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Saturday, July 2, 2005


Guess what? I'm back from my residential! I'm not sure wether I've mentioned this before, but I went on a three day trip to the middle of no-where from Monday to Wendnesday. It was very fun ^^

Contrary to many other *ahem* friends, I actually enjoyed myself a lot. I got to know so many new people, not to mention people I used to before so much better. Kinda sad 8Y (my current class) is splitting, because it has just reached a good level of stability. Everyone gets along well with everyone else (with a few minor exceptions) and people are generally happy.

Anyways, back to my trip (which was at this very pretty 300 year old mansion called Gaines). We did four different actibities while we were there: Be environmental (identyifying trees @_@. That part was rather boring, but then we got to use Pooters (I love that word!) to collect bugs. One of my friends got a huge canibalistic one that kept eating all the other bugs (save a spider, which also eat other bugs >.<), be constructive (made a board game. It took our group half an hour to do, so wre spent the rest of the time playing "guess the butt" with ym friends camera, rolling down the hill and gluing grass back onto the floor O.o), be challenged (Kayaking and an assault course. That was my favourite ^^) and be creative (Drama games involving lots of teamwork. I got baby carried through a hoop, and one girl dived through it. Our group won ^^ Yayness!).

In our free time, we had lots of stuff to do too.
The deathslide (a HUGE zipwire, about 100 feet off the ground >.<) was so not scary, and that hill it was on was really good for rolling down, despite the pain ^_~ Our dorm and the members were nice too: even though there were a couple of disputes during the early hours of tuesday morning, and an oh so lovely wake up call from the resident chorus of Cows. Even the thunder storm (with purple lightning ^^) was fun. However, I got extremely competitive and evil in the wide game (kinda like Tag rugby, or american football with strings O.o): I played by the rules and everything, it's just that loads of other people didn't, so that got messed up >.< That and someone (They know who they are, and so do I @_@) yanked my tracksuit belt out and didn't give it back...But All in all, a great time ^^

In other news, I nearly doubled my manga collection yeasterday morning. This is probably small compared to some people, but It's now totalling at 25. That doesn't include two which I borrowed from a friend though...Anyways, I wanted to know how many Manga you own, and where you keep them (I keep mine on some box shelf things, and they now take up two compartments O.o).

That, and which is your favourite flavour of Pocky?

Even though I live in England, I have eaten them before ^^:;

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Thursday, June 16, 2005


I'm so glad I actually remembered to update my site! It's been a while...

I've been really busy (both socially and homework-ly, if that's even a word) lately, so this place has sadly been neglected >.<

Ah well, since my last post my manga STILL hasn't arrived, so, to compensate for that, I went out and bought the first volume of Hikaru No Go. I've heard so many people talking about it, so I thought I'd give it a go. I really liked it ^^ It was kind of like Yu Gi Oh, but just sticking to the one game. Go itself was kind of hard to understand at first, but I'm getting there. The charactersand art are really fun, and the plot incorporates both fun-ness and some nicely done more serious moments.

I went to London with my family for a day, just for the sake of it really. I found quite a few comic shops there ,including one called Gosh (where I got Hikaru No Go) which had an awesome selection of Manga in the basement! There were a few small ones dotted about the place which had very small selections which weren't really much vaster than the ones near me. The largest, and most impressive comic shop had to be Forbidden Planet. Apparently, it's the largest one in England (I know it's bigger than the one near where I live). They had loads of Manga and Anime DVDs, Graphic Novels, Posters and Merchandise. I nearly bought a little plastic figure of Motoko from Love Hina, but I would rather have had Kaolla su or Naru (neither of whom they had T_T) so I saved my money for another time.

There was also this pretty Spirited Away poster, but it was in french (and so totally out of my price range @_@). Speaking of Spirited away, I watched that a while back and forgot to mention it. For those who have watched it, does it not rock? I absolutely adored the animation right from the start, and it was enhanced later on through the film as we got to know the characters a little better. It was funny, sweet and really quite surreal. Awesome ^^ No-Face had to be my favourite charcter of all, even though Chihiro (or sen ^^) and Haku were really cute. I loved all the little connections between charcters and the links to other parts in the story. It was really clever and absorbing. I mean, it may just be me, but I actually forgot that Chihiro was called Chihiro, and started reffering to her as Sen until Haku reminded her (and me ^^:;) of her real name. Over all, it was just plain...yay!

Probably as good as if not better than the Cowboy Bebop movie ^^Either way, they both rocked.

Well...That's all from me...until next time (which may be a while...)!


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Monday, May 30, 2005

   Beware: Spoilers!

