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Sunday, November 7, 2004


I just finished writing my post which contained what happened during the party the other day but the computer suddenly restarted.

and it got erased.


Now I don't think I can type it all up again.


So I'll just say it was great and we had lots of fun, and we can't believe it was over so fast.


SO there.

Now here's something that was sent to me by my good friend Hannah. ^_^ Some of it is written in our language so I'll just put "()" for translation. ^_^

1. My name: "Ericka Jane R. Nera"

2. Where did we meet? "QCSHS, Bec1room, Admin.Bldg"

3. Take a stab at my middle name: "Sinabi mo sakin to eh!!! maybe I have alzheimers already... Rico ba iyon? hoom... alang kwentang kaibigan nga ako" (You already told me this!!! Maybe I have alzheimers already... Is it Rico? hoom... I'm really a good-for-nothing friend."

4. How long have you known me? "approx. 2 yrs"

5. How well do you know me? In a scale of 1-10. "How can i judge that? um... maybe a nice, juicy 8 will fit."

6. Do I smoke? ''Ecka? Smoke? Nu-uh. She knows better than that."

7. Do I believe in God? "Of course!"

8. When you first saw me, what was your impression? "I saw you as a well-raised and cultured girl and slightly kikay and uber-cheerful"

9. My age? "51!...haha... just kidding. of course, you're 15!"

10. Birthday? "June 21...ba? ehehehe...near the first day of school...arghh! i'm really forgetful.. sooweee..."

11. Hair color? "blonde!!! wahahaha! joke po! siyempre, black." (siyempre = of course)

12. Eye color? "a shiny black-brown"

13. Favorite color? "pink. baby pink ba iyon? " (Pink. Is it baby pink?)

14. What's one of my favorite things to
do? "talking to friends, may it be thru text or telephone or face to face. you really like to bond with people."

15. Do you remember one of the 1st things I said? "you asked me during the 1st day of school "Andyan na ba yung teacher?" (Is the teacher there already?)

16. What's my favorite type of music? "classical, contemporary classical--violin and piano pieces especially."

17. What is the best feature about me? "if i'll do this, i'll be draining my net-card because the list would be just sooooooooooo long. i'm not kidding"

18. Am I shy or outgoing? "both."

19. Would you say I am funny? "uh-huh"

20. Am I a rebel or do I follow all the rules? "follower."

21. Any special talents? "you have the voice of God's angel and an unbelievable talent of making a complete stranger into a friend within 60 seconds."

22. Would you consider me a friend? "a big, bouncy and radiant Y-E-S."

23. Would you call me preppy, ...else? "i don't believe in labeling people. it's deregatory and demeaning though you may mean it as a compliment."."

24. Have you ever seen me cry? " >_<; yea."

25. If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be? "angel"

26. What/Who do I love? "see no.17...."

27. Have i ever told you I liked you? "indirectly."

28. Have I ever been in love? "in love with singing and your family and god. but amore, as in 'the l-o-v-e'? *whistles and winks* who am I to say? *wink, wink* "

29. When was the last time we spent time together? "just this friday."

30. What is my favorite food? "CHEESECAKE"

31. My favorite movie? "aahh... >.<; dami eh... but you're not such a movie buff, i think.."

32. Do i have a pet? "the siberian husky and the jap spitz, right?'

33. Do you think i'm cool? "not the term cool because that's so cheap. i'd call you 'great'"

34. Where did we met? 'bec1room, Xientia, admin bldg."

35. If, in one hour, I'll be gone forever...what will be your last words for me?
"I love you. let's eat all the cheesecakes, ice
cream, chocolate and stuff like that heaven has to
offer when we meet again, ok? don't say goodbye
because it's really not. And, in your next
reincarnation, please go vegan because, in case
i'll be born as something else, you might eat me. i
love you."


so there it goes. ^_^

heh. all those are in her opinion...it's up to you to believe it or not. ^^o

anyway, today went pretty well. heh. I slept again all afternoon then I had my tutor class.


