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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

   Monkey Wench!

He he...

Just to let you know, I normally put a lyric from the current song I'm listening to as the titles for my posts. "Monkey Wench" by the Foo fighters is currently playing on Kerrang ^^

Aaaah...Yet another odd day in the life of me...

Well, today was good and bad: but both in a good way. Things started off with me getting on my bus, and being confronted by a rather untrusting and angry year 7 who believes nothing me and my friends say. A few days ago, we told her that a "Chicken Leg" was soemthing rude, and she believed us O.o In truth, a Chicken Leg is nothing but the leg of a Chicken...We also told her several other things as a prank...

The rest of my day was mediocre, apart from when I nearly barfed several times during lunch, and I got chosen to go on the radio this friday ^^

Thinking about it, aren't teachers hypocrites? Well, not all teachers: just the many that I know. Not only are thye hypcrites, they are never ever supposed to be wrong...

On monday one of my (few anime loving ^^) friends had a notebook open on the desk in front of her. She was using it to take rough notes (well, duh...), when the teacher snatches it off the desk and accuses her of passing notes to me. Of course, we explained we weren't, and she believed us, but we are in trouble anyway...For nothing! Well...apart from the fact that on the open page there was a "Crap People" list, and she was one of the people >.<

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Sunday, April 17, 2005


Wow: I jsut foudn out that I can type approxiamately 70 words per minute...That's a lot of words...

I suppose, that's nonstop for a minute, with a few spelling and grammatical errors, and going at top speed. I'd have to hazard a guess at 60 words per minute, accoutbning for such things as mistakes.

Well, enough of the randomness...

I forgot to say soemthing last time I posted...Ah yes, I finally got to watch the Yu Gi Oh movie! It was pretty bleh, but Kaiba did get lifted up by the head, shaken about like a dolly and thrown on the floor. I would soooo love to do that...

The animation was much better than the show, but I had trouble hearing the voices over the extremely loud soundtrack. It got better as it went, though.

In the end, my brother and I decided to have a movie marathon, so we rented two more films: I chose Cowboy Bebop, and he chose Dodgeball. The YU Gi Oh one was a joint choice.

Cowboy Bebop is just plain wow: It was really complex and fun to watch ^^

However, I was the only one in the room who understood what was actually happening: it took my brother the whole movie to realise they were on Mars >.<, and he also admitted that he had lost the plot totally after the first fifteen minutes. It was very complicated and fast paced, but that's how I like my movies (I'm kinda contradicting myself with the Yu Gi Oh movie...he he...). I've never really watched cowboy bebop before, but now I'm considering buying some stuff ^^

Edward was the best! She reminds me of Kaolla su from Love Hina and maybe even of myself (But I don't dive into vases or use fish as a hacking proggrame O.o)

Sooo...how has everyone been? Done anything interesting? I'm in the mood for a conversation...so go ahead and PM or summat ^^

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Random...sooo totally random...

Enjoy ^^

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Saturday, April 9, 2005

   Feel Good!

Yay! Yet another fantastically enjoyable week. Gosh...It's been nearly a week since I last updated O.o

To be honest, this week has been pretty hectic. I've been out somwhere every day but monday and today, and that's probably why I'm updating today. Also, my parents are forcing me to do revision, even though my exams aren't for another three weeks. It's like they care more about these exams (which mean nothing and do not stay with me past GCSE) than the ones I take in eyar 9 (SATs). You see, they went and booked a holiday right before the exams, meaning my revision time will be cut short two weeks (which I don't mind too much.), and all they say is "SATs, don't matter"...

Very odd, but I'm okay with it...

Well, this holiday has been ineteresting: I haven't written any fanfiction at all (sob), I've drawn about three pictures (more sobs), yet I've enjoyed it a lot ^^

Not a good sign...

I have bought plenty of stuffs though, and seen some cool things...

I got a pretty black dress from Jane Norman of all places (A shop for Chavs, Shazzes, Kevs, Scallies, whatever you call 'em...Do you have them in America? Dumb question, I know, but I've been wondering for a while...), a lime green dress-over-trousers thing, a DVD and several Manga. I went shopping yesterday, in fact, and bought two Green Day posters (one of which refuses to stick to my wall, no matter how much blu-tack I use) and saw a copy of Gravitation Vol. 1 in Borders (book shop). I went a bit crazy when I saw it (much to the shock of several bystanders, one of which had several manga in her hand n_n).

I have discovered I have a liking for the Gorrilaz new song, Feel Good Inc. It rocks, for no apparent reason, but nevertheless, it rocks...

Anyone here watch that Clone Wars cartoon that came out on Toonami a few weeks ago? I have been for the last week or two, and I would have to say that it is actually vaguely decent (hides from Star Wars fans behind Chair). The animation is quite good (They drew them with hairy armpits), the story is reasonably Star Wars-esque, and the battle scenes are just awesome. One of the episodes even scared me to the brink of tears.

In it there were a species of alien that looked like kitties (uber cute), and they all got mutated into these disgusting huge blob things using this huge tubes of blue/green goop. I freaked out O.o

Well, that's me done..I'm getting numb fingers,and my tea is ready ^^

Just finished watching the new episode of Doctor Who. It rocks! I've never seen any original stuff though...

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Monday, April 4, 2005

   Smile Like You Mean It!

Yay! I bought The Killers album today! It's absolutely fantastic so far. The lead singer has an absolutely amazing voice...

My favourite tracks would have to be "Smile like you mean it" and "All these things that I've done". But I like them all ^^

Well, I'm having a good day, how about you lot? Hope you are ALL enjoying yourselves ^^

Do any of you find that people often get the wrong impression? Well, even if you don't, I ceratinly do...

In the past month or two, I've been called a homophobe by sevral people! My "Awww..."s have been mistaken for "Ewwww..."s; my dislike of hugging has also been classed as homphobic; and even my parents have called me Homophobic...

As you most liekly know, I am a rsabid fan girl of anything shobnen ai, and I am totally for homosexuality!!!

Also, a lot of people I know are homophobes. It is really mean the way a lot of people say it is sick or wrong when I talk about it to them. Some people even use the word gay as a derogitory term!

What's even worse is my friend's dislike of anything yuri. I don't mind it: if anything it's as good as yaoi sometimes, but my friends are just so horrible about it.

I go to an all girl's school, so I'm used to it, however many people are teased because of their sexuality :(

Actually, I was once a total homophobe...I'm ashamed! But now I respect other people's views and am a HUGE fan of Shonen ai ^^

Ummm...that post was brought on by my friends calling another of my friends a lesbian and being horrible to her about it. Yup ^^


My site has gone all freaky O.o
Please excuse me while I fix it

Oh yes, and I am currently eating a guitar pic


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Sunday, April 3, 2005


Hullo ^^

I'm rather bored at the moment. So bored, in fact, I've decided to try my hand at fan manga ^^
Of course, nothing too ambitious, just a few short comic strips done in felt pen and pencil crayon (it's much faster and looks better than the computer in my opinion).

Heh...I have a few ideas for short plots and what not...However, my grasp for the human anatomy is somewhat basic and as for hands and clothing X_X

I did, however, come up with a few solutions...

1) I can draw them all naked (O_o)
2)I can draw them wearing mittens
3)I can only draw their heads
4)I should scrap the whole idea and concentrate on what I'm really meant to be doing: my homework...

Well...This is how BORED I am ^^

Hope everyone is having a great day ^^

Bye bye

P.S. I'm going through with it e_e

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Saturday, April 2, 2005

   Interesting...veeeery interesting...

Heh...Before I start my usual rant, I need to claify something from yesterdays post.

Sorry I confused you, but Anzu wasn't holding Otagoi's hand, he WAS holding Honda's hand ^^

Don't worry, if he had been holding Anzu's hand, I'm sure a flamethrower would have dropped fromt he sky right into my arms ^^

Anyway...wow...I'm updating early, aren't I? For those of you in England, at about 10 am, but for those of you in America, about 3 am...

I didn't have any more interesting dreams, which is odd for me. Yes, I always remember my dreams vividly. Lots of people don't, but I can remember everything from the colour of the walls to the feel of the carpet.

Once I even got to taste seaweed ^^

I'm listening to Kerrang Radio at the moment. It rules. Plays stuff liek Jimmey Eat world, Green Day, Coldplay...Lots of rock and alternative. They sometimes even play Hip Hop and Rap.

Definitely my favourite radio station ^^

Also, last night I spent two hours colouring a picture (On PSP) that took me almost the same amount of time to draw. It was a spur of the moment drawing really...Freaked me out...

Well...I'm gonna update later tonight...Mmmkay?

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Friday, April 1, 2005

   Blondies and Puppies and Dragons OH MY!!!

Hullo there ^^

Gosh...I haven't updated for a while. Ah well...nothing much really to say.

Yesterday was vey busy. My brother had a Yu Gi Oh TCG tournament, in whihc my deck strategy failed miserably (all beacsue I couldn't draw it T_T Not because it sucked) against his friends. I managed to beat my brother his self previously, even with his Exodia based deck, but ti just didn't want to cooperate with me on that particular day.

In other news, I have watched the Love Hina DVD I got on monday: THREE TIMES (twice in english, and once in japanese)! I'm listening to it right now, in fact.

It even has some nice extras too: For soem odd reason, one of them was the Sailor Moon Trailer. I didn't recognise it at first, as I haven't watched the show since I was 6 or something, but when I did I seemed to remember all of the words.

The same goes for Pokemon: The moment It came on today I was screeching along with the theme tune, even though I don't remember it conciously.

Weird, eh? Things like that are cool. I think it's because our memories naturally store random things right in the back of our heads where we can't access them until a trigger of some kind sets them free (e.g. hearing a song or seeing a picture).

Feh...I can't explain it much better than that, but I'm sure some of you will understand O_O

Ooooh...I have a new e-mail...I'll go read it...then be right back...

-reading mail-


Well, it was a reply to one I sent yesterday to one of my school friends about a peculiar dream I had on wednesday night...

Well, let's go from the start: My rather odd dream...

It all started off with me and this random girl I have never seen before running away from a hoard of poodle-dog-monster things. We were in my neighbourhood, quite close to my house and also pretty near the forest that covers nearly a square kilometre of land only a few metres away from my home.

After gtting back to my house (and away from the dogs), I went up yo my room, only to find my class from school in there, sitting on various objects. I climbed up into my wardrobe and sat on the top of my clothes (O_o ?).

Suddenly, everyoen started filing out of my room, and into the changng rooms at my school (Once more, O_o). I had no idea my door led there...

A few minutes later, the girl I had e-mailed came back and told me that industrial illusions had been genetically modifying things. One particularly graphic description was that of a guy with his head cut off of his body, both of which were floating around in a big tube of blue translucent goop...

After that, I went downstairs (my bedroom door now lead into my house, not my school) to go on my computer, only to see none other that Pegasus (from Yu Gi Oh) sitting on a rocking chair and in front of the computer.

I ran back outside, and guess what? More Yu Gi Oh characters! In particular, Seto, Duke, Tristan and Tea. Duke and Tristan were holding hands (Queue Rabid Fangirl Squeal)and running in the opposite direction to Tea, who was going past my house. Kaiba grabbed me and dragged me after Duke and Tristan (sigh...that bit of my dream was sooo gooood...).

I fell over, taking him down with me. Suddenly, Pegasus appeard, and said:
"You're all going to become Pop stars or DIE!!!"

Okay...that's it ^^

Heh...That was weird, wasn't it? Believe me, I have had weirder ones: and I remember them so vividly.

The freakiest one I've had involved Joey (Jounouchi) My form tutor, a three piece suite and a table tennis bat x_x

Woah...I better stop before I write something really naughty...


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Monday, March 28, 2005


Heh...For some odd reason, today I feel all happy...and calm...and fuzzy...

Feh...just the right mood for writing some good ol' romantic fan fiction ^^

Anyways, I've had a fantastic day, once again!

Went bowling...Had Pizza for lunch...Went to the cinema...

It was great fun...apart from when a dude in a bunny costume who seemed to know my name and kept calling for me chased me up the escalator...then these two flowers on stilts tried to pour water on me...

People in costumes scare me...but It's a job I would love to have...dressing up is soo much fun!

Anyway...I better go...Fanfiction to read!!!

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Sunday, March 27, 2005


These rock soo hard...I'll do a different one everyday ^^

Link is here:
Click meeeee!

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