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Sunday, March 13, 2005


Someone brought up a very valid point in my GB ysterday: The whole Cheese obssession is extremely old. I mean, I've had it since I was six or so.

I suppose Chocolate Cheese is somewhat different though...it is, after all, part chocolate, which too has been obssessed over quite a lot. It's a nice combination on paper...but don't try putting the two in a microwave together...

As for me, My personal favourites are Chedder (Cheese, you imbecile) and Strong Dark chocolate ^^
I find they both go nicely with apple and lemonade (as a dip...if that makes any sense whatsoever...)

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Friday, March 11, 2005


Heh...I had fun today. Went to school wearing my kitty ears and a tail. Loads of people kept pulling it...some of the fullf got snapped off...but even so, it was quite fun. People also seemed to enjoy stealing my ears, pulling my hair, drawing on my face, sitting on me, running away from em and trying to con me out of chocolate. I didn't particularly mind those things (especially not the trying on my ears bit. TThis random person tried them and and there was aribbon hanging from it, so he tied it around his chin in a bow. It was uber-cute...And he even put my tail on!).

Hope everyone is having a good RND, and even if you aren't doing it, have a nice weekend anyway ^^

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

   I'm blue...

Heh...please excuse the music...I was just being random. That will be gone by the end of tonight, as I am going to change it...well, duh...it's so darn annoying!

Anyway,I'm planning to order several DVDs and Mangas off of Amazon...you see, if you spend over £19 you get FREE Post and Packaging...why I notice these things, I don't really know...All I can tell for sure is that I'm rather sad.

In other news, I made myself a lovely little pair of black kitty ears with red fluff on the inside! I get bored easily...adn I was half way through Tokyo Mew Mew at the time...understandable, no?

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

   Yes...I am doing my History homework...

Heh...yeah. I'm supposedly doing homework right now :) Well, as you can probably guess, I'm not. I'm actually sitting here, messing with a pencil and chewing on a piece of string. Yum.

Anyway, this friday is Comic relief, and as some of you may know this year's theme is "Big hair and beyond". I bet your schools are all letting you come in non-uniform, with ridiculous hair and all for a good cause. Lucky you. My school isn't doing anything. Well, they are in truth: but they migyht as well not be. We get to wear one item of red clothing witht he rest of our uniform. Yay. However, me and my friends are bending the rules and coming in wearing lots of red stuffs ^^ They can't do anything about it either...so neener neener... :P

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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

   Na no da!

Hullo ^^
Feh...not drawn anything recently...not written anything recently...my creativity is on holiday...It's all because I wimped out on an injection on tuesday and this girl told me I was going to die. I bit back as always...Fun fun...I just love slanging matches.

Anyways, I found I have a lot in common with Pudding from Tokyo Mew Mew: I'm hyper, make absolutely no sense and I can type with my feet ^^ I just don't do acrobatics. The most acrobatic thing I can do is a teddy bear roll...fun fun...

I'm now reading Love Hina...and I plan to order the next five volumes of yu gi oh (including some Yu Gi Oh duelist)from amazon. If I spend over £19 I get free post and packagaing ^^


Na no da!

(Just HAD to say that...)

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

   I'm an imbecile...

Yesterday, I went to town to go buy myself some nice stuff with the money I got for my birthday. The first shop I went in was Books etc, which has a half decent selection of Manga. I instantly went up tot hat section and picked up three I had had my eye on for the past few weeks: The first two volumes of Love Hina and the first volume of Tokyo Mew Mew. I went to the counter, paid, then left.

When I got home and went up to my room. I dropped the bag on the floor, switched on the radio and grabbed my blow up chair to sit on. I got the three books out of the bag, and decided I would read Tokyo Mew Mew first. However, I noticed something was wrong: I had in my hands volume 2, not volume 1. Yup: I had picked up the wrong book. Never done that before...but anyway, I was pretty uspet, so I went back and bought the first one today. I checked it sevral times before paying, and it is currently sitting in front of me under my science textbook. I'm not allowed to read any of them until all my homework is done and my room is tidy. Boo...Bah...got to go...I need to finish making a dress...O_o

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

   -sob- Anyone have a tissue?

Man...I just read some depressing storues...all yu gi oh, of course...The first one was about that time that Tristan and Duke nearly fell off the battle city blimp, however in this one Duke did. Then tristan killed himself out of guilt. In the next one Joey slaved away for two weeks to get a special valentines present for Mai, bu she rejected him. So he tried to stab himself, and ended up stabbing Yugi instead. In the end, Yugi lived but Joey ended up in prison. Mai is eveil...
Yeah...whatever...ignore me...

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

   Look what I did!

While I was meant to be doing homework, I came up with the idea for a very random Fan fic...wanna read? Take a look:
Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun
I've written loads of chapters, but I'm waiting for reviewers before putting up the next ones ^^
This is the summary (it's pants, but it explains the basic plot):
Seto Kaiba, the un-empathetic, sexist CEO of Kaiba Corporation has been treating his female employees badly, and when two bored evil spirits with a thirst for fun and mayhem join forces with a secretary bent on revenge, Seto Kaiba finally gets to see things through a girl's eyes…
There is also an intended yaoi thing going on between Joey and Kaiba, but this all depends on how things work out when I get that far in the story...
Peace out, dudes and dudettes....

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Saturday, February 19, 2005


Yup. I'm not a happy bunny. Well, actually, I am, I'm just a bit frustrated at this point in time. I've been searching the internet for an hour for a Video or DVD of Yu Gi Oh (Series 0, the one they didn't show in USA or UK). I was really hoping to find it...any idea where I could? Please let me know...

On another, happier, note, I have cake ^^

That is all...

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Friday, February 18, 2005


Hmmm...as it's my B'day on monday and I'm at school (damn...), I decided to throw my party today. So now I've done all the preperations and stuff, and I'm just sitting here and waiting for 5pm to come around. I'll never survive...Oh, and here are some random photos I took of Joey the Plushie:

Here he is diving into my plastic tub of custard creams...yum...

Here is a triumphant Joey the Plushie with his prize...

Having "rescued" the biscuit, he promptly begins to eat it...

After letting his biscuit go down, Joey decides to jump off the top of my stairs attatched to a wire skipping rope.

Yup. This was incredibly random and cruel...

Yeah. That was weird, huh? Yup. Anyway, bye bye now...I have to go kill some more time...But I'll probably post again in about an hours time...yup. That's how bored I am...

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