I just finished eating dinner. *yum*

now I guess I'll just go and check my email, then see if I can visit your sites today (it's been quite a while since I did that) then I'll start with all the work that's been piling up since I got excused.

Oh and another thing, they said the taping was this coming thursday. wah. that means extra work... AGAIN.


anyway. yeah, my brother told me last night that he has a girlfriend. She's his first girlfriend. ^_^ So a happy-happy christmas for him then. XD

Lucky him. he's got a happy love-life while I don't even know if my love-life exists. but no matter. I don't want to dwell on those things anyway.


buh-bye! ^_^

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Wednesday, November 3, 2004


busy. got lots to do. have to wake up early tomorrow.

I'm happy though.

We have a variety show comin' up. they told us if any one wants to perform there, we're welcome to audition. We can sing solo or duet or trio.

THen *he* told me he wanted to sing with me. He wanted us to do a duet.

^_^ Of course I'm happy about it. though I'm just afraid cuz I don't really sound good. heeh.

We'll see. ^_^

*is very happy he wanted to sing with me*

it's not everyday you get to hear that.


well buh-bye. I got to do things so I won't fail. rar.

take care!

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Monday, November 1, 2004


I'm sitting with my lil' cousin who's insisting that we watch the video of both my concert and my recital. o.O

She really likes listening to them. heh.

"I want to be like you when I grow up!" She said to me after she watched my concert. heehee!

It feels good to know lil' kids look up to you like that. Though I'm not very sure I AM someone to look up to.



So, I didn't get to do much yesterday. I was supposed to finish the essays due tomorrow, but somehow, I just can't find anything to write about. rawr.

Oh well, I hope I get inspired later.

Something weird happened yesterday. I received two ... WEIRD (and I mean WEIRD) messages.

The first one was in Friendster. Someone named Lea, who isn't connected to me in any way, sent me a message asking if I'm interested to join this... er... Internet Model thing. I was like, whaaaaat?_? Who would want to make ME a model?? hello? besides, I'm NOT interested to join any modeling company. It's not exactly in my line of interest ya know. erk. I can't believe anyone would think I got the IT for modelling. O_O Way weird. and if you look at my photos you wouldn't even THINK of me being a model! tsk tsk tsk.

The second one I received last night, around midnight.

It was sent to my yahoo e-add.

It's from someone named "Howard".

and the subject was "Musta", which is the short version of "Kamusta" which, in our tongue, means "how are you?"

I was like, what?? Who's this Howard?

This is what was written in his e-mail:

From: "Howard" [niceguy@bloomington.in.us]
To: jane_babyangel36@yahoo.com
Subject: musta
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 13:34:38 -0500

your site is cool but im so busy today
My filipina wife 25 is in Chicago with her BF
and we are going to divorce now
She is from cebu
I have a GF 17 in Sibonga and she is in dalagute today
doing this honor the dead thing
mostly I havent seen her for a YEAR
which is when my cebu wife left here
and She seems to cost me 5000 pesos a week

THESE are my FL photos :)
WELL OK one in cebu



then after that there were some pictures there but they wouldn't show.

I read that like 5 times. and I was like ????????_?????????????


Who's this howard guy? and how'd he get my e-add?

This is freaky.

I got an idea that he might've got my e-add from friendster so I searched for him there. Lo and behold, I found it. But it only made things freakier.

If you want to see his friendster page, click here.


The net's getting freakier by the month. heh.

I hope these things stop happening to me, or else I might want to lay off from the internet for a long while. *shudder*



wah. I have to stop thinking of this.

I think I'll go visit your site to get my mind off this.




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Sunday, October 31, 2004

   I feel like I haven't been here for ages.

I'm sorry.

It's just that, I didn't feel like posting these past few days.

Mind you, it's got nothing to do with my last post.

Speaking of which, I'm sorry about that. Yes I know "hate" is too strong a word to use. But that's the way I felt at that time. *shrug*

Anyway, thanks for reading that.



