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Sunday, May 7, 2006

   Well...that was interesting...

Heylo there!

After what seems like forever, I am back once again to ramble on about my peculiar life and odd things I have done and seen in the time between my last post up to present…

To be honest, this has been one hec of a busy month or two: first there was Minami Con, then revision for exams started, then I went to Florida, then the revision came back and then exam week itself reared its ugly head (actually, It’s still rearing, so to speak. And it had several heads).

I’ll start with Minami Con…

Apart from the three hour drive down to the venue, my first convention was brilliant. I ended up spending all of my birthday money on several boxes of pocky (which I have yet to devour), a curiously named box of chocolates (only so I could ask how much a box of “asse” was), a Doraemon Plushie, a Ryuichi-Sakuma-cosplaying-as-Kumagoro plushie, a few wall scrolls and some chobits key rings.

The cosplayers were amazing. There was an awesome Weregarurumon (cannot remember how to spell that…) fur suit, an Edward Elric with what looked like real metal automail, a HUGE group of people cosplaying practically the entire cast of Bleach, a few very cute Chii cosplayers and a great Ryuichi Sakuma cosplaying as Kumagoro cosplay. My favourite, though, had to be an awesome Cloud Strife Cosplay. The guy in the costume not only looked like Cloud, but he did a great job acting like him (although, from what I have seen, Cloud does not hug random screaming fan girls in the audience or pose for cameras. And he definitely does not pelvic thrust XD). The best part of the costume (save the hair) was the HUGE sword he was swinging around with surprising ease. It was the six-part one with all the bandages (I think), and it honestly looked like a real sword…

There were lots of other things going on like screenings of Anime and J-drama, as well as a Plushie Cull and a Cosplay Café. I watched a film called “Waterboys” about a boys’ synchronised swimming team. ‘Twas hilarious XD

All in all, it was a lovely little weekend of fun…

Then the revision started. I had to do at least two hours a night and, bearing in mind these exams don’t follow me past…well, anywhere, I thought it was ridiculous. This was also on top of any homework or schoolwork we had been set or did not finish. Gah…

But enough of my whining! I got to go to Disneyworld!

I was gonna come tell/ warn you guys I was coming to America, but I didn’t get any computer time because of evil revision. Rawr…

I spent the majority of the nine hour flight there watching “Memoirs of a Geisha” (which was amazing. Highly recommended) and reciting “Macbeth” (which we are studying for our English exam) to my brother, who at one point threatened to jump out of the plane if I didn’t stop. ..

Disneyworld itself was…well…Disneyworld! What would you expect? I have been once before, but I was too short to ride the decent “scary” rides. Most of my time was spent queuing for those alone (wimpish family…Most extreme thing they went on had bloody toddlers on it!) or eating.

My favourite park would have to be Epcot. Not only does it have a giant golf ball, but my favourite ride (a hand-gliding simulation over California that was like O_O) and an absolutely amazing world showcase thingy where there just so happened to be a Japan…

I spent literally three hours lurking in Japan, exploring the beautiful gardens or squealing at all the anime goodies in the shop. I even tried on a couple of Kimonos. I ended up buying a box of giant chocolate pocky, a set of chopsticks and a fan with my name in Kanji on it. There was a gorgeous Kimono there, but it was something like $400, and to be honest, I didn’t even have the money to pay for the pocky…

My family and I spent the second week somewhere by the coast. I suppose it was sort of a rest from Disneyworld and all the long days (from seven in the morning to midnight mostly ^_^) and nights.

I found it a little boring at first, but after discovering a Pizza Hut and a Starbucks on site I was set for the week.

Life outside of Disney meant I could explore “real” America a little more. I went to a couple of malls, discovered the wonders of goldfish crackers (bought a couple bags back with me ^_^*), stocked up on Oreos for a couple of weeks and discovered Hot Topic.

