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Saturday, November 6, 2004

   hi everyone! how are you...i need more friends... i tried the random thing and its not working for me i fi it annoying. any way travis! it is you! because im also sykick muwhahahahah ....ahem anyway back tah everyones else...hi!! hahah well i am going to a birthday party today!! yey for meh!!!! (i dont mean it )
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Tuesday, November 2, 2004

ehhs....guess what!? you know that guy i was talking about in my other post? well i think he is going ta ask meh out! im sooo happy but im not sure! help...
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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

   nouthing really
hi everyone anyway i am so very bored...and of course my boyfriend had to break up with me today...but im stong and i can handle it ^^ so i will not bother you with all of my troubles >^.^< any way how are all of you been doing lately? yeh thats great...man i need more friends...please help meh out :D i need all tha help i can get!! *.^ any who i like this guy and i think he likes meh but i am sooo not sure...but the thing is..well i havent told anyone that i like him and my friends say that i like him when i didnt even tell then...hmmmm strange >< any way i think he knows that i like him...but i was just dumped by my boy friend...wha! what should i do know...i am sooo confused... not only that but my EX friend likes him too but she is sooo upsessed and she burned the first letter of his name on her ankle... crepy but i cant believ what she did... let me tell you... it all started when i went out with my crush (the guy that i like now) well she liked him then too and at that time we were still friends... right well then after 2 days she broke us up...>< and then she comes up to me and is all sympithetic and i told her to leave me alone because i am sooo not a very mean person... well now i still like him and i dont know what i should do... and i ride his bus 2 days a week so that i can go to an after school program (tet) ehhh and he is always looking at me and of course i sneek glances at him every now and then... what should i do...? (my love is forbiddon)
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Thursday, October 21, 2004

hiya everyone i havent written anything lately...so here i am at school ^^ shhh dont tell teeheehee any way im so bored lately....man my best friend betrayied me!! if ya wanna no more just ask me!^^ any way buy bye
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Saturday, October 2, 2004

im so sad my boi friend broke up with meh this week...ehhh forget him!! meanie..any way my b day is tommarow (oct 3) yey any way see you there izumi!!! (muwa*) love ya everyones!!
love, chii

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   help plz
Konnichiwa ppl my frand introduce me her and I was reall ywondering if you all can help me how to do all these stuff plz sign my gb and all and well I hope u like my site so far thnx
Ja Ne

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