I won't be around much in the coming weeks (or at least I think so).

But that doesn't mean I won't be here to check everyday and you know, from time to time post a lil' something and comment on your posts.

I'm sure none of you won't mind. ^_^

So0o0o0o0o... In case anyone's wondering how the taping last wednesday went, it went pretty well. Except for the part when we had to wait for FOUR HOURS.

Wonder what happened? Here it is stated in a few words: CALL TIME: 6:30 p.m. TIME TAPING STARTED: 10:00 P.M.

Imagine how we felt about singing THAT late at night. We all felt like we just wanted to close our eyes and sleep! T_T

But it's ok, we DID win after all. ^_^

It'll be aired this coming friday, Nov. 5, 2004, at 10:30-11:30 a.m. at channel 7. It's on national television. Of course none of you from the other countries will be able to watch that. heh.

After the taping the judges went and had a lil' talk with us.

They said they really liked how we presented ourselves up on stage. they said we had a great "projection". heh.

But I wasn't around during the start of that lil' talk. I was busy giving and receiving hugs from our friends who came and watched us. heh.

so after the talk, all the other himig who sang turned to me and told me the judges liked ME especially. I was like o.O what?

apparently the judges liked how I er... acted on the stage. ehe.. Which was kind of a surprise because I really felt like my eyes were about to droop during the performance. (That was how tired I felt)

Oh well. *shrug* The main thing is we won. and we're happy. Hard work during the whole week paid off. Missing a lot of school work and quizzes is worth it. (i think.)

After that we went home. two of my friends (one senior(who also sang with us) and the other one's in college (who went there just to watch us) spent the night at my house. heh. We had a pretty good time. ^^o

We didn't go to school the next day. We were all pooped. heeh. But I heard *he* came. oh well. ^_^

FRIDAY Oct. 29, 2004.

It's my brother's birthday! Happy birthday Kuya E.J.! the food was great. heh. even though when we ate he wasn't there because he went off oding something with his friends. ^_^ He's 19y/o now. ^^o

Anyway, You pretty much know how the day started for me. In case you don't know, go and read my last post.

Right. But I'm over it right now. ^_^

So, I went to school even though it was pretty late. I arrived at around 11:00, just in time for elective. luckily we had no elective. ^^o

I didn't miss much. We had no Geometry. We had Physics, which was always fun. ^_^ Then Chemistry.

Luckily I already knew all about balancing equations of formulas. Breezed through them and finally dismissal (early! ^^o) came and I went off to himig.

As usual he was there. ^_^ We goofed off a bit. We had no practice. heh. We just hung around.

One by one, they went home, when at last, only me, kuya Marlo, kuya Brian, kuya Felix and kuya Aaron (yeah, all of them are seniors(a.k.a. fourth years and I'm a junior in other words, a third year). that's why I call them 'kuya'.)

we were told we weren't going to have practice on saturday. heh. But the five of us wanted to go somewhere. heh. to my surprise Kuya Marlo (yes, him. hehe.) Asked if they could go to our house. So we planned and such. But then my Manang called and told me dad was going to arrive this saturday instead of nov. 3, which is wednesday.

when they heard that, they suddenly felt... er... I dunno, shy?? It seems they thought dad might get mad if he found out they spent the day at our house. o.O

so there. All plans were cancelled.

It was already dark when my ride came and picked me up. Again, the four of them waited for me. Aren't they just nice? ^_^ Remind me to buy them gifts this christmas. ^^o

heh. Oh well.

It was good they decided not to come anymore because then Kylie and christine came over to my house and we started building our web site. We didn't finish it. so they decided they'd spend tuesday night here. I hope we can finish it. *sigh*

oh my, this has become such a long post.


if you're still reading up till here, *huggles you* Thank you! ^_^

not many people would waste their time reading what I've got to say. so thank you very much!

sorry to have bored you to death.