I think if I had to choose one reason to move to America, it would be Hot Topic. I spent another 150 Dollars of my parents’ cash in there on some Shirts, an awesome belt that looks like a guitar, yet another trilby hat (I lurve my trilbies ^_^) and an uber cute Kitty hat (the neko from Trigun). I just about managed to persuade my mother to let me buy a pair of big-ass flip flops (about 2 and a half inches high. w00t!) despite falling over while trying them on.

Overall, a good, productive, expensive (I’m just racking up a HUGE debt with my parents here…) holiday…

The moment I got back, though, it was just a constant battle for free time. I was spending my day getting to and from school, being at school, and then coming home to revise, eat and then sleep.

Just last week was exam week. Thankfully, I was given my free time back because my teachers said I needed to be “relaxed and prepared” for all my exams, and revising would just stress me out more. Yup…

The exams themselves were so easy it was almost insulting. The highest grade you can get on the English and Science papers is a level 7, and on the maths an 8. Considering the fact that I was achieving those levels last year just goes to show what low standards they set for us. Does the exam board think everyone is stupid? They say that everyone at my age should get a level 6. I don’t know a single person getting lower than a level 7 in anything. It really bugs me…

But anyway, the “important” exams are out of the way now. Just the internal, more pastoral subjects left to test us on.

This weekend, I must say, is going by incredibly slowly. Yesterday it got to the point where I did three hours revision out of sheer boredom and then tidied my bedroom. I NEVER tidy my bedroom.

My mother, being the nice person she is, decided to take me outside of the house for an hour or two to stop me from going completely insane. She took me to town where I spent a while browsing the CDs and the anime DVDs. I just so happened upon “Final Fantasy VII Advent Children” and it was on sale. To be honest, I have never played Final Fantasy before. What knowledge I have is purely from reading walk-throughs, character bios and a few random screen-caps of Cloud looking prettyful, as he does…

My mother was like “Want it?” Slightly shocked, I just said “Sure!” and let her buy it for me. Displays of kindness and willingness to buy me stuff (especially after my severe over-spending in America) like that aren’t really commonplace, so I just sort of accepted it.

I am very VERY glad I did, however. I’ve watched it three times in both languages, just ogling the beautiful animation, Cloud and Kadaj in particular. The storyline was a little confusing at first, but with a little internet research on the plots prior to AC made it clearer. I’m definitely adding all of the games to my ever-growing anime wish list…

So, yeah. A lot of stuff happening.

My wrists hurt. My dad says to stop typing so much, otherwise I’ll damage myself. I’m all paranoid about Carpel Tunnel Syndrome from my ICT revision already O_o

Ta ta!

C.c ^_^

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Monday, March 6, 2006

You know, I've never really measured it...

Hello there, my lovelies!
Yeah, that sounds weird, doesn’t it? Oh well, I’m in that sort of mood today…
Today has been pretty strange: first off, I got tricked into believing someone had broken their leg. I mean, I suppose I was being really stupid and gullible (you know, once someone caught me out with the “it’s been removed from the dictionary” one and the “it’s written on the wall up there” one in quick succession) for believing them; however they described all the symptoms right. My usual test for broken bones (when I can’t see the person claiming it: do bear in mind this whole thing happened on MSN) is to ask “Did it hurt?” Now, the average person looking for attention and sympathy will tell you it hurt like hell, and someone who thinks they may have broken a bone but is just being hypochondriac will tell you it just hurt (although having said that a true hypochondriac will know the symptoms of most injuries and illnesses). It is then that I know they are lying to me, as when people break their bones the body part in question goes numb and remain painless for a while (it’s a fright or flight thing: something to do with the brain releasing endorphins, but I won’t bore you all with my boffin-nes).

Anyway, the random guy told me his leg went numb after falling off a high wall. I started freaking out and getting all upset, then five minutes later he said “Actually, I’m fine.”

I just blocked him, and when I saw him a few hours later on the bus, I gave him a lecture on his behavior. He just laughed it off at first, but I started getting really angry, so he backed off.

