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Saturday, October 9, 2004

Part IV



I arrived at home feeling exhausted and giddy at the same time.

It took me a while to get myself together and eat dinner.

After that, my dad called me to see the pictures he uploaded from the digi-cam.


He had a solo picture there!!

Eek! My aunt told my dad about me liking *him* which explains the solo picture.


And they all started to tease me.

there was even a 3-minute video clip which they showed. It was the time when we were eating at McDonald's. >.<

If you were here, you could just see the smirks and the teasing looks and remarks they all kept giving me!


Anyway, now here I am, I can't find my eyeglasses so if there are any(or a lot) of typos, I'm sorry.


So here ends my day. ^_^

.:End of Part IV:.

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*dun dun dun duuuuunnnnn*

And now here's the enigmatic *him*!

His name's Marlo (first one from the left) and I call him "Kuya" because he's a year older than me.

But my aunt, grandma, maid, and my dad kept insisting I shouldn't. O_O


Anyway, I know he's not much to look at, but then like I've told you before and like what you've read now, he's a really really nice guy. Great even. ^^o

In case you don't know why, he and Ate nikki were supposed to be doing their research work today.

And yesterday, a lot of people already told me they wouldn't be able to come.

So by afternoon I was kinda feeling down. I really thought they could all come!

It went downhill even more when He told me he and Ate nikki won't be able to come because of research.

I was surprised... And greatly disappointed.

I was really hoping they would all come...

Of course I understood them so it really was ok for me. I'm just a sad they couldn't make it.

I was hoping no one else would tell me they won't be able to come when another friend of mine came up to me and said, "Sorry Ericka...I won't be able to make it tomorrow."

When I heard that, I just felt extremely sad that my eyes were suddenly filled with tears. Luckily they weren't looking. I didn't want them to know Iw as crying.

I immediately excused myself to the bathroom inside the music room. Then I got got scared when the thoughts of uhm... scary things came into my mind (don't ask) so I quickly turned around out of the bathroom. But I didn't realize they actually followed me, so when I turned they all saw my tears.

I'm pretty shallow aren't I? heeh...

Honeslty I didn't even know I'd cry over something like that...

When they saw me cry, they kinda panicked. I was a bit guilty cuz I didn't really want them to go just because they saw me cry... :(

But there, he told me he's miss their research work just to watch me.

When he said that, my mood went zooming back up.

And when I heard a lot of people say they're going I immediately began jumping around and being back to my old happy cheerful self.

And when I went in the room, he looked at me, smiled and said, "The joy in her eyes are back!"

hahah! ^^o

Now you know why I like him...


Oops...wait this is too long a post already. So I'll go.

It's almost 1:30 a.m. here...


I'll try to visit your sites tomorrow ok?

take care everyone!

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Friday, October 8, 2004

   Getting ready for tomorrow.

Luckily, I got to practice with the pianist today.


I'm glad it's much much better than before.

Now I'm just all nervous about tomorrow.


Wish me luck!

Can't post too long right now, I have to go get plenty of sleep.

I'll post about today, tomorrow ok?

See ya!

Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, October 7, 2004

   No classes

well, no not really. I just didn't attend any of them.

I was excused the whole day.


And I missed FOUR quizzes.

Oh well.

My day didn't start well though.

I forgot that I left my rubbershoes in my locker. We all (himig) agreed that we would go straight to the music room (which is the backstage too.) first thing when we get to school. So when I arrived I still had to go up to my classroom (which is in third floor in the building across the campus).

But when I arrived, I went to the door, turns out my soc. sci. teacher is already there.

Normally she doesn't let anyone who's late in.

I figured since I wasn't late maybe she'd let me get my shoes from my locker.


She just HAD to be unreasonable and not let me get them. I even told her I had my excuse letter!

Didn't she know that I had a performance to get ready for?


I was soooo annoyed when I got back to the music room that when I told Ms. Hermano (my adviser and Himig moderator), I cried.

No kidding. I cried.

I really cried.

Shallow, I know.

But that's one of the ways I take my anger out.

And since I'm SOOOOO annoyed with her, I cried.


Luckily I was able to get Christine to take it to the music room for me.

I got it in time.



So there, we sang doxology and the national anthem.

Why? There was this program YMCA. And there are a lot of different schools in there.

We were still a bit unsure about the last part of the doxology that I was really really nervous, nearly shaking up there.

Luckily we did well. Or so they say. "Splendid" was the word they used. ^^o

Only... my friends told me that the only voice they could hear from the sopranos was me. @_@

I wonder how they knew it was my voice?

erk. Maybe it's because I sang it er... louder than the others. ~_~

erk.. At least they said it was beautiful. ^^o

Anyway, after that, we thought we would have the intermission number at around 10 or so. That's why we put 7:00 - 10:00 a.m. excused in the letter.