So now I've got to start writing those essays.


Bye! I'll see if I can visit you guys. k?

Good day!

p.s. rawr. YM's being mean to me. for some reason I can't use it. hmpf.

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

   I hate them.

My grandma and my dad sucks.


It wasn't MY fault that my grandma PURPOSELY FORGOT that I had school today. She KNEW that I didn't set my alarm clock because I KNEW that they would wake me up in the morning.

But my dad had to do a sermon about it being MY fault that I didn't go to school. He said I was supposed to be RESPONSIBLE for whatever happens to me. But I WAS!!!!! Is it my fault that even if I'm supposed to be responsible for myself there are STILL other people around that would affect that responsibility?

I mean, why would I PURPOSELY want to be absent for school for no reason?

He KNOWS that I'm not that type of person.

I mean, sure school can be a pain lots of times but I'd never do anything like this.

and they ALL said it was MY fault.

I hate them both.

My grandma's being a pain nowadays.

I know you'd say I should be patient with her because she's old. But that's not the case! She did it ON PURPOSE.


My cold isn't helping.

They're not even trying to understand what I'm saying.

They make me sooo mad, I'm already crying. argh! I DON'T want to waste my tears for people that make me mad.

hah. Isn't the dark color scheme very fitting?


And I thought I was going to have a wonderful day today.


*deep breath*

If you're still reading up to this point, thank you.

I don't expect anyone to read this...really.

Especially if it's just another one of my rants.

If you're thinking of putting a comment, please do me a favor and please, please, PLEASE don't bother sympathizing with me. I really don't need that right now. -_-

Just knowing that there's someone out there who listened (or read) is enough.

Well, I'm off to school (it's very late.) and I'll be hoping the day gets better.

*I wish i could talk to him right now... or even just see him. When I see him, it seems as if everything's alright and I have not to worry about anything else. corny I know, but believe me, this is how I feel*

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Monday, October 25, 2004

   School really sucks

First they tell us FRIDAY NIGHT without any OFFICIAL announcement that monday is the start of Sem Break. and now, when we've all already made plans for the coming week, that's when they'd announce UNOFFICIALLY again that the Sem Break has been moved to second week of november.


Actually it's not my school which sucks. it's the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.

Why the hell do they change their minds after saying something anyway??

HAH. I hope no one comes to school tomorrow.


Ok, this is sooo unlike me. I know I seem sooo mean and all. But if you're in MY place I think you'd react much in the same way.


Oh well, it doesn't matter if there's school tomorrow or not anyway, I'd still have to go to practice and learn the choreography for the taping.


Today, after practice we went to the mall to look for some blouses and shirts that might work for our costumes. O_O

I DON"T like it one bit.

It's this stretchable thing where one size fits all.

It's orange and looks like scales and feels like one too.

We looked like chickens when we tried it on.


I can't believe that's what they picked!




Oh why, oh why must I live with things like these?

The horror!

But it's ok I guess... OUr song's in the native tongue and would somehow make sense why they picked that outfit.


But Is till wish they bought a much nicer one.


Not that there's anything wrong with orange, I like orange! It's just... I just don't think it goes well with the cloth we're supposed to drape over our shoulders.


Man. I hope we don't embarass ourselves infront.


Oh well. It's been a tiring day and I think I should turn in soon.


Good night everyone!


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Sunday, October 24, 2004


I'm sorry for the post yesterday.

I just felt too tired.

I even fell asleep in front of the computer!

Luckily I was on my bed at that time. heh. The advantage of using a lap top. XD

Anyway, today I think I'm going to do nothing but rest.

Now I'll tell you more about the taping thing I told you about yesterday.

so. here it goes.

Y'all know I'm a part of our school choir right?

well, There was this guy who heard us and he thought we were great so he recommended us to join the concert which was going to be shown on national television on the second week of November.

We all knew that the show only shows LIVE performances on T.V.