Speaking of anger, I do have some major problems in that area: I had to have a rounders (equivalent to baseball, if you didn’t know) bat pulled out of my hand, as I was threatening to hit someone with it after they said I cheated -_-

Anyway, second weird thing today was when one of my friends cellotaped stationery to all my fingers. It looked pretty awesome. Actually, I’ll get her to do it again tomorrow and take a picture of it ^_^ Sorta looked like Edward Scissor hands, except with…eermmm…pencils ^_^*

In anime news, I’m off to Minami Con a week this Friday! I’m cosplaying as Kaiba (I’ll put up some pictures of it soon ^_^), complete with a half-decent Deck (containing all the blue eyes, of course). I’m trying to get my Mum to dress up as Mokuba, because I’m taller than her, she has practically the same hair as him and she even owns the right clothes! But she’s refusing. I suppose I could blackmail her for stealing and hiding my Cowboy Bebop the movie DVD for no reason…

Blah. I’ve got to get going: homework to do, plus I need to finish my HUGE watercolor pencil drawing/ painting ready for 900 hits, whenever it comes…

So yeah, bye!

P.S: For my birthday I got four sets of pencil crayons (two watercolor, two lovely wooden sets), a set of 10 pairs or multicolored chopsticks, plenty of Manga, Some CDs (Panic! At the disco and one by Dashboard Confessional, both of whom I love to pieces), Plushie making materials (for a Seto and a Jou plushie ^_^) and a lightbox ^_^

Oh yeah, and about the "subject" of this post: I found a recording of "The Bonk" (a.k.a THE most hated guy I know) talking to one of my Brother's friends on my brother's PDA computer thingy. I dread to think exactly what he was talking about though...

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

   I should really cry...

Oh! Lookies at this prettfyul Birthday card I got from Seto Kaiba Freak (a.k.a Constance) ^_^

Thnkyou soooooo much! I was having an awful day today, and that really made me happy!

Well, I'll post later. I have major homework stuffs to do...


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Sunday, February 19, 2006

   I feel like talking...

Omigawsh! I updated my "Puppy Love" fanfic for the first time in almost seven months tonight O_o

Yeah. That's about all I have to say other than the fact that it's school tomorrow, I haven't done any homework and I have bad hat hair after having worn my *new* trillby hat for the last three days (not in bed, of course ^_^*).

Oh, if you feel the urge, take a lookie at my FF.net stuffs. Nyah:

This way to your DOOM

Bye bye ^_^


P.S: Recently I've been replacing the word "yes" in my vocabulary with "Hai!" (japanese for yes), yet people still seem to understand me, even my english teacher. Weird, huh?

Plus, two days 'till my B'day on the 21st ^_^

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Okay, I am majorly screwed: I have tons of overdue homework, lots of almost overdue stuff to hand in, Cosplays to make, a truckload of stuff piled up in my room to sort out, people to talk to, small children to take care of…

@_@ it’s all sooooo stressful

Oh well, I’ll live, I just won’t sleep for a week (not that that’s unusual for me).

Anyway, I think the reason I’m actually posting is to explain why I haven’t been doing so for the past two months.

First off: school. I’ve been threatened with Homework report, late report and could be with behavior report if I continue being placed next to the rowdy girls in my class (teachers cannot seem to distinguish me from them, not matter how much I drag my desk away from theirs). Homework is the main thing, though, and considering I get about two hours plus a night, it’s really no wonder I don’t manage to get on the computer any more (other than to do homework, of course). The late report thing doesn’t directly relate to the computer, it’s just that if it happens (and even though it isn’t my fault, it’s the school bus) I get “sanctions” from my mother, the main one being no computer for a week.

Well, actually, now I think about it, most things that have happened that have prevented me from getting a post up are related to school, i.e. the people there.

I’m not going into detail, as I recently discovered my mother watching the shopping cannels, one product in particular, a computer program which records keystrokes, internet activity, remote access etc, without the user’s knowledge. I have a growing suspicion she’s bought it, as she has stopped walking through the room which houses the computer to have a nosey at my screen, which is a sure sign she is using some other method of spying on my doings.

