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Friday, December 24, 2004

the virus is fake the virus is fake the virus is fake the virus is fake the virus is fake
the virus is fake...ok well anyway now im eating cake batter...yummm chocolate....maybe i will eat some cookie dough after this...taha...my aunt is making a cake for my grandma because her birthday is today....yeah well anyway im here eating cake batter...i think i told you that already...if you are new to my site....then just thought i would tell you that i have over 100 pics on my archives o you can check those out if you want to....and if your OLD to my site then ignore what i said...taha...later

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the virus is fake...im going to have to put that at the beggening of every post so no one thinks its real...taha well anyway...im here sitting and typing...and i cant sleep because i ate some brownies...(they were sooo good)...my friend yuna moon get agrivated when i do the ellipsis (that is the three dots >...< right there inbetween the arrows...for all you people who dont know what those are) and she made me laugh soo hard at her house...yes i laughed...not that much as a surprize...anyway...my hands are freezing...because it is sooo cold...we have the heater and the fire place going...and still i am cold...i need gloves...but then that would disable my typing speed...and i wouldnt be done with this until tommarow...that would be bad because...welll...i dont know really...it feels like im writting a book and whoever actually reads this whole thing should get a prize...ha but you dont get one so yeah...well there is christmas...so if you read this it will make time go by faster....and the faster you get your lovely gifts...taha...well any way i am sooooo bored...i think i am going to go randomize people and check out some more sites...but that will make me boreder and that sucks...truely sucks...anyway i want to open presents...but the bad thing is...is that i have to play a long song on the piano while everyone else opens there presents...so i open mine last...lucky meee...and everyone will watch me...and if i dont like a present it would clearly show on my face...*sigh* great...well i will stop my babbling now...
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Thursday, December 23, 2004

the virus is not real...i repeat the virus is not real...sorry but i love to annoy the crap out of people...and besides its christmas...taha

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ok how did everyone like my poems? no wait only like three people read them....*sigh* anyway....i am so bored...i need to talk to somebody or something *hi wall* well it is supposed to snow this weekend (christmas) and i hope it does....because i hasn't snowed here in ages...to tell the truth i have never seen snow....- -;; so itsnot fair if it doesnt snow...it has too...and its very cold today so...i hope it snows...yep pita-ten got two of her presents already...not fair...but i already know half the things im getting so im fine with that...if you are reading this and havent read my poems...i highly recommend to read them because i will take them of friday....

ha how cute

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

   ment to be (dont mind the spelling errors)
there once was a girl
who lived in a paper world
reality drove her insane
so she played in her purple rain
her world was upside down
as she played without a sound
she drew paper flowers
and created balck gothic towers
she cut out a black ocean
in one quick motion
she sang songs
about everyones wrongs
and the cold wind
was her most precious friend
it took away all her tears
and her most haunted fears
she cut out a black dove
it symbolized that she could never love
she lived in a dream
she wouldn't open her eyes to everything
she forgot about her mother
her sister, father and brother
she made her life dark
and left her evil mark
all the clouds were grey
no birds came out to play
she was always cold
and she would always scold
as she grew older it was harder to hide
so she killed herself and died
after she died
her whole family cried
those tears she couldn't forget
her death she started to regret
she wondered why
as she looked at the moon and sighed
all those years she was young
all the depressing songs she sung
she used to live in a neverending dream
but now she was no longer in her releem
all of her childish fears
brought her to sad tears
all the darkness inside
started to reside
no longer did she play in her purple rain
no longer was she insain
she is now deppressed
but not obsessed
she watched as life went by
as her family grew old and died
she stayed forever young
and sadder songs she sung
she was a lost soul
her heart turned black as coal
over the years she thought a lot
her only living relative was her dear old aunt
her number one goal
was to guide the lost souls
so she lived forever
and soon became a savior
she helped little girls
who like her lived in paper worlds
she helped them relize
that the fake world was a geat big lie
the the girls
would smile and leave their little worlds
leave the yellow paper flowers
and the broken towers
they would wake up from their dreams
without means
and tried to remember
but gave up and surrenderd
they went on with their lives
and lived life no longer in strife
they forgot about her
their one and only savior
they forgot about the world that they had
and it made her sad
she started to cry
and wondered why
she remembered how life used to be
all the thing that she couldn't see
all the people that she hated
and now...her destiny is complicated
she understands that she is no longer alive
bacause she remembered when she died
she wondered why she never went to heaven
she died nine years after she was seven
why did she stay on earth
never again could she be mirth
why couldn't her soul move on
the 100th year she was now upon
everyone she once knew had died
and her heart was now tied
no longer did she help little girl
escape from their haunted worlds
she stayed all alone
and sang in haunted tones
one night as she closed her eyes
she saw and angel in Disguise
she didnt know what she saw
but this man was without a flaw
she started running
and she didnt see it coming
it was a cliff
she stood stiff
could she possibly die again
her heart raced within
as she stepped and fell
she heard a soft sweet bell
everything turned white
and the misterious man was in sight
she touched his face
her heart raced
and he dissapeared
and the ground neared
she opened her eyes
and in great surprize
he was there
touching her hair
she screamed
like it was one of her dreams
but she felt his hand
he helped her stand
he was real
but still...
something wasn't right
the ground wasn't in sight
suddeny his wings flared
and gasped and glared
she never hit the ground
she thought without a sound
he saved her
then he begain to stir
she looked
and suddeny she was hooked
he grasped her tight
and he took her off in flight
he told her everything
her eyes begain to sting
god made her live forever
so that they could be to gether
her and her love
like...a white dove