Yayness ^^ I've finally been to see Evenge of the Sith! Yes yes yes!!! I enjoyed it very much so, and I would reccommend it highly ^^

However, nothing is perfect: and this was far from it. As usual, it is surpassed by the original three (they just rock), and is very similar in feel to the others. As far as looks go (Lightsaber fights, battle scenes, CGI creatures/ droids/ evil dudes) it was flipping brilliant. The Dialogue is an entirely different matter though. There were various ramnce scenes between Anakin and Padme. Bleh...they were uber yucky and badly written. Lucas needs help in that department...

Some of the cheesy lines that Obi-Wan came out with towards the end in his big fight with Anakin were awful ("You were the chosen one!" "I loved you like a brother!") >.<

I take it those of you who have seen it did find one moment in particular popcorn-chokingly funny: When Darth Vader finds out Padme is dead.


Half of the cinema laughed, even though it is supposed to be a really serious moment of deep sadness and regret; it's pure slap-stick comedy...

Enough about SW, onto anime ^^

I ordered about 50 worth of manga yesterday >.< Why? I dunno...I've asked for Vol. 3-5 of Gravitation, Vol. 4-6 of Love Hina, some random YU Gi Oh ones (can't remember what I'm up to) and Tokyo mew mew 4. It's gonna get here in June methinks, so I'll just re-read my older ones 'til then ^^

Gosh O.o I have so much to say about what has happened in the last few weeks.

School is bleh: I've been getting very little work to do, and all my exam results are coming back. I've got all As so far, but a B in PE (understandably). I think my actions in the last two weeks would explain that blemish on my record...

Okay, first of all we were doing the 800m. I hate long distance, but I don't suck completely, so I was feeling okay beforehand. The teacher (who just happened to be new) was trying to help us understand the pacing and breathing stuff for the race, but in the process she made us run a good kilometer and a half >.< And that was before the actualy race...

So, we got about 5 mins rest, then we were made to run it. I went last (yay!) and on the very inside lane.

After the first two laps, I felt pretty good (last year I had nearly collapsed onto the floor after 1 @_@). Then I was about half way through the third lap of the track, when suddenly, I stopped bretahing. Yup. It was really freaky, not to mention it frightened the life outta me. I sorta rolled onto the floor, much to the amusement of my friends who said I looked funny as I continued to wheeze and cough.

Well,as you've seen, Athletics doesn't agree with me.

I didn't believe that until last friday...

This week was my second strongest event: the Realy! This was always fun too, as everyone got to work as a team, and winning or losing didn't matter ^^

Our group was going up first agaisnt two others. After the first lap, we were last. The second person to go got us up into third, but then the next person got us very close to first place. I had just been handed the baton, hoping to secure victory for my group, when someone stumbled into my lane, causing us both to fall over >.<

I was a little miffed, but asked if our team could try again. The teacher kindly said yes, so we lined up again against the second lot of people. Once again, we pulled ourselves up to second place, but we dropped the baton twice so we droppd to third. I was running along with my baton, a few meters from the finish line. I was rather pleased with out placing at the moment, and glad everuything had gone smoothly. That is when this idiot walks directly in front of me, and starts cheering for her team who are miles behind. I dodged her and crossed the line into third.

I am an angry person. I keep my anger pent up for ages (months and the like @_@). However, when something really miffs me, I explode, and all that anger comes out in one big ball of flaming nastiness. That's what happened to that forementioned idiot that stepped in my way...

I threw the baton at her (missing her, luckily for the both of us) and screamed my head off at her, insulting her and just being completely horrid. I did apologise later, as did she. So everything was fine in the end ^^

Nope...It wasn't...

One of my old enemies felt like upsetting me further, so we ended up having a rather cool slanging match out on the school field. Fun fun ^^ My friends and I barraged her small brain with insults she could not comprehend! Buwhahahahahahaha!

Anyway...better get packing...I'm on mah hols tomorrow ^^

Have a nice weke peoples ^^

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

   Conversion, software version 7.0- Toxicity, System Of A Down

I'm so uber sowwy my friends: I haven't visited many of your sites for weeks T_T I've just been so lazy! I must get back into the cycle of coming and taking a look when your sites are updated X_x

Ooooh! I found a very good Yu Gi Oh fansite! I'm sure many of you will have seen it before, and you may even have joined the very fun forums like me ^^

Click here to go see it!

Anyways, best be off: I'm meant to be homeworking right now x_x Back in a few hours though...see y'all then!