Basically, there are some very nasty people that go to my school and get my bus. And even when you haven’t done anything to them, they verbally attack you and, more recently, your friends.

Of course, that’s only in one of the two situations: in the other, I’m one corner of a Love come Hate triangle, which is on the verge of becoming violent…

Well, when I say on the verge, more like over the verge and hurtling toward the ground…

It all started when I befriended some guy who was in the cast of the school play I was taking part in. Said guy also caught my bus, and I had previously talked to him on it. Said guy also had a very persistent and painfully obvious admirer, whom I was an acquaintance with prior to when said guy and myself started going out (oh, it was so not obvious that was going to happen -_-). At this point, I was happy, he was happy and (as far as I could tell) said guy’s admirer come stalker was content, despite me going out with him. Of course, she did get a little upset when said guy and I were dancing together at the Christmas party (ran out of the room and didn’t go back in for an hour or so). After that, we had two weeks off for Christmas, the whole time of which said guy and I had no contact with each other.

When school started again, I was all happy about seeing him and talking him again, but he completely ignored me for two days. Now, I’m not a very tolerant or patient person when it comes to these things, and two days is pretty good for me. Still, it got to day number 3, and all my friends were urging me to end it. So I did, and rather nastily too. It was just a simple “you’re dumped” sorta thing, but I had a big sadistic grin on my face and almost immediately after saying it, while still in sight and hearing range, I went running into school cheering and jumping…

About a week later, I was regretting it badly: I couldn’t sleep at all, and my schoolwork was beginning to get affected. I really wanted to apologize and talk to him, as I hadn’t since I ended it, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it out of sheer embarrassment.

Yet another two weeks later, I still hadn’t done or said anything, so on a sudden creative urge, I wrote a letter. It was very long and wordy (three A4 pages, 10pts, Times new Roman ^_^*), and it was pretty raw too. I gave it to one of his friends to give to him with the instruction it was for said guy’s eyes only.

Can you guess what’s coming next?

The letter ended up being circulated around his entire year group. At first he refused to even accept it, but with some “persuasion” (threatening, but not violent: I wouldn’t allow it) by a very good friend of mine (thanks Crush if you are by some strange chance reading this ^_~), we got him to read it. He was laughing all the way through, from beginning to end, and even when he had already passed it on to the next reader. I watched through narrowed eyes as it was passed down the bus, ripped, licked, and even wiped on someone’s arse.

The only good thing to come out of that letter was freedom from my emotions, freedom from my guilty conscience and a good long look at a side of said guy I thought was impossible to exist.

So, with me completely out of the picture, the aforementioned said guy’s admirer was getting right in there.

I let her get on with it.

I think it was last Wednesday: said guy’s admirer had given said guy some chocolates, and an amazing card she had made herself, with all the lettering done with individual letters cut out of newspapers and magazines. It was pretty amazing. And you know what he did? He laughed when she gave it to him, and then left it on the bus.

She was in tears the next morning.

Of course, she, like me, realized he wasn’t worth any effort we made, so she gave up.

Unfortunately for said guy, not only was she upset, she was angry, and although I hadn’t known her long, one thing I knew about was her temper and her limitless ability to do outrageous things to other people, no matter the consequences.

I still laugh nervously at the thought: I really feel I should have stopped her, but instead I stood there and watched as she did it, laughing and joining the other spectators.

You know what she did? She smashed a tomato in his face, and then put the stalk on top of his head. Sounds both funny, and incredibly mean, no?

But anyway, the way she did it was so incredibly smooth: she went and sat next to him and says “Bethan (me) and I are sorry, but-“then she smashed the tomato in his face and walked off calmly.

So yeah: now I’ve got that off my chest, some random things…

I’ve been watching this awesome podcast lately: it’s a video podcast by this random guy and it’s called Track Shun. Basically, I think it’s weekly, he’ll review and show clips of anime airing in Japan. It is incredibly cool.