But then we were told we'd be singing at around 1:00. So we had to change it.

so we stuck around the music room. Some of us went back to the classrooms though. ^^o

We all had lunch together at McDonald's and afterwards planned to have a studio pic together. Unfortunately, the studios in that mall were little. It's no place for 30+ people to have pictures taken. ^_^'

So then we went back to school at around 12:30.

When we arrived we were expecting for them to be calling our attention to get ready for the intermission number. But - Lo and Behold - It was moved up to 3:00.

I was both happy and uhm...disappointed at the same time.

Performing at 3:00 meant I didn't get to go to any of my classes.


Oh well, at least I had a fun time.

Something strange happened while we were waiting for 3o'clock though.

It involves supernatural feelings and beings.


I'd rather not say it here.


So anyway, 3:00 came and went by, we STILL didn't get a call for the performance. >.<

It was around 5:00 when they did.

and we were quite unready!

In short, several people weren't able to get in the room on time to be able to go on the stage.

Luckily I was there the whole time. O_O

I was really really nervous cuz I KNEW we hadn't yet perfected the song. >.<

I was actually surprised when we got back to the musci room and they (those who weren't able to get on stage) told us it was great!

They all thought the best part was when I did the obligato.

They said I sounded as if I was a mermaid .. or something. ^_^'

Of course I didn't think it was that good.

I;'m just glad that if it wasn't good, at least it wasn't because of me. ^_^


So that's how my day went.

THank you to those who commented yesterday.

Yes I really really was tired. And I am now.

I'd just give christine a phonecall to ask about what I missed and if I have the chance I'll get back here.

Thank you sooo much for reading, I know I probably bored the hell out of you guys.

So I really really appreciate you reading this.

Do take care for me and enjoy our day ok? ^_^

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Wednesday, October 6, 2004


Can't stay too long.

Gotta get some sleep. IT's 12:00 midnight.

got back from grandma's at around 11:00.

Went to the mall to buy clothes for saturday.

Got home at around 8:30 p.m.

Had an unexpected afternoon rehearsal.

Performance tomorrow morning.

Need to buy batteries for tape recorder.

Got a test I still haven't studied for.

Too tired.

Can't think straight.

Hope you don't mind.


Take care.

try to visit tomorrow.


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Tuesday, October 5, 2004


I just got back from my grandma's house. My voice teacher is about to call any minute now... I guess she wants to talk to me about the performance on saturday. -_-


boy, am I tired.

I slept last night at around 1:30 a.m. >.<

*cough cough*

naw I did that one for real. This stupid cough just won't go away. >.<

I STILL don't want to take any medicine!




Anyway, earlier today I was thinking about me driving a car.

Oooh! I can't wait to get my hands on those wheels! ^^o

Back when I was small, when the concept of driving for me was as simple 'step on the gas and hold on to the wheels', I've often imagined myself driving around and around the city and going from province to province. XD

Of course, at that time I didn't think I'd have to worry about things such as gas, and I thought the car naturally went straight forward on it's own. ^_^'

I learned it wasn't so during my first bump car ride. I think I was 6 or 5 years old.

I kept going around and around in circles and got so dizzy I can't walk straight. ^^o

Thus, I found out there was more to driving than just stepping on gas and holding the steering wheel. XD

It's only *counts fingers* 8 months 'till I can start learning how to drive!

I can't wait! ^^o


heh.. anyway, now I think I'll start working on my composition journal. XD I want it to be very colorful. ^__________^

I've got some very good ideas here but I still have to work it out. ^^o

urp. so now I gotta go and finish my homework. XD


I'm trying my best not to procrastinate anymore because it might just get in the way of my career.

mwahaha! naw... just kidding. I don't think I'd even have a career. = P

neway, I'll go now ok?


y'all take care for me ok?


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Monday, October 4, 2004

   Rehearsal was horrible


I sucked up there!



But I guess it's ok. At least my grandma and some other people there told me I should only concentrate more on the song (instead of paying too much attention to the accompaniment and the pianist. = p) and I can sing it... er... beautifully?

eck. I should hope so.

I'd be going to my grandma's house everday until friday evening and will be practicing once more with the pianist just before the recital this Saturday.


I'm just really no good when I sing with accompaniments. 8-} Weird for a singer, I know. But hey! I'm just starting...


anyway, today went pretty normal. nothing new at school.

We didn't win the race with the other sections though. Oh well.

I still appreciate Benjo's work. At least we won in the class. ^^o

We had no Chemistry which meant early dismissal for me. ^^o

So I was able to go to the music room and get the shirt I forgot to take home last saturday.

I saw him too. I think he was in a bit of a bad mood... :(

But then at least I got him to promise me that he'd come this Saturday! =^-^=

And he promised me the cheesecake. *woot*


I'm happy just for that.