by: brooke (chii)
i wrote this in 5 different parts...so the ending was even a surprize to me...
i imagend that she looks like yuna

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my grandma just lectured me about witch craft...(she thinks im doing it) i told her im not and besides she has no proof...then she is like "i dont want to to be watching all that japanese hibobignglsoffd stuff...its demonic!" and i just sat and glared at her...then she started yelling "dont look at me like that! or i will send you to live with your mom!" to self *so i dont care she is nicer than your bioch as^ self* in my head i was cussing her out more than i would the enemy...oh and i cant stand her...now she is saying i cant be punk rock...oh shit she is coming...
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   hello there
hey everyone...well please read my poems below and comment on them i want to know what everyone thinks...bad and good...because if i dont get any comments than i wont put any more poems up....well anyway im going to the mall to day to get everyone presents...(im a late shopper) any way i just got done practicing the piano and i am almost finished with the song im going to play on christmas...right now it is pouring down raining outsite nad it is great...i love when it rains...and the thunder and lightning is awsome...anyway i feel like running outside...but i might do that later...well buh buy i might go on the roof...its so fun up there...like i can sit there for hours...

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

   I guess I will put this one up again…since most of you haven’t read it yet…

As I fly through my hopeless dreams.
I see an angel with only one wing.
She cries and walks away.
I look and wonder.
The gray clouds all look the same.
And the sun is not there.
All color is gone.
Could it be because of the fallen angel?
Who as lost her precious wing?
She can no longer fly.
Her voice is distant.
No longer can she shape the clouds with her laughter.
She feels alone.
The trees cry for her.
And the wind weeps.
Her angelic aura disappears.
She is alone in the world.
But I am still here and…
I see her weeping under
What was a cherry blossom tree.
But the now gray flowers fly
In the depressed wind like ashes
Her long dress sparkled with tears
We walk towards each other
Her one wing flutters
And she holds out her hand
I grasp it with caution
And I wake up from my most precious

By: Brooke (chii)
* I wrote this on in French class*

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I hate you
You destroyed me
You made me fall into depression
I want to die
If only I could be forgotten
I hate you
Why must you haunt my dreams?
I cry, I scream out your name
As I wake from my nightmare
I haven’t seen you in such a long time
But I remember you, oh...so clearly
I called you so loud and clear
But you are stubborn
So you laugh and mimic me
You play with my mind and say you love me
When you didn’t
You hated me
Didn’t you?
I loved you…yet I was so young
And you hurt me when you lied
I always believed you
But now its clear
You used me
I hate you

By: Brooke (chi)
*This poem is for my dad…I hate him*

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lost inside
the farther i walk
the deeper inside i go
the more i get lost
i fell into the other side of the mirror
and there is no way out
so i sit and watch everything as it happens
the longer i wait
the more i fall into madness
i feel so far away from myself
come find me im sleeping somewhere deep inside
i wish i could save myself
but i cant even find the right path
i tried so hard
i was living life so well
i had all my feeling hidden
then i woke up from my reality
i broke away
and slowly...i relaized
how my past happend
all the things i did
and didnt do...

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