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

   Fweeeee n_n

Yay! Star Wars came out today (I think...)! I can't wait to go and watch it. I mean, the latest Star Wars films pale in comparison to the original three, especially in the dialogue department, but the fight scenes and special effects are still spiffy if not spiffier. And finally, Darth Vader is here! I have missed the poor guy soooo much in the first two episodes T_T But now he's back ^^

Fweee! Anyone here gonna go watch it? Or have you already O.o

Ahhh...My life since my last post has been rather interesting and odd...

Let's see...Well, the most important thing that has happened this week (and last) was the choosing of our new form groups. We have to pick small groups of friends from our class to stay on with, but the groups will be split up and mixed with other forms. I have lots of friends in my current class, but there are only two I really object to being split from, so we decided to go as a very small friendship group. The rest of my class was also divided into nice little groups, so everything looked great. That is, until, someone else practically forced me to say yes to going with them. I repeatedly tried to decline, but they kept telling me I was with them.

I just had to say a direct no. I'm pretty sure they hate me now, but I hope they don't, as they are a good friend that I don't want to lose...

Anyways, in the anime world, I have read and re-rad all my new manga. I'm hoping to get a hold of the Yu Gi Oh: Duelist ones very soon (my local book shop actiually has a decent selection of manga: including Yu Gi Oh Up to Duelist Vol. 4!). I also managed to borrow a very nice manga called Legal Drug. Very complex, with some mild shonen ai and a little bit of blood later on ^^

There was an artical on yaoi in a newspaper (currently stuck to my bedroom wall ^^) about a week ago today! It mentioned Legal drug, Fake and another which I can't remember, but no graviation T_T. It was still really cool though.

I must be off...Cruddy homework @_@

Bye bye!

P.S: This morning I defrosted the freezer by leaving it open overnight: all the food thawed, so know I have to eat it all @_@ Yay...

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Sunday, May 8, 2005

Do these not just rock your pink fluffy socks?

These things are so awesome! I just can't get enough of 'em! This one just has to be the best though:

Bwuhahahahaha! Marik rocks when he goes into freaky hyper-active psycho mode! Appart from that he bugs a me a little. Ever notice that he sounds like he's talking into a fan (in the dub, of course...)? I bet he is...

Today has been quite productive: I posted up about six new pictures (I've been promoted to a Senior artist @_@ so they go straight through to the thing without all that checking stuff) and two new fanfics (on FF.net. My Pen name is Chocolate Cheese as always, so go take a look ^^).

My Rating has gone down to something like 50% though, 'cause of all the new pictures and a lack of votes on them. I don't mind though...

I did a rather odd one on a big piece of cardboard. Took me a while, but it was worth it. All the half Chibified proportions are about correct (for once), and I am absolutely excstatic at how Yami turned out. I normally suck majorly at drawing him, but this time I did good ^^ However, I did have trouble with the millenium items (hence the fact that they are missing) and the hands (they were the hardest part, especially as they are all intertwined >.<). I developed a very spiffy way of doing the heads which features in a couple of the pics I posted today.

I have also found I have a liking for brush felt tip pens. I have a big set of them, and they are so fun to colour with! You can blend, make them lighter or darker or just colour large areas of flat colour.

Anyways, enough of my prattle, let's talk about anime =^o^=

Last night I read my new Love Hina. 'Twas very fun, as per usual, and I thouroughly enjoyed this third installement in the series ^^

Today I read both Gravitation 1+2, and all I can say is wow. They were absolutely fantastic! I was so engrossed in them, I didn't notice the fact that it took me three and a half hours to read them both >.<
Still, I instantly fell in love with the characters, plot and art style. Shuichi is my favourite by far, then it's Hiro ^^ but it's a close call...

Yuki is also very cool. He is very Kaiba-like, no? Shuichi is like a very sweet little lost sheep going after Yuki. I had to hold back squeals and yells of pure excitement as I read (and looked at) the pages and pages of Shonen Ai goodness ^^ I just can't stop melting all over Shiuchi's uber cuteness and coolness ^^ He's sooo...

Okay, I'm gonna stop being a stupid Fangirly girl and go start on my Tokyo Mew Mew manga. Oh, but before I do, here is the link ot my FF.net page:

Click me!!!

Have a nice day peoples ^^


Over and out

Wait a sec...Take a gander at these before I go ^^

I did this about a week and a half ago during German class on a wednesday. We were doing boring and pointless revision, so I drew this using biro and a highlighter ^^

I have posted a close up pic of the Seto head. This was an ancient English homework on Romeo and Juliet. It's A1 size, and took me a whole aftrenoon to complete. Lots of little cartoons of Romeo (Seto) and Juliet (Random Ginger girlie).

Yay for refiners ^^ A big ol' bag of icing sugar. Taken just to fill up my Digital camera memory card, but it's fun anyway ^^

Ooooh...a close up pic of Yami Biro ^^ He has fangs...Vampire Yami! Yay!