Oh...wait, I know I said I'd be posting pictures... but I'm not sure if I can this week. maybe next week. ^^o



I was just talking to my Research teacher. She just got back from the hospital and is now recovering. She told me she bled because of UTI. She said she might be going to resign. :(

nooo!! She's like one of THE best teachers I've ever had!! She just can't go away like that... T_T

BUt I do hope for her sake that she gets better... It sounds painful...She told me she can't even wwalk straight. T_T



I'm currently listening to Josh Groban's "To Where You Are". Again

I just can't seem to get enough of him! Well, no not of him, but of his voice! ^^o


bleh... still have to study for big test tomorrow. Sorry if I can't visit all of you. ~_~

Duty calls. ^^o

I'll try to tomorrow (though it's pretty obvious that I have tight schedule. ~_~)

*hugs all of you*

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Sunday, October 3, 2004

   Still sick but as they say,

meh. After one week of being sick, I'm STILL sick. But thankfully it's not as worse as it was last week.

I don't like taking medicines too much.

I don't really know why, but I'd much rather get better drinking nothing but water or maybe some vitamin C's.


Anyway, I'm thinking of taking pictures of my friends and posting it here. ^^o

I'll see if I can take my dad's cam to school tomorrow.

oh! hmm... Would you like to see a picture of *him*?


To be honest with you, he's not really THAT handsome. *shrug*

Like I've told y'all before I like him because he's extremely nice and funny too. He's got this great sense of humour which always leave me laughing when I'm with him! ^^o

Anyway, I'll be going to my grandma's later (around 3) and work on the song.


So right now I'm just cheking in to see and read the comment y'all put in yesterday. ^^o

you know, I've been thinking, why does a lot of people care so much for popularity?

I mean, yeah, it's great to have lots of friends, but is it really so important that you have lots of them?

Isn't it enough just to have several REAL friends?

I just don't get it with people who thinks popularity is super important. >.<

*shrugs* oh well, this is my point of view.

I'm just glad I have lots of friends who are true and real. -_-

Anyway, I'm glad you liked the flowers yesterday. ^^o

I was editing the picture size and yeah, I accidentally pasted the smaller picture on top of the bigger picture. Then I saw it looked pretty cool, so I decided to put another smaller picture on top, and voila, it made a pretty good frame. ^^o

I still haven't been able to edit the other pictures so I wouldn't be able to post it here. ^^o

So there... I'm currently looking for pictures to put here.

.:a few minutes later:.

man, I've been clicking and clicking and clicking.

Finding pictures aren't a problem. It's which to put that's being the problem. >.<

I can't decide!

ok I found this, it's Aria from Sister Princess

eck... this creeps me out a bit. bu I still think she's cute. ^^o

Anyway, it's nearing 3 here, so I better go!


I'll try to take pictures of me and my friends to show to you guys k?



byeee!!! ^^o


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Saturday, October 2, 2004



I'm sooo sorry! I know I said I'll be back last night but the internet got broken again!



So I couldn't get back on... T_T

Anyway... I just got back from my lesson at U.P.

I reached all the way to "re" on the third octave! @_@

and man am I pooped.


whee! Now I'm just glad to get back here. ^^o

How are you guys? It still feels weird missing a day here. ~_~

Heehee! Neway, I'll be visiting sites now ok?

then I'll be back later. (I hope)


Mmmmwah! take care you guys! ^^o


I just got off the phone with my friend, Kylie. ^_^

Now I'm off to find some more songs to download. ^^o


I'm running out off things to say!


Oh! I know! My dad took several pictures of the orchids we're growing in our front yard.

They're sooo pretty! I'll put one picture here. ^^o

The others are too big to put here. So I'll still have to edit them to show to you... kay? ^_^

Here it is:

Aren't they pretty?

We also have white ones. ^^o

heehee! well anyway, I'm feeling tired so I guess I'll turn in for the night.

Again I'm sorry for not coming in yesterday... I hope no one's mad... ~_~

oh, yeah, btw, someone reviewed the story I wrote at FanFiction.Net.

It's an Anonymous review. But he or she said I know him/her for sure.


wha-? I honestly have no idea who it is! T_T

But I'll ask my friends incase it is one of them. -_-

If you want to see, here's the link.

Don't bother reading it. It's crappy. Plus it's an Eriol+Tomoyo pairing. I don't think anyone here (other than me) is a fan of that pairing. ^^o

So there. I'm tired. So I'll go to sleep.

Buh-bye! don't forget the hug counter up there! ^^o

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Friday, October 1, 2004


I'm sooo sorry for not coming in yesterday. There was something wrong with the internet so I didn't get to go online.

Right now I'm in a hurry cuz I'll be going to my grandma's house to practice singing the Laughing Song. ^^o

I'll be back later ok?

*hugs you guys*

p.s. Sweetshnara16: I'm sooo sorry! I was going to do it yesterday but like I've said, the internet was broken. T_T

Soooo sorry! *gives you BIG hug* And I like them tooo!!! >.<

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