites tonight but I doubt if I can, I'm supposed to read this really long uhm... poem(??) for tomorrow. though I don't see why I have to, I'd be gone the whole day anyway.

oh well.

So there. I've tried my best to make this post short (thus leaving out details).

So how are you guys?


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Monday, October 11, 2004

   Nothing much. O_O


Dark Sephiroth: eh! ^_^' I'm not too shy! I'm just telling the

truth! Though I'll admit it won't be so bad if I found he DID like me... :(

ShikyoKasu: Not exactly... He showed me the name though. -_-

masterman: o...k...?

Darkangel: Thanks! ^_^ yeah! now you've seen him! ^^o I know

it's not... But it's the truth... *puts hands up* I swear! I'm sure. Really

sure. Though of course a part of me wants to believe it's not... T_T

*sigh* Take care too Kuya darke! ^^o *huggies*

Shizuka: Yeah, I guess he likes me in a good sisterly way. ^_^ I

don't know what I think of him... of course... I like him, very much so...

What does that make him to me? *sigh* I'm getting more and more

confused! >.< Aww...thanks! *hugs you* take care too ok? ^^o

Sailor Firestas: yup yup... it really is. -_-

Dark Phoenix: a very good friend he is indeed. ^^o I hope no

one's getting pissed off by it though. O_O

End of replies

SOooo, there. Today was a pretty good day. I was late for flag

ceremony. Oh well. Which means I wasn't able to attend first period.

O_O I really have to wake up earlier. meh.

The day went fairly well after that. Had a few laughs here and there,

mostly I was tired and wanted to sleep.

Oh! I saw him too as I was walking from the gate to my building. ^^o

Which is probably one of the reasons why the morning started out

pretty well.

It was strange though... this morning I felt nervous about seeing him.

Normally I would be excited... Hm.. Maybe it's because of what happened

last saturday... oh well.

We had no elective, which provided me time to sleep. ^_^' heh.

Later on in the afternoon, we had a talk with our Chemistry teacher. We're having these uhh.. conflicts with her. Can't talk about it here. It's too long and would result to useless rants. so don't bother asking. ^_^

We had himig practice at dismissal. I was wondering what "2 new christmas contest pieces" they were talking about when I found out they were expecting them from me. O_O

I honestly had no idea I was supposed to bring both the pieces today! >.<

So we just stayed there and goofed off for a while.

yep. He was there. HE was the one who was supposed to tell me. but he DIDN't. ^_^'

We tried to sing the ethnic song we recently learned but we couldn't get the timing right. So we sang Prayer of St. Francis which wasn't too good towards the end.

Then after that the older years (which means the seniors) started playing tricks on us. >.< They kept turning the lights on and off trying to scare us.

Once Kuya Marlo turned off the lights while I was seated way over the oppostie side of the room with no one else. >.> It was scary!! I couldn't see a thing! T_T

after that they made me sing "THe Prayer". eck.

I still like the song. heehee! It's a shame they're letting me ruin it by singing it. heehee!

Then I just sat there, waiting for my ride when Rocky (a friend of mine) came in and said he'd be taking a ride home with me without letting me have a say in it. heh. Very uh... polite of him isn't it? ^_^'

He started to pull me out of the room saying he wanted to go home now. I insisted I'll stay for a while until all of the others go home too.

That's when Kuya Marlo started imitating my actions. >_>

I tried telling him to quit it and he'd just repeat what I said. O_O

So I tried to sit still (which is hard considering Rocky's still trying to make me go home).


So there, we went home with me making sure he PROMISED to treat me to a Blueberry Cheesecake plus a Banana Shake this Christmas!


hehe...so there ended my day.

The ride home wasn't too eventful except for the uh... loudness of Rocky in our car. ^_^'

It's ok though, he's a good friend of mine so I don't mind. ^_^

So, now here I am. ^^o

I hope y'all had a wonderful day?


*hugs all of you*

I know I haven't been too good in visiting sites...but please bear with me.


So now take care and enjoy your day!


again thanks for those who replied yesterday.

And thanks to those who wasted their time reading this. ^_^

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

   Nothing much happened today.

I'm currently waiting for my tutor to arrive.

It's passed 4 already and she's supposed to be here at 4:00! But I don't mind though... If you ask me, I'm not in the mood to have my tutor now. -_-


ok so for those of you who's curious as to what *HE* looks like, just scroll down to the last part of my previous post. There you'll see his name. Click it and a picture will appear. ^_^ he's the first one from the left! ^^o


I'm getting all mushy here again.


I'm listening to the song he sang during the OPM finals at our school, which he won. *sigh*

I really should try and keep my mind of this.

It doesn't help that my whole family knows about him.


They all think he likes me. tuh. I KNOW he doesn't.

Reasons why they THINK he likes me:
1. He came to my concert AND recital even though he lives a looooong way from there.

2. My aunt saw him keep both programs with my name highlighted.

3. They claimed he looks at me often.

4. We look good together. (??)

5. He missed his research work just to come.

6. Lot's more claims here. (too lazy to type)

hahaha! I have to laugh at these. ^^o

Reasons why I KNOW he doesn't like me more than a friend:
1. He came because I'm his friend. And he's really nice.

2. It's not often one of his friends has a concert and performs a solo on stage. So maybe he just wanted it as a remembrance. ^_^

3. We constantly talk! Is it not normal for him to look at me while we're talking?

4. I have no idea what they're talking about. -_-

5. Like I said, he's a really nice guy and a very good friend.

6. He told me he loves someone. and like I've told my friend, what's 'like' compared to 'love'?

meh. aren't I just mushy?


Oh well... forgive me, it's not everyday I feel this way. I mean yeah sure, I always talk about *him* and all, but y' know. -_-

.:5 hours later:.