Also, I’ve been doing a lot more drawing recently. I’ve got two pictures up today, with a few half-colored ones to put up tomorrow. Thanks to a lot of recent events, my creative block is gone…

Oh, Happy Valentines Day by the way ^_^

Luff and hugs <3


P.S I've never noticed this before, but my birthday is exactly a week away from Valentines Day. Ain't that weird?

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Saturday, December 31, 2005

   I'm not tired ! *yawn*

Uggghh -_-

Hey. Hope everyone's having a nice holiday: I kinda missed Christmas (actually, I had typed up a lengthy post in word, which then decided to close down, taking my blog with it @_@), so I figured I'd try and make it for the new year...

…which here is in approximately three hours. Omigosh: only 3 hours of 2005 left! Thank goodness though; this has been one crappy year…

I mean, in some aspects it hasn’t: as far as school work and social life goes (for the first three quarters anyway), it has been pretty diabolical: despite that I won a commendation for my work that year (my cruddy grades were most likely averaged out to something less cruddy by the fact that I came top of the year in science @_@ and didn’t do too bad in art either…), and ended up befriending most of the school through my Otaku-ness. In the new school year I ended up also befriending the year two years below me in the boys school when I became one of only four girls to pass the auditions for the boy’s school play. Then there was this whole “after school special” style love triangle (which evolved into a pentagon by the climax) between a few of my friends. That really pissed me off…

Financially it’s been poop: I blew most of my cash on Cosplay materials, manga and music. Anime is eating away at my money!!!

Yeah: so let’s hope 2006 is better…

Happy new year everyone and good luck (we’re all gonna need it ^_^)!!

Luv C.c

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Saturday, December 3, 2005

   Yamate! Oshiri ga itai! (find out for yourself what it means ^_^)

Once again I have been released from the worlds of school, friends and family to make use of the computer. Despite now having two in the house, I'm finding it increasingly hard to get hold of one and keep it for more than half an hour without interruption…

Anyways, I’m here, so I might as well make use of the time I have…

Life in general is good: I’m doing pretty great as far as school goes, for once. I got a commendation (some weird prize thing three people from each class in a year group receive…) for coming top of the year in science (boo yah!). Actually, the girl who won the Maths one would have won that one too had the teacher not re-marked the tests: she had marked me down by about 5 and the other girl up by even more @_@

My new form tutor (guy who takes the register, keeps an eye on us in assemblies and what not) is horrid: I mean, for starters, he’s a male teacher in an all girl’s school. What are we, his form, supposed to do if we have a “girl” problem? We can’t go to him for help, can we? Also, he’s the least empathetic person I have ever had the misfortune of being late several times to. Despite continuous explanation that I cannot help it if the school bus turns up late, due to the fact it’s the only bus that I can get to school, and the fact that I live an hour away from the school, he still threatened me with late report and even denied the existence of such a bus. He’s an imbecile -_-

Plus, he has this weird “3 strikes: you’re out!” program: He keeps lists of our names, and circles people that misbehave, forget stuff or are just “wrong” in general. He has one for every day, and if you get three at any point, you get a phone call home and a detention where you work for him and (I quote) “He stands there perving on you while holding the thing you use to open high windows (big wooden stick with a metal hook on the end) like a staff and playing his scary monotonous classical music…”.

I just don’t like him -_-

He also threatened to pull me out of the school play because I was late to registration once, as a rehearsal ran over the end of the lunch hour. The play, by the way, went quite well. I was playing a librarian, which was one of only four girl parts, as the play mostly starred boys. Three of my friends got into the cast with me, but I ended up hanging around with all the little year 7 kids the whole time. I discovered that I actually posses the mind of a male 11/12 year old: I play the Yugioh TCG, I love Games consoles and will willingly argue my faithfulness to the PS2 AND Gameboy Colour, I like hacking things for fun (only my brother’s accounts ^_^*), I play rugby, I love Karate, I love football (soccer), I think Pop music is stupid (save J-pop) and my level of maturity is almost zero.