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Friday, May 6, 2005


I'm free! Exams are officially over! Well, I do have a German oral in a few weeks time...Think I've got a French one too, now I think about it O.o

Ah well, the big week is done ^^ And that means I can now read my new manga! It's gonna take me about three hours, but I shall do it...

I've been doodling my heart out this week. During the rather long, boring and pointless "revision" sessions between exams, I just spent the time drawing in my notebook. However, a few of the pictures are surrounded by some random notes, song lyrics and prattle that I just randomly decided to put there.

Luckily for me, the teachers don't care: as long as we are silent and not disturbing her, we can do whatever the we want ^^

Gosh...I think all of this drawing I've been doing has improved my artistic skills...I went up from a B to an A this year in art @_@...That's a whole 11 points -faints-

But in comparison to some other people in my class who were getting 99% last year, I'm not actually fantastic T_T

Ah well...I've improved a lot ^^
It's hard to improve on 99...

Anyone here lke Love Hina? I sure as hec do ^^
And I've also got another two of my friends into anime! I lent them my Love Hina DVD, Manga and some other anime stuffs, and they said they loved it ^^ Yay!

Ooooh...In art we are doing the renaissance. It rocks so hard! I'm analysing the Sistine Chapel Fresco O.o It is the coolest painting on earth people! Well, maybe all those funky Impressionist ones (such as starry night by Van Gogh which appears in the background of the Sailor moon Intro song thing ^^ Look closely and you will see it!) are prettier, but this one is just plain awesome!

Anyway, out of art mode...

Aaaah...No more revision ^o^

I shall go visit some sites and sign some guestbooks (about 11 so far this week O.o)


Over and Out!

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Saturday, April 30, 2005

   Everyone is going to the party have a real good time...

Yup ^^ I'm listening to System of a Down's BYOB (Bring your own bomb).

This song is fantastic and soooo uber awesome ^^

If only I could hear it over that rumble of thunder I've just heard outside O.o

Anyway, one week to go to my Manga ^^

Short post, I know...

I'll update when my revision is done O.o

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

   Something isn't right...I can feel it again...feel it again...

Yup ^^ I'm currently listening to Predictable by Good Charlotte...Not my usual musical taste, but hey, it's fairly decent...

I'm gonna apologise in advance for not visiting your sites for the next two weeks or so: I have a truckload of revision to do, not to mention the actualy exams, so: sorry!

Sooo....what has happened so far this week? In anime terms, I'm just another week and a half away from my new manga (not allowed to touch 'em till after my exams T_T) and I must remember my Love Hina DVD for my friend...


Ah, anyways...Today I developed a nasty cold which caused me to sound very much like a mouse during the earlier hours of today, and a man in the latter (My friends kept telling people my voice had "broken"...).

Apart from that, I have been labelled a Horse, made a representative of Brazillian cattle ranchers (fake election thing we are doing in Geography...We got stuck with the cruddiest campaign T_T) and was very mean to several people today...


Ah well...Life is good ^^

Have a nice next few weeks...or days...depends if I can sneak on between revision...


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Saturday, April 23, 2005

   Can you see it O.o

Wow...this thing took me hours to figure out >.<
I'm a little rusty on the HTML and CSS stuffs...

And it's still not working! Well...not for me anyway...

There should be an image backing this table, so If you can see it, please tell me! And if you can't and you know why, please tell me!!!

Well, apart from this, today I have spent my time revising and looking at tents...

The whole tents thing was a total accident: me and my mum dropped my little bro off at his friends house for a dueling tournament (Yu Gi Oh TCG), so we had the day all to ourselves...

We ended up at soem random garden center shop thing looking at glow in the dark plants...Seriously...

At this shop there was a huge section of tents, and we went round twice, having a look inside every single one and comparing prices (I saw a very pretty purple one and about three beige ones that were huge and I wanted them all ^^).

I had half a mind to camp in my back garden tonight, but then my parents told me people who sleep in their back gardens sometimes get murdered, so I was put off going outside for a while O.o

At the moment (other than writing this) I am listening to Kerrang (as per usual) and rubbing my very sore eyes.

Speaking of sore things, my legs are killing me...I wne to athletics training after school on thrusday (I did the 100 meters about 7 times and the 200 twice...) and my legs are still aching. Not only that, but I had to leg it down the school drive on friday: carrying a bag weighing half a ton, feeling very de-hydrated and having not eaten ince eleven that morning >.< I needed the loo too...

Nuthink else for today ^^

Oh, and, if you can see the post layout thing, whadya think? Drop me a line ^^

Over and Out

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