I wasn't able to finish what I was typing earlier because my tutor arrived. 8-}

Oh well, it went pretty well. ^_^

We're going to meet again on wednesday.

I just watched the video of my song.

wahh! It was horrible!! I mean, the start was horrible... but the last half was good...I guess. -_-

oh well, I still have other chances. ^_^

hmmm... it's already 9:30 here, and I think I should go to sleep.

oh! and good news! I found my glasses!! yay!

Turns out they're underneath the table. Which is weird because our maid looked under it and said she found nothing there.


oh well. So I'll go now!

Take care y'all!

Don't forget to give me hugs!


oh and special thanks to those who were able to read and comment yesterday's post. ^_^ I appreciate it very much! I wasn't expecting anyone to actually read through it, but you guys did! yay! Thank you!

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Saturday, October 9, 2004

   This is going to be a lengthy post.

So I'll break it into parts. ^_^

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First Part

the Performance

I woke up at around 5:30, but I got up at around 6:00 a.m.

I took a bath and then got dressed at around 6:45.

My aunt arrived to do my face and hair at around 7:00.

Around 8:30, I'm supposed to be at the College of Music already to have my vocalization, but we were still at home doing some last minute retouches of the hair and make-up.

We arrived at around 8:45.

Then I had my vocalization.

around 9:30 the recital started.

They(and by 'they' I meant my friends from Himig which includes *him*) were still not there.

I was the 19th performer out of 22.

As the other performers sang, I was getting kinda sleepy and bored. Luckily the 3 kids and 2 adults I was seated with were making funny remarks about the other performers.

As I went on stage(coming from the backstage) I was shaking and really really nervous.

I smiled at the audience wondering if my friends were there with my family.

I handed the pianist my piece and stood at the center of the stage.

I smiled, turned to the pianist and nodded my head to give her the cue to start.

As I sang the first line, I was surprised by how my voice came out. It seemed my voice was getting sleepy too!

But I continued to sing as if nothing's the matter. ^_^'

As I got to the second part, my legs began shaking real hard.

I was actually worried the audience might notice it.

I tried hard to steady it, but I can't.

Luckily no one noticed.

I finished with a big smile and bowed and almost laughed when I heard the loud woots and cheers of my friends.

Right. they were there. ^_^

I sat back on the chairs in the backstage and had a bit of trouble breathing. I think it was because of how nervous I got. After awhile it stopped.

A few minutes later, we had the final bow.

I went out through the backstage where my family met me.

.:End of part 1:.

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Part II

After the performance


my family met me saying I have lots of friends who came to watch me.

I was a bit surprised cuz I was expecting only a few.

And as I walked to the doors of the Hall, someone suddenly ran out and there they were, walking out one by one through the door.

(note:He was the first one who came out. ^_^)

There were some people I didn't expect to see, but was really really glad to see. They told me there were some (Which included 3 or 4 alumni and a senior) who had to leave right after I sang.

I felt really really thankful to all of them. They all made me feel special. XD (corny I know, but hey. That';s how I felt!)

After taking pictures for a while (XD I have no plans of putting it here. heehee! But don't worry, you're going to see a picture of some of them later.), we treated all of them at McDonald's.

Some had to leave after that.

Those who were left (Him and 4 others. XD) were planning to go to the mall.

They asked me if I wanted to come with them.

I told them if they won't mind coming to my house for a while to let me change, then I'll come with them. ^_^

So we did. On the way we actually thought of just spending the afternoon at my house. But then Ate Nikki had to go back to school (which was just near school) at around 1:00. So we decided to just spend the time at the mall.

We arrived at home, I showed them Sabrina, our Siberian Husky, and Snowball our Japanese Spitz.

After changing and washing my face (I'm not much for make-up), we spent some time looking through the photoalbum contaning me and my twin's childhood pictures. (in case you're wondering, we have different photoalbums. There's one wherein it contains all my solo pictures, there's another one for just my twin, my brother, my dad, and my mom. Then there's one for pictures of the three of us, me , my brother and my twin. ... you get the picture. ^^o)

They saw lots of pictures I haven't showed anyone else. eheh.

We had a good laugh.

Then afterwards we ate for a while and then we went back to the mall.

On the way to the mall, since all the voices are complete (Soprano: me, Alto: Ate Nikki and Armie, Tenor: Him (heehee! I'll reveal his name later. ^^o), Bass: Kuya Brian and Kuya Felix), we decided to sing songs which we learn in Himig. ^^o

so we did. We had a lot of fun. ^_^

.:End of Part II:.

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Part III

At the Mall


We arrived at the mall where Ate Nikki parted ways with us to go to school to have her basketball training.

We went on to the mall and on the way we met Kuya Edward and some other guy.

They came with us.

We told them we were planning to have our pictures taken, My treat. But then I kinda felt unsure cuz I don't really want to treat a guy I don't even know. @_@

But instead of going straight to the studio/s, Kuya Edward just had to insist on going up to Quantum (a popular arcade area). So we went up where we met Phimie and Kai, two people who were supposed to watch me but didn't. It's ok though, I understood them. ^_^

But then they decided to come with us too. Which means I won't be able to treat all of us for the studio pic. There were 9 of us. I don't think I brought enough money for that.

So we went down to one of the studios and took a look at the packages they were offering. turns out we can't really have a picture taken without one of us having to pay for something he/she won't have.

So we decided to do it some other time. ^_^

Of course I ws disappointed.

After that, the afternoon was spent doing a lot of random things... Playing games, window shopping, stopping at foor stalls, and whatever thing we think of doing.

We got to go home at around 6:00.

And the whole day I was with him! yay!

= p

and then I went home.

.:End of Part III:.

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