But we were wrong, what they were showing were Live Tape performances.

and so Friday night, when I was just about to go home, having gone to the mall with *him* and my best friend together with several others, I received a message saying the taping was going to be this on this Wednesday.

I panicked when I read the message because for one, we haven't finished learning the song yet. two, we haven't even had time to have the choreographer with us. three, we have no costumes yet.

wahhh. and THEN we found out that the recording for this other contest was THIS tuesday!!!



The only good thing about all this is that starting tuesday, we're going to have our Sem break. which means I won't get to miss a lot of school as i thought.


I hope we can get it all done.

anyway, I've been too busy haven't I?

I feel as if I don't know you guys anymore... O_O

even if I was gone only for a couple days at a time, it feels as if I've been gone for a year.


it passes by fast does it not?

*hugs stuffed toy - Genie*

ah! This Genie is just sooo cute! you know Genie from Aladdin right? ^_^

Yep that's him!

haha! But this stuffed toy isn't really mine.

It's Kuya Marlo's. heh. He let me keep it for several days. ^^o

heh. anyway, the lights just went out and so I'm writing this without internet. O_O


I wonder what happened?


I'll go back later as I wait for the lights to come on. ^^o


I hope y'all have a nice day! ^_^


Four hours of Black out.




and I was supposed to be online the WHOLE DAY!!!


oh well, at least I'm here now. ^_^

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

   Hectic Day

WE found out that the actual taping for the contest is this coming wednesday and we haven't even finished learning the song. We still have no choreography. No costumes.

I wonder if we can make it on wednesday.

Sem break starts tuesday.

We have a recording this coming tuesday too.

Sorry can't visit sites.

Too tired.

I'll try to make it up to you some other time.

I hope no one's mad.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

JS Prom

Eheh. I forgot to mention that today we were given a survey as to which place we would opt to have our JS prom. ^^o

I go for Gazebo Royale. heh. Practical and it sounds and looks like it's the best place we could have. ^^o

I'm getting pretty psyched up for prom already.


Good thing I'm a Himig Xientian.

and he is too.

We all agreed that all the Himig Boys should have at least one dance with each of the Himig Girls. *grin*

which means they have no choice but to dance with moi! ^^o



not that I love to dance or something... but y'know how I am with him. heh.


It's not everyday that you get to dance wearing an expensive gown y'know.


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Just got home.


As usual, nothing out of the ordinary happened at school.

Except for Physics where we met our other teacher. Mrs. Mejia.

To be honest with you guys she kinda creeps me out. There is no way I would look at her and NOT get creeped out. This sound harsh... But this is really how I feel! Everytime I look at her, she reminds me of the fat guy on this halloween cartoon... you know, where there's this guy named Jack, and he's a skeleton. I forgot the name of the fat guy but one thing I remember about him is that he has two faces. One's a happy face and the other one's this angry face.




anyway, yeah, about the Halloween party/slumber party we're planning, heh. I'm pretty excited about it. ^^o

I hope they can all come. especially those people I'm close to. ^^o

heehee. Speaking of which, earlier, as usual (or at least as usual for the past 3 days already) practice ended earlier than expected. So I had to wait for my ride which, came later than expected. heh.

Luckily for me, they were nice enough to wait again with me there at school. ^^,

Heh. When my ride arrived, it was already dark which made me feel a bit guilty.

the guys did this slow-mo kind of thing where in they acted as if they were running and reaching out for us as our car went off from the school. heehee! It was sooo funny! ^^o


Right now I'm IM-ing Theressa. heh.

She's likes Kuya Kim who's a tenor in Himig. ^^o

heehee! And believe me, she's got a complicated love life...

speaking of which, I just heard Kuya Hayden and Ate Abi (batch 2004 alumni) just broke up! wahh... I'm soo sad to hear that. :(

But oh well, I guess it's for the best. -_-

sooooo. I'm feeling pretty tired. So I guess after I talk to Theressa, I'd go to sleep.

Thanks for reading!


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