There was an awesome after cast party too with free drinks: I had a drinking contest with the year 7 kids and lost, but at this point I’d already had about five glasses of stuff to drink (nothing alcoholic: I’m a good girl ^_^) in the space of a minute, just to prove to them I could @_@

The rest of the night was filled with air guitaring, awful singing, dancing on tables, me watching the year 7 boys attacking each other while I sat, watched and ate cheese puffs and many more immature goings-on.

Hmmm…I’m being kicked off: what a surprise. Well, I’ll just quickly add that I’ll be putting up my Christmas theme soon, so keep on eye out…

Ta ta!


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Saturday, November 5, 2005

Ahhh...the joys of eBay...

This will only be a quick one ^^ I felt the need to update, however I have nothing much to say...

I can't believe it: it's been right in front of me the whole time: all of my Yugioh wishes can be answered on eBay @_@

Yeah, I know practically everyone else on the planet discovered this eaons ago, but I'm still pretty darn amazed: I can finally get my hands on some Doujinshi n_n Yay!

One problem: I've so far only found one Puppyshipping Doujin T_T Most are prideshipping and darkshipping, which I still love, but never as much as puppyshipping ^^:;

I've also found a couple of decent wall scrolls...

Still, I'm going to very careful when and if I bid -_-

That's all for now ^^


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Sunday, October 30, 2005

   Happy Halloween y'all!

I know it's a little early, but I'm not going to be able to update tomorrow as I'm hosting a party and I'm going to be preparing all day @_@

I'm also going to be out picking up my Mum's car which got locked in a car park @_@

Well, me and my mum were going to a concert (which was awesome, by the way ^^) and we were looking for parking. My Mum accidentally went in the exit of a car park, but it let her have a ticket for the night anyway O.o

Basically, when we came out of the concert three hours later, the doors to the car park were all lcoked and there was a big metal one over the exit. We ended up getting a taxi home v_v

So tomorrow I have to go pick the car up with her, re-decorate the house for my party (as my brother and his friends trashed all the hard work I did today x_x), and finally I have to cook all the food.

Speaking of food, I invented a cool dessert ^^

I'll take some pictures of the ones I make tomorrow, as I will be premiering them at my party and testing them on my friends.

Basically, It's pizza, but with cookies, chocolate, fruit and sweets. Cool, ne? Simple but effective ^^

The best version I came up with was a shortbread base with grated white chocolate cooked into the actual pastry, then grated white chocolate melted on top with some strawberries and marshmallows as topping.

Ooooh! Has anyone got a costume for halloween? I'm a werewolf this year ^^ I've got fangs and a tail and ears and nails and everything. I even ripped up a pair of jeans for authenticity of an actual attack. I shall also put pictures of me and my friends in costume up when I next update ^^

Finally, I've also started on my novel. It is still untitled as yet, but It's been under planning for months. It's a murder mystery with some forbidden romance thrown in. Quite gory, very sweary (lots of F and S words in the first six pages ^_^:;) and the best part is that the romance is between two guys, and they are Teacher and Pupil ^^ You gotta love the weirdness. Of course,they don't do anything naughty, and they stay just friends in the end. I think that could all change if I rite a sequel though...neyehehe...

Ta ta!


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Monday, October 24, 2005

   I hate Sofas...

Golly goshels, I'm here again.

Yeah: I've been pretty darn active over the last few days: I've made a new layout, I've been PMing like crazy and I've done another piece of CG-ed Seto randomness. Speaking of which, I'm amazed at how quickly people reacted to it...

I'm glad people like it: it took me about 6 hours in total, inking and coloring and doing the background and extra "details" inclusive.

