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Thursday, June 10, 2004

   Whee!!! ^.^


I woke up at around 2:30 in the afternoon. weehee! ^.^

anyway, so... after I got up, I showered then ate a very late lunch or dinner? (could anyone tell me what you call a lunch/dinner? you know, like 'brunch'?)

heehee! ^.^ anyway, after that, err... here I am, I logged on... checked my mail and friendster account, took some quizzes and finally, I'm posting this up! ^.^

Here are a couple of quizzes I took:

.:You live your life: ~innocently~:.
You see the world in black and white but color
surrounds your heart. Happiness is your escape
and a smile is always brightening your face..
one that feels sometimes tough to keep up. You
are plain sweet and just be careful.. dreams
are easily shattered.

How do you live your life? (with pics! ^.~)
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm innocent?! whee! ^.^

Your eye color should be pink. You're the classic
girlnextdoor, a sweet, loving, daddy's girl.
You can be shy when meeting new people and
absolutely adore cute and cuddly animals and

What Color Eyes Should You Have? ( With Anime Pictures ^-^ )
brought to you by Quizilla

O_O pink? whee! ^.^ I once had purple eyes! heehee!

Anyway, that's all for now! i'll post again something later! ^.^

Here's another DA! DA! DA! pic! I hope you like it!

Oh! By the way, I already e-mailed Adam. ^.^ just thought you'd like to know. (=^.^=)

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Wednesday, June 9, 2004

   I've been at this the WHOLE day...and night

O_O it's already 3:40 in the morning...

Sleep still hasn't kicked in... (no, I'm NOT insomniac...I just haven't been able to adjust properly with the time. you COULD say i'm jet-lagged. ^.^)

Anyway, I woke up at aroung 2:00 in the afternoon. Mu aunt arrived with her daughter, and she was the one who woke me up. ^_^

We were about to eat lunch when my brother arrived and so we ate all together. ^.^it was fun, specially with my lil' cousin beside me. (she is just so cute! (=^.^=))

then after eating lunch, I went to my parent's bedroom and watched some TV. I watched until about 4? or 4:30.

anyway, er, after watching TV, I went back to my room, switched my pc on, took a shower, then logged on here on my site to see if my GB's working yet.

I was able to log in at around 6, so when I logged in and saw that my ggb STILL doesn't work, I immediately called Shimonoseki and asked for her help (again). ^.^

Anyway, i'm really really thankful for Number 5, Blue Hawk, and Shimonoseki for helping me! I really really am...^.^ I just hope that I didn't take too much of your time... ^_^'

Incase you're wondering what ways we've tried to make my GB work...well here they are:

1. I made sure (lots of times) that the Guestbook is "ON". (like many of you told me to do so)

2. I turned it "OFF" then checked what would happen (as suggested by Shimonoseki) then seeing that it *clearly* was not the way, I turned it back "ON". I was hoping it would work at last but as you can see, it still is NOT working. (-_-)

3. I made a new account. With the same settings and all. (only the name was different... it was CLAIRE not CLAIR) But the guestbook STILL didn't work. >.<

4. I transferred to my Dad's computer. We thought the problem might be with my pc so, maybe if i used *another* and a *different* computer, it would work. But alas! It still didn't work!

5. I let Shimonoseki sign in on my account with *her* computer to see if it would work. again, it didn't.

6. I let Number 5 sign in on my account with *her* computer to see if it would work. again, it didn't. (by this time I was getting *really* annoyed. >.<) Number 5 told me it might be a glitch.

7. Blue Hawk (a friend of Number 5, whom she asked for some help too) asked me some questions about the problem with the gb, and she concluded that it might indeed be a glitch. They both told me that Adam might be doing something or er.. creating something new that may have caused the glitch.

and there you have it! ^.^ of course I needn't mention how I bugged people asking what's really wrong with the Guestbook...

Thank soooo much Number 5 and Blue Hawk! and sooo sorry for taking your time...it was F-U-N talking to both of you though! ^.^ wheeee!

heehee! thanks again! (I'm really really greatful!)

anyway, there, after that, I went back to my room, transferred back to my pc (my twin's finished with her home work anyway) and continued chatting with Number 5. unfortunately, I got disconnected and when I logged back in she's gone! >.< i'm sooo sorry Number 5!

anyway...there....so, I checked my friendster, and logged on at mIRC, and there... before I knew it, it was already 3 in the morning... actually, now it's already 4:14 a.m. heehee! ^.^

so I guess i'll try to get some sleep already!

**hugs everyone***

i love you guys! thanks for visiting my site even if it's not much!

and thanks to those who keep offering their help! **mwah** It's appreciated. (=^.^=)


"Continue sourire comme a. tu ne sais jamais qui pourrait tomber amoureux de ton sourire." Autumn Willow ^_^

Sweet isn't it? ^.^

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   gahh!! still no luck

oooooh!!! >.< this is starting to *really* annoy me!

my guestbook STILL won't work! >.<

thanks to Number 5 and Shimonoseki for the help they've been giving me all day... O_O without them, I would've completely smashed my PC by now (which is NOT good...^_^')

They've already tried signing in my account through THEIR computers but STILL NO LUCK!!

gaahh!! This is getting on my nerves.... ***takes deep breathes*** sigh...I am SOOO sorry you guys...

Normally I'm a cheerful person (as what my name tells you)... but well, you know, the guestbook and all... ***sighed***

well... I sure hope someone out there can help me...

I hope y'all enjoy your day!

thanks again to Shimonoseki and Number 5! I love you guys! **mwah mwah**


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   it won't work!!!! >.

wahh!! I know! I know! >.<

My guestbook isn't working, but believe me I've tried everything. it IS turned on! I just don't know WHY it's NOT working!!! eeeek! >.<

wahh! I'm sooo sorry you guys... I'm still figuring out how to get it to work...I even made a new account.. [CLaire Chanteur] but it STILL doesn't work!!!

aaarrrgghh!! Now I can't work on the lay out I was planning on... >.<

sigh...PLEASE.. if someone out there knows WHAT I'm doing wrong...please...please, I NEED YOUR HELP!

**sighs** I'm soo sorry it had to be this way on my first time here... I hope i didn't make a bad impression on you guys... anyway, thanks for the visits! **hugs everyone**

whee!! *mwah!* luv you all!

I'm still looking forward to getting to know you guys! woot! (=^.^=)

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Tuesday, June 8, 2004

   I'm lost!! >.<

*takes a deep breath*

waaahh!! I'm lost.... O.O

Boy, I sure am glad I have Trisha and Christine here to help me...O_O

*sigh* I sure hope I get the hang of this soon... or I'll have to keep bugging my friends, which isn't very nice...>.<

anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting you all...heehee! ^.^

have a nice day now! ^_^

*mwah* (=^.^=)

p.s. I still don't like my lay out!!! will someone please give a suggestion? a little help will be greatly appreciated. thanks! ^.^

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