Speaking of extra details, I've seen that two of the things I put in the background of that picture have been noticed: the pair of black and blue flame print converses, and the picture of Joey looking like O_O on the floor. I'm sure other peoples will have also noticed the fact that Seto-sama is aiming his gun (which was meant to be a revolver, but for those of you, like myself, who know better is more like a pistol) right at poor old bemused Jou-Kun. The final, and definitely most obvious thing, is that the background is actually a dungeon. All I did was add a table and chairs to make it more room-ish. If you look closely you can see some chains and various other things form the wall. Oddly enough, it appears that this dungeon is in mid-conversion, as there is a rather large sound system hanging from the ceiling...

Anyways, onto my new and improved site: The background was made entirely by me, as was the avatar. You like? Please let me know ^^

If you hadn't guessed, I'm going through a Yami x Yugi phase. This DOES NOT mean that I'm off Puppyshipping (it has been and ALWAYS will be my favorite pairing), but I have to say, the whole Yami x Yugi pure-ness is just too kawaii to resist!

Still, I've been going a bit crazy with some of my fan fictions (a small portion of which can be read on Fanfiction.net under the same Pen name as on MyO): One that I took down from FF.net a while back has evolved from a simple puppyshipping, to a tangled mess of one-sided prideshipping (Yami YugixSeto), a Darkshipping foursome (Yami Bakura x Yami Marik x Ryou Bakura x Marik Ishtar) and about a billion other Man-o-Man relationships, each with hugely complex, intertwining problems and difficulties and quirks. Man @_@ It's not only confusing to read, but dang near impossible to write without going back and checking things, even though I'm the authoress and I should know what's going on v_v

And now, we shall venture into the real world...

Last Friday my school broke up for the Half-Term break. I ended up missing the festivities of the last day though, because I woke up feeling like poop and couldn't go into school -_- I ended up spending the day doodling, reading and trying not to throw up. It was boring, but relaxing.

Apparently I didn't miss anything other than rehearsals for the school play (which is this really quite depressing play called "Kes": I recommend both the book and the film, just to let you know) I auditioned for and got in ^_^ Still, I'm only playing the librarian (which, oddly enough, despite it's smallness is a reasonably good female part and one that I actually wanted). I've already memorized my lines and practiced my accent, so I think I'm ready for the performance in three weeks time ^^

I think for the costume I'll be stuck in some manky old lady dress -_- Joy.

Speaking of costumes, my school has also started up a costume design club: I'm going; however you have to choose between designing and making, both of which I would like to try my hand at. I'm going with making, because I'm more of a hands-on person (a "Kinesthetic" learner, if you will), and I’m much better with a sewing machine than with my brain ^^;

My goodness O_O Today was quite interesting…

Things started off boring: the most exciting part of my morning was when I tried blow drying my hair with my head upside-down, which actually looked cool, despite its huge-ness and the fact that my fringe and previously thought to be non-existent layers flicked outwards and upwards.

That afternoon I went into the Town center with my family. My brother went off with some of his little friends to see the new Wallace and Gromit movie (which is meant to be awesome T_T I’m uber-jealous), and my parents and I went and had a meal at a cool American-style restaurant.

However, half way through her plate of Chicken and Cheese Nachos, my Mum got a phone call and went rushing out of the shop. My dad and I were both reasonably calm, as we had both figured it was probably just my little brother, who has a tendency to get over-excited and throw up; calling to say eh didn’t feel very well.

‘Bout ten minutes later, when the plates were cleared (thank goodness: I kept picking at my Mum’s discarded and O.T.T cheesy nachos) my Dad called up my Mum to find out what had happened.

Basically, my brother had been left lagging behind his friends on the escalator, and decided to catch up with them by running.

Surprise surprise: he tripped up and ripped three holes in his knee.

He had to go to Accident and emergency, but it wasn’t too serious…

The only problem is he can’t go swimming, which is a bummer because in about twelve hour’s He’ll be in Spain, along with me and the rest of my family, at our holiday home which just so happens to have a pool. Bleh XD

Well, I’m being kicked off so I can go pack for tomorrow!

Ta ta!


P.S: Woah O.o that was one HEC of a long post…Hope it wasn’t too confusing